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Near Death Experiences: ALL You Need To Know!

By on March 16, 2022 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

Spiritual Reality: Everything You Need To Know About Near Death Experiences

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Updated March 16, 2022
by Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Founder, Webmaster, & Editor,

There is a spiritual awakening going on right now in mass proportions and is growing exponentially. By the end of this near death experience (NDE) video, you’ll have no doubts about our true, divine reason for being here. You’ll feel uplifted and re-energized! Please share this Near Death Experience with others!


There is so much more to life than what we can perceive on a 3rd dimensional level:

There are many commonalities amongst virtually every person who has had a near death experience. This video encompasses these commonalities to prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that there is so much more to our existence than what we can perceive on a third dimensional reality.

If you are anything like me, you will instantly feel connected to these peopel and their Near Death Experiences. Here are a few highlights from this Near Death Experience video:

Near Death Experience: The Initial “Death”

My life really began on the night of my NDE (Near Death Experience).

I am filled with a love and a peace that I cannot explain.

I was wishing that I could communicate with the medical team that this was okay, you do not need to save this girl. I was happy. I was in peace. I was in knowingness.


The Near Death Experience Tunnel and the White Light

I entered the tunnel and I floated towards this light… this amazing, beautiful, peaceful, loving, all-encompassing and unconditional light.You really can’t express it in human words because it completely limits the experience.

There was this feeling that was coming through this tunnel…. of love.

No matter what happens to you, you look for that light and go with that and everything will be fine.

The light was so bright that it was brighter than 10,000 suns and I immediately said, “This should be burning my retinas, but it wasn’t. It was a gentle but powerful light. It was pulling me like a gentile magnet.

In that moment, you often remember who you are. You have access to divine knowledge and all of the mysteries to the Universe.

In that white light, every question I ever had… any idea about what was what and how things worked was answered immediately.

When I was in the Light, I knew everything the Light knew. I knew all about the Universe. I knew everything. I didn’t have a question for the Light. Why? Because I knew all of the answers.

The Other Side of the Tunnel in a Near Death Experience

(It’s) impossible to describe, but so wonderful I can’t stop trying to find words for it.

I was in this place but it wasn’t a place like here… it was an “environment”… an “atmosphere”… and it was LOVE.

I kept thinking, “I’m home, I’m home”. That’s all I kept thinking.

It felt like home.

It was amazing. it was total bliss. Total joy. Total love. Total acceptance.

It felt like that’s where I belonged and that’s the way it’s supposed to feel all the time, but of course, that’s not the way it feels here (on Earth).

All the judgements, all of the anxieties of this world just melted off of me like butter on a hot counter.

The Light welcomed me and absorbed me. I was part of the Light.

Meeting “Beings” during Near Death Experience

This being came up to me.. a very, very powerful, loving being who just took me in its arms and held me, loving me for exactly who I am… my quirks, my virtues, my strengths, my weaknesses… everything about me. This being was all things that ever were, are or will be.

This being also contained perfect knowledge of how everything works. Perfect justice and compassion. This being was loving me, sending me this perfect unconditional love… knowing everything about me and just loving me just the same.

The next thing I knew, I was standing in a circle of these 12 foot beings of light. They felt more like family than the people I had seen (previously deceased family members).

Your Near Death Experience Life Review

I started seeing my life pass by… my infancy, my childhood…

You see who you are, completely. You see your flaws, you see your gifts and you judge yourself because everything is reflected back to you.

All around me were miniature motion pictures of my lives.

I could see, I could touch, I could feel, I could sense every emotion that was taking place in all of those lifetimes. I could recall not only what it felt like, but how I was thinking.

The Light knew everything about what I thought, ever did or will do. It knew everything… and the light welcomed me. It said, “Don’t be afraid.”

The Light has a really fantastic sense of humor. We were reviewing some of the things I did in my lifetime and we’d be laughing at how serious I took them because life down here is an illusion. It’s a game. Don’t take it so serious.

I was recalling how others were feeling by the way I was behaving.

Getting Sent back to Earth during Near Death Experience

We’re laughing, we’re talking and just having a great time and then the Light says to me, “Andy, you have to go back.” Now, “I’m not going back,” I said to the Light. “I don’t think so, I’m home, I’m staying!” Then the light said to me for a second time, “Andy, you’re going back” and I said, “No, you don’t understand. I don’t want to go back into that body. I don’t want to go back on to Earth. I’m home here in the Light.” And then the Light said for the third time, “Andy, you’re going back.” And as soon as I heard the ‘k” from the (word) “back” I was pushed back into my body, filled with pain and anxiety. I was crying. All of my classmates thought I was crying from the pain of drowning but I was crying because I was no longer in the Light. I was back on Earth. I wanted to be back with the Light.

