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The Testaments, Records Of Old, Men And Archons – Part IV of VI

By on May 26, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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The Testaments, Records Of Old, Men And Archons

by Angel V. Ornedo Jr.,
Contributing Writer,

Records are insignificant part of human history as stone picture writings and hieroglyphs  are  written by Archons 450,000-200,000BC  in  monuments, obelisk and solid edifices.  They are seen, while verified technologies found in sunken ships in our seas,  inland  and or in  caves are  preferred by humans for  proof and understanding.  We always need proof as we are ‘scientific’.   What we see and hear we seem to believe, even holograms and illusions.  Commercial records are made and designed to consolidate the  foothold  of Archons.  In the ancient times,  after  seeing and believing we are obligated to worship these dark races  as Gods, otherwise you perish!!  Worship after brainwash becomes obligatory for a person to attend  2x weekly to continuously hear the readings of  the priests of the Archons in step buildings– the story of creation, how mighty  Nibiru is cutting Tiamat in half…. and how hominids are cloned with the Anunnaki and became the first humans….god’s creations.  That is the story of the stone tablets of the Sumerians.  We call those records history of our times, partly  showing  ways of knowing what is truth and what is false. A new creation story is weaved, that of Adam and  Eve by the Roman empire  and  most likely  when another  colonizer comes,  reweaved and  re-casted again.  Worse, religious allegiances are talking about 2,000 years of their church existence  and keep on insisting that their beliefs will prevail.  Historians Herodotus and Ptolemy,  the pharaohs’  stories,  destinies, records are deleted and restored to suit the ruling pharaoh.  They are ten thousand years in Egypt, yet their teachings are fading away compared to the new Moslem and Christian teachings of less than 1800 years AD.  Have you heard of God RA taught in present world histories?   I doubt, but it was taught in the 50’s by American and Filipino teachers in Philippine high schools. Wonder of wonders!  I learned it from teachers but my children never had those world history teachings. They laugh when I talk of Ra.

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Human scientists said we developed over 13.6 billion years, thus these statements of mine on history are kindergarten stuff compared to what science is relaying to us.  Theoretical physics or theorists of course are what they are theory,   if you believe the big bang concept of science and physicists, otherwise they are kid stuff in a metaphysical sense if you disagree with them.   For me that theory is impossible!  Creation is a continuing experience of  creator beings,  the lieutenants of All That Is.   It is best that  we analyze, rethink what can be  truth.  All That Is creates, continuing creation in limitless space open for creation of the created beings. What I am saying is new created fragments of light, spirits can create their own in limitless  space.!   That is what I call experience in  higher dimensions and frequencies.   It is not as simple as  ‘expansion theory’ of science or a big bang.   From a practical 3D point of view, humans are inventors and create in their own limited earth space. Imagine spirit beings on the graduating mode of 8D-12 D creating in their limitless space!  You would not like Source to do everything for you, otherwise, how can you have your experience in this 3D-4D world, much more at 5D-7D inner-outer space.   I know you will be very willing to create your experience,  your love for yourself and  others  before Source consider you ready to come back to Him or consider you as the human crystalline spirit to help others in 3D worlds.  That is the meaning of what we all have been teaching, we all seek knowledge, learn, teach and create. We seek Source Energy  in the process of gaining experience.

What is important however at our pace on earth is  knowing the truth and learning to live a path of service to others, our way to unity consciousness.  Let us open our hearts and minds to universal laws and the moment we do, we start to understand. This is the moment we communicate.  Scrolls or animal skin writings may be written less the truth or reality to mystify people of their stories of dreams of flying winged beings, chariots and eagles, riding on them to mysterious place of gold laden palaces when in reality they are what they are,  transport vehicles, flying machines   and the pilots taken, regarded and worshipped as gods in churches of homes like what Solomon did to his house, laden with gold from OPHIR.  The permanent records of the olden times from 450,000 BC thence up to 4600 BC are not considered.  How come they do not write Crete of Greece,  Antyquethera  computer that read the heavens, the solar system or  the  5,000  years old helicopters found in caves at Near East,  hidden, and more solid technologies drawn and engraved in tombs of pharaohs and kings?   why?  They forgot to burn and incinerate these technological achievements of men, afraid to be wasted by hominids or perfect  humans with more advanced powers.  Eon, technology has been with us 100,000+ years ago.   The basis of the written teachings of religion today are essentially from year 4BC to 2,000 AD, new, ‘current’ events in terms of recorded history, we would say infants,  but only a dot,  a grain of sand of the real history of humanity.  Lately they have discarded the old teachings specifically those hieroglyphs and picture writings and replaced them with words of popes, bishops, priests and pastors, Imams. They emphasize tithing of the old testament  as the source of their wealth and later discard the old for the new when they talk in pulpits. An acquaintance donated all his retirement money to a Christian occult, in the guise of heavenly bliss and now  he is a street walker, homeless as his family will not accept him, fooled.   We are all taken for a ride by commercials of the Roman Empire.   Eons ago, cloned or  implanted people cannot distinguish planes, jets, copters from dragonflies, soaring falcons,  eagles and birds so they started to draw the winged sign on lapels of Gods and angels, astronaut uniforms of Sumer gods  Inanna and  Marduk,  adopted  today,  winged insignia of  pilots.  They called them gods.  Lately they replaced them with new idols, cleaned and dressed them, they call again gods as proclaimed by a pope, Imam or  a cardinal.  The crossed  snake insignia of medical doctors is a copy of the 200,000 sign of God  doctor  Ninhursag, we call science.

Education and civilization till our time and age are thousand miles away from us. Truth in education should start when we are babies, then toddlers and teens. They are never taught meditation, their powers within themselves, the chakras, importance of discipline,  love, light and unity and our connection with Everything which should be the primary values taught in schools from kindergarten to collegiate schools.  How to attain unity with All That Is should be a primordial objective of education. Past technology is unknown and we do not state what happened in the last 200,000 years.

Hundred  proofs  are existing in physical evidence.  They should be book compiled by educators as textbook  for us to see/teach/learn.  At Crete, Greece, the  Antyquethera  computer, an astronomical device above,  tells us where the position of the moon, sun, planets and forthcoming eclipses,  existing since 2100BC says our scientist analyzing this rock encrusted computer at the coast of Crete  and   is  now fully deciphered,   at 2017.

Helicopters are discovered in East Asia caves and purportedly raided by a military western group. The temple of  Seti I shows flying objects drawn  of  present military warfare. Antique anthropological versions of eon inventions are coming out after these major discoveries. They tried to erase human inventions to make us look idiots, dumb humans.  Archons tried to destroyl the olden solid evidence so we are fooled.  Research the other inventions specifically  Antyquethera  computer, be amazed of the genius of humans  for your  belief.  They all exist 100,000 to 1BC.  Our manipulated humans draw in caves, walls and stones putting on record what they saw, reproduced in olden teachings as truth of the existence of  ‘gods’.  In a pharaoh’ s  tomb  there are planes, helicopters and  flying saucers, engraved,  also in Egypt.  How would  5,000 BC people know of planes and space ships?  Is it now logical to assume that the Sumerians haul the mined gold  from  earth  with shuttles that bring them to hovering mother ships for transport to their planets as recorded in stone tablets?


We are told we are hominids cross bred with the Gods,  7-10  Anu God- women  carried us in their wombs for ten months vs 9 months for humans,  to form the nucleus of  slave miners.   This is the  period  where  ‘God’ talk to created humans and walking the talk are different in meanings.   All That Is,  Everything  does not walk with you.

Please analyze  the following statements  in much attention and detail. It is your responsibility to yourself if you like to be fooled to your death bed, your choice, your  belief.  It is your spirit anyway that will handle these things as we seek the Creator.          We have been fooled a million years in step buildings and palaces.  Would you like that repeated again for another million years?

***The father:  If you desire to go to heaven and be seated at the right hand of SOURCE we call God, the father, that is dreaming again and you will continuously die dreaming listening to priest’s masses day in and day out.  Do not believe in cannibalism nor vampirism practiced daily in  masses,  they are pagan rights outlawed by Creator. The dark is using religion to propagate darkness on humanity.  Make religion appropriate to Source a lighted experience like a protestant  mass I attended,  no  drinking of blood nor eating bread, both forms are of dark origin.   You don’t go to heaven, but enter a higher frequency dimension for another experience, that is, if you are fit for it with your earthly bound  acts and deeds.  

**The Spirit:  There is no such thing as holy spirit as pronounced,  or  it is only communication chaos, a  problem,  as it is you who has a spirit provided by Source that you have to know, at birth where the Creator provided you with a fragment of light, a diamond core light cell,  the Spirit from Source, within your mind-body  that accumulates your experience.  Source experience is within you,  full of love and light.

***The son:  We are all fragments of All That Is, the spirit light force in your heart which you can talk with the moment you connect it with your mind thru your pineal gland.  Seek Infinity, start to be One with  All That Is as you are only one SPIRIT,  one wholeness,  one Source Energy.  That is universal law, the law of one,  ONENESS.  There are no better  beings  as Source does not play favorites.  He sends teachers or what spiritualists call starseeds to come and teach us,  millions of them,  never one son,  never, never.  Desire the truth,  seek  Unity  and  as you practice the path of positive integrative point of acts and deeds, you are on your way to a higher vibration . You are on the right path to unity consciousness.  All these practices are ingrained in your mind and consciousness thus recorded as such, making your fodder- food in next incarnation, forced!! That is if you believed that practice  of  pseudo-voodoo.  We call this 2,000   years history, the terrible mess created by Rome and Constantine to humans.

Million years of manipulation and exploitation by alternating darkness, evil doers, the negative integrative beings came to colonize us. For 400 years, the  pharaohs  time, the Egyptians have more than million Hebrews slaves given substantial importance in biblical history.  It is even short of what happened to Macau and Philippines where in their history, these countries have been colonized for 400 years by Spain and Portugal thru religion and another 100 years by alternating colonizers, Americans, Dutch, Japanese,  even  the tribes of Israel who took gold from PH, the land of gold,  a total of 500+ years of idiocy.  Spot any difference,?  Nothing,  my brothers.  Look at it, PH is worst, called ‘Indios’, the small brown men  and writings of a man named Jose Rizal,   peacemaker-doctor, modern day Moses,  awakened the Filipinos to stand up and Andres  Bonifacio led an initial revolution.   Do you understand now what world order is all about in terms of the Archons way of human dominion?  Read history again, and again and try to sift a little of truth in them.  LEARN.  Get new knowledge as in reality,  going to 5D-12D  is  gaining knowledge in different forms, in solidity of illusions, crystalline light form or in spheres or  octagons of  a millionth of sand sizes  that can bilocate  instantly in other universes for a new experience. Bill Gates said a point of a pen handles the history of earth in information, talking in an ‘electronics’ mind or information that can go around the moon and back to earth in a point.

It is the negative polarity in the electricity circuit we know that combines with positive to produce an integrative point of balance, electrical current.  The negatives are in reality the dark Archons, Draco or Anu shapeshifters and most of them from the Lyra constellation and Orion star who evolved mostly negative and these beings led nations to enslave millions of people in our planet and nearby planets of the Milky Way galaxy,  populated civilizations for their service to self, greed and their separation from Source Energy.  They made that choice,  greed or power over others not  the Source.   In our lives, their political and religious puppets continue their practice of labor and slavery of humanity.  There are always positives in any creation. They are the same beings like us going thru dimensional consciousness evolution. Source of All That Is loved His creations, negatives or positives.  We know Source created the positives but some of his beings given their choices  turned to be desirous of more,  greed to better  the Supreme Creator,  thus a  balance  of  both the integrative points  coming to light and love will be the order of seeking the Creator  by  the fallen, the negatives.  BALANCE thence wholeness will happen, why?  To  create the desired  experience on your way to unity. The negatives have a purpose,  for experience sake, the Supreme Creator will not have created nor allowed them to fall, as we will not learn when all humans are STO or perfection.  How we attain it is up to us.  We all return to unconditional love and to the Wholeness of All That Is as we are all fragments of the Light.  It is only timing my friend, yes, we are subject to time and space, duality and separation,   that is history in yourself, in the making of a human.


Humanity’s original perfect form is subjected to cloning technologies and dissection controlling our DNA and brain, implanted, transformed to forget who we are by 4d dark negative beings. That is why they look better than us, we call Gods. They are at 4d realm, replicate as shapeshifters and cohabited with humans creating a new cabal puppet human we also called half god in mythology. SOURCE, Infinity does not distinguish between negatives and positives  allowing both to integrate and attain balance.  Remember electricity, positive and negative energy required!  At the 21st century, scientists-medical researchers found the DNA and cells to dissect and remove DNA gene defects. They operate to make babies from sperms and eggs, before they form, humans can be free from diseases and defects.  This is Mesopotamia in reverse where they implant defects to make you slaves and dominated. Apparently, humans are better than the Anu Gods these days which we really are perfect from the start.  We are removing the defects implanted by the Archons.  If you have the funds before you have your baby born, your child is free from defects. This simply means humans born of perfect DNA/cells are free from impurities and diseases implanted to us by the Archons. Our race is restored to perfection in time. Ascension is at hand and there may be no need for removal for some awakened humans as Infinity with fragmented healing photon and cleansing light removes these implants.  They come in rainbow colors, the prominent of which is violet, blue and the original brilliant diamond light.  The crime they did to us will need unconditional forgiveness from Source, but All That Is throw and boot them out of Earth as humanity’s consciousness is raised to higher dimensions. They are booted out and placed where they belong less the hybrids and the puppets who are still around which our Ascended Masters will cleanse and heal.  Healing of our past negative deeds is now the key for humans to ascend and be raised to a higher consciousness,  in 5d  or  6d.  You can be one if you are STO aspiring to be part of collective Unity Consciousness.


Power over others or dominion over earth are the worst acts done to humans to make us subservient to false ‘Gods’  The Archons thru belief system of religions and direct cleric governance, like the system of  Middle East,   Iran specifically and Saudi Arabia govern with religion, the Sunni or Shia ways. They compete with other negatives thru eons of control of people. They copy the methods of the Archons, made their citizens and imported labor  slaves  from East and Southeast Asia  in their mining, manufacturing  and household operations.  We are, energy source/fodder/slaves, triple whammy to a beautiful race. In most cases, women are down to the level of animals, not allowed to study in Afghanistan,  a policy of the Talibans.   They should remain blind.  It is your choice if you like to awaken and learn.  If you believe that there is such a thing as universal truth- [ Law of Attraction, The Law of Action, The Law of One and Unity Consciousness, Action-reaction] one real law of various names as humans are good with names,  that is your will.  The  Axiomatics  of  Universal Law, or Oneness,  Unity or Wholeness is  effectively the LAW OF ONE  taught by Ra but convoluted by the priests and ministers of Egypt for control.

Humanity is on a stage.  We are all actors in a play, participants of a drama guild as you were in junior-senior high. You are either the positive or the negative lead star and this means the stage is set by the thought of the Founder, the Supreme Creator. We are set for awakening and the moment you do you are open to the world and the drama of the galaxy and there are two factions raging in the universe, those asking for freedom and those dark beings who want you to go astray  and they are both courting your choice. Believe,  harsh  freedom attained thru wars are also chaos.   They are all still in their individual drama and you should never align with any of their causes.  Do not get lost as you  either  end a victim or a perpetrator.  The channels and the voices that you hear are two fold, both are participants of the drama and it is now your will, your choice to be on track to the portal, to the path of unity consciousness unaffected by any of these dramas, the fight for freedom thru chaos or the fight for power over others.  Rely on your higher self, your innate light spirit and All That Is and you will never be lost, guaranteed.

In these historical stories, we emphasized the spiritual heart and connection with the mind affect the universal thought of the Supreme Creator  and e very person, an individual thinking of the path of consciousness matters for all of us.  A spiritualist says the tipping  point of 7% of us will be the key to the ascension process but  in a localized PH religion, with brainwashing and mind manipulation that controls 95% of the population,  how do you propose to do  that, an impossibility.   How do we achieve that point of what we can call of no  return.  When I talk of spirituality, I look crazy.  Now who is crazy amongst 7 billion humans on the  planet.  Can we touch 1% of 7B earth people and turn them to the path of unconditional love?  Ra thought he can raise one or two humans in Egypt to ascension, he failed to get any, but two negatives  says the records on walls of pyramids and he brought them to a negative planet to live and fight their way.  At this point and time when ascension and raising of human consciousness is the alternative news and MSM is a dying breed of information,  may I refer you to what I have discussed all these 25 years of inspired and intuitive discussions, the last ten with Christ Consciousness.   Grandfather  Adamu  has fine words and I quote:   It is right for me to be walking the path of Oneness now and to begin awakening directly to the fact that I am One with all life, one with the planet, one with nature, and one with the eternal creator of all.”  Adamu  asks us to call our higher self, All That Is for assistance, not himself  and you can never go wrong.  This is where we should all subscribe and follow, never gurus that tell us freedom thru war or attaining  power over others.  Never, never again, no repetition of a million years of subservience and slavery.

We have learned wisdom and knowledge.  Awakened humans who ascended and returned to their home planets are the new envoys or Pilgrims to new 3d civilizations in the universe.  Human soul-spirits are placed by the Source of All That Is in other 3D worlds to perform difficult assignments  by wearing or taking a vehicle in the form of a solid mind and body where the fragment of SOURCE will dwell.  Humans are pre-selected by Source Energy to start and develop any new and continuing civilizations that can turn to Class A human beings  in 3d worlds to graduate to 5D-7D in the universe.  This evolvement is inspired by the introduction of FREE WILL on earth, a test of SOURCE,  He   knows  will workIn  short  “In Situ” ascension is possible direct from a human vehicle or a human body of mind, soul and spirit  to ONE that progress to a crystalline light form. In terms of earth development, from a planet to a brilliant  SUN, another light form that will energize humans and all beings in  developing planets.   You will be raised to a higher frequency, in5d or in6d, heaven, one of the phases of vibrational dimensions seeking Source, Infinity.  In the process we are performers again in a drama staged by All That Is, new experiences unknown to any of us as we enter duality again or we go straight up to 5, 6 or 7D where experiences are that of crystalline light form, your will,  your desire as you work it with Creator.  Individual performance is the key to any change,  numbers  are not required  as each of us are seeking Infinity to  graduate to 5D-7D dependent on  our stage of  evolvement and unity  consciousness. It is a long way to be a sphere of light!!

All That Is overflows humanity with photon-fragmented light. The purity of light flowing awaken– allow us to learn and analyze that will make you arrive to a decision. The Law of One, the Universal Law of Unity Consciousness can and should be taken to heart!!  For the awakened, we are on the path to Unity