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Star Children – Evolving Our Race

By on May 23, 2019 in Indigos with 0 Comments
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Star Children - Evolving Our Race

The star children have arrived!

by Angelina Stojic,
Contributing Writer,

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Star Children – Evolving Our Race

Do you have a sensitive child? Are they quite emotional or connect to others quite deeply? Are they getting ill more often than not? Many children born right now, and being born into our system are, as I like to call them, Star Children. These children are our innovators and creators, our revolutionaries who are showing us how to be in a new world in a new way. They are here specifically in order to evolve our race.

Star Children connect to all energy systems very easily. Energy systems are people, places, and energy that exist in our world that we can or cannot see for these children have the capability of understanding life further than what we can perceive. There is a ‘knowing’ within them that is innate and they have a greater trust in their own intuition and instinct which they prefer to use rather than a logic, something we as parents were trained to use. Their intuitive qualities are very refined and natural, and it is their ‘knowingness’ that they draw upon instead of the need to understand things in a scientific, proof driven way.

The Star Child DNA is also slightly different from most and I like to refer to it as ‘holding more light’ or higher light quotient. We are made up of energy which is simply light. Light quotient means the ‘amount of light something holds’ as everything holds light, from a singular human cell to a chair in the room. As humans our energy or light quotient is always in flow, and the light quotient held within our system can shift and change depending on what is happening in our lives.

When there is a higher light quotient within our system, we tend to feel lighter, more balanced and even healthier as this lighter or higher vibe resonates with feelings of joy, gratitude and happiness. If there is less light present in our system, then it equates to a denser heavier structure relating to feelings such as grief, stress, anger or loss. Star children, in general, hold a higher light quotient within their DNA structure when they are born. They are usually high energy children that identify with emotion and others quite quickly.

These children have also come through with little or no karma to absolve, unlike many of us on the planet clearing old karmic patterns, their job in the evolutionary process is the next step upon the ladder and that is to evolve our entire physical system. Everything in the world is in an evolutionary process, expanding, getting faster, refining old ways, so why not the human?

Another aspect of holding a “higher” light quotient within the cells means that energy or light will flow through the structure much quicker allowing information to be processed faster. This allows information to connect easier making the flow of information infiltrating through very streamline. Light travels all space and time and carries much information in an instant.

Light is carried in all things, and in our cells the light is carried by the water. As our cells are predominately water and light, we must remember that if the water is contaminated with toxins, like fluoride, pesticides, preservatives that are found in our foods and beverages, these children can be affected quite quickly and intensely causing disruption and jarring in their system triggering behavioral patterns, mental, physical or emotional imbalance that seem uncontrollable.

Some of the Star Children that come through may also be diagnosed within an autistic behavioral patterning on some level or even schizophrenic. Their ability to see the world in a different format compared to the general population is due to the way they process information in their brain and through all senses, including and most predominately, intuitive.

Children that connect with more than just this dimension may find it difficult to shut off the other worlds for they are learning how to be on our planet as a human child, where all we can see is what we see, so how do they explain this when this is all they know? These children are usually diagnosed as schizophrenic for they are unable to determine any other solution for their behavior.

Until they get older it can be difficult for these children to conform, for as a society we have set rules in place on how we are ‘supposed’ to live and behave which will feel quite restrictive for them. These children, in particular, have come along to challenge all our ideas about ‘control.’ What control is and how we need to shift these concepts as a race to grow.

The parents of these children are in the definite firing line for some of their greatest learnings and challenges as lives have usually been turned into chaos, where relinquishing control seems to become an inevitable part of their family life, remembering structure and control are two very different things.

Although the process of raising a child on the spectrum of autism may be difficult, the changes that these parents are making within their family structure is resonating throughout the world, and as we are all connected, the change starts to take place. The process may be slow, but it is occurring, and I encourage any parent that may be struggling with this to keep going and be as kind to yourself as possible, for you have chosen a great task.

Star Children also hold great talents and gifts. Many seem to be able to tap into a talent way advanced, mastering it very quickly. Their compassion and understanding for others are quite developed and they seem to want to help those that are less fortunate. Some of these children have eyes that are so deep and wise that you just know they know more than you. These children, like you and me, are unique so whatever their gift, talent or challenge is to share with the world, they have all come here for one thing, to evolve us in a new way and our challenge is to embrace it.

If you are a parent of one of these amazing children, there are different ways to assist them on their journey.

Encouragement – I ask you to help your child with encouragement in all aspects with various gifts they may show you in their personality. They may have talents that seem unusual or advanced, and the best thing that we can do is encourage their creativity allowing the light to flow freely.

Nature – Another tool is to work with nature and go into nature as often as possible. Connect to green trees, green grass allowing them to take off their shoes and really connect with nature. This helps them keep grounded on the earth instead of being up up and away processing things all the time. The touch of their feet on the ground works with the touch sense helping them in presence connecting with their body on the earth.

Safety – If they need things to help carry them through a day at school or play, allow them to have these items with them. It could be a rock, a blankie or a favorite toy of sorts, for this just allows them to feel safe in their environment. Remember they connect to many things on many levels, so it is usually something to keep them present. This can go for all kids actually, as it is important for children to feel safe and have some control over how they can manage this emotion. And it really is not that big of a deal, they will grow out of it in time managing in different ways.

WaterWater can be one of our greatest healing or harming beverages we consume. It is of utmost importance that the water being consumed is as pure as possible. We are pretty lucky in the western cultures that we have running water and ability to access it at all times, but if you are able to access a filter of sorts, reverse osmosis, oxygenated, or some type of healthy water that you feel is of benefit, then do that.

Food – Be aware of the foods and beverages that they are consuming, for simple chemical compounds including sugars and colors, preservatives are quite toxic and can really mess with their behavior. Read the labels.

Be Open – Allow yourself to be open to all that these children may be saying or doing. They have chosen to participate in the world and help us let go of old rigid patterns and behaviors. This is the challenge they set for us. These children are asking us to let go of what no longer serves us and trust our own ability to choose our intuition. To trust our own instincts and “knowingness” is the greatest gift they share.

As these children grow some of their talents may dissipate, depending on how they have integrated into the world and their surroundings, where others, with the encouragement of open mindedness, will shift into high gear and really work their magic.

These children have chosen to come here, like we all have done, to evolve us in a particular way, that allows us to step out of the current box we like to place people into to push our boundaries as a thinking and feeling human. These children will challenge many thought forms and ideologies that range from learning abilities, social integration, gender, disease in areas of science, medical, psychological and spiritual realms.

Star Children are here to help the planet evolve, to help us see, think, feel and be differently and to embrace beyond what we already think we know. They are here to show us that love is really all there is no matter what or who we think we are. Their goal is to help shift our world and set peace into our planet for the future.

This is their gift of love.

Angelina Stojic is a Messenger of Light. A writer and Channel for Light, love and life! Spiritual Scientist, Wellness Advocate, Seeker, Galactic Rep and Human Being just to name a few depending on the day! Please connect.

©Angelina Stojic 2000 – 2019

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