I heard a voice say to me, “Not now, my daughter.” I felt myself getting whooshed backwards, floating back as fast as I could go. I remember the sensation of being back in my body with a thud.

It looked at me and said, “Now it’s time to go.” I found myself suddenly in a hospital bed with three doctors hanging over me.

I remember saying, “I’m not going back there because it’s nasty. People are mean.. it’s like walking through hip-deep molasses. People are nasty to each other… it’s just bad and I’m not going back. I really wanted to stay because it was so good there. the next thing I knew, I woke up in the emergency room at the hospital and said, “Oh my god! What happened?” And the nurse said, “You were in a car accident.” And I said, “That’s not what I mean!” because I wasn’t supposed to come back!

I looked into his eyes and said, “There’s no way I’m going to leave. I’m not going back.” I came to in a hospital bed in Georgia two weeks later.

Near Death Experience Lessons learned from the Other Side

Even though you believe someone is dead, they can still hear you, they still know what’s written on your heart.

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You are always here (with the Light) if you only know it. Every one of us is always connected to and one with our Source if we can get beyond our mind. We just had the opportunity to connect with our Source and learn that this life that we live is an opportunity that is in giving to others that we receive and become more valuable. Not what we get and have, but what we give.

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My soul chose to come to Earth. I remember where I was before I was born. I remember that all of our souls choose to come here, this is a wonderful university, that we’re not here by random accident, we’re not here as victims, that we come here to choose to study, to learn and to grow. There is a divine plan for Earth. There is a reason for being here.

What I remember is, not the answers. I don’t know of anyone who has brought back all of the answers. I don’t think we’re allowed to. I remember that I knew this and I said, “Oh yes, of course! I already knew that! How could I have ever forgotten?” I lost the perfect knowledge as we all do, but I know that life continues, that we are loved. And I also had the gift of seeing this love and light all around in everything and everyone.

Your priorities change because you realize that the most important thing is love. The ONLY thing is love. That’s really the only thing there is, except sometimes it’s expressed as fear, the opposite side of it. All of that petty stuiff doesn’t matter. We all know that we came back with a mission. Most of us don’t know what it was at the time, but we know we had one. Now, I think my mission, and everybody’s mission is to be here in 3 dimensions, in this time, in this space and to hold the energy of the light of god. Just hold it. We don’t have to do anything. Just hold that energy. And as we hold it, we help other people around us find that energy and feel that energy. Humanity is changing. Humanity is evolving and this is the time. And all you have to remember is, “There is nothing out there to fear. You are a divine powerful being. We all are. We’re all part of god. We’re all part of love.” That’s who we are. We are the heart of god, and we’re here to bring that to Planet Earth, to create heaven on Earth. And we can do it, in love.

Being in the light was being in unconditional love. Unconditional love means unconditional forgiveness. Unconditional forgiveness causes you to smile forever.

One last thing to consider about Near Death Experiences

According to Wes Penre’s research, there is a trap within the reincarnation system created by the Sirians. The following is from the Wes Penre papers:

I am not very keen on many of the ‘spirit guides’ who come and get you after you have departed from your body at body death; most of them are Sirian Helpers, such as non-physical Vegans and Grays. Be particularly on your guard if they tell you to follow them ‘into the light’ or ‘to the tunnel’, or go see relatives. If you choose to go with them, you will end up in the Sirian recycling system again with full amnesia, and then being shot down into a new body here on Earth.

This article provides testimonies of those who have been there and back.  What we do know is that we have many lifetimes trapped within our cellular DNA, as evidenced by past life regressions.

Also, the Near Death Experience experience is real and these experiencers were not allowed to remember everything they learned when they crossed over to the other side, similar to having our past life memories erased before incarnating to this 3rd dimensional reality.  A common belief is that we lived too many traumatic past lives which would deter our present incarnation, but what if it were possible to view your past lives from the perspective of an observer?  Imagine how much spiritual progression you could make by learning from your past lives?

The most important thing to take from this Near Death Experience article and video is how the power of love transcends everything!

Someone once said something most profound. He stated that we begin the dying process once the sperm fertilizes the egg. We were alive BEFORE that moment.

Sending you all infinite LOVE and Light!


Gregg Prescott, M.S.Gregg Prescott, M.S., is the founder and editor of  In5D and Zentasia. In 2009, Gregg launched In5D after experiencing what he describes as a “galactic download,” which provided him with the name “In5D” and the guidance to create the website. He co-owns In5D Club  with his beautiful wife, Ali. His In5D Facebook page has over 370,000 followers, and his In5D YouTube channel has amassed 146,000 followers. Gregg is a visionary, author, a transformational speaker, and promotes spiritual, metaphysical and esoteric conferences in the United States through In5dEvents.  Follow Gregg and In5D on various social media platforms, including Rumble, YouTube, Gab, TelegramIn5D Bitchute, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and TruthSocial to stay updated on his latest content and events./

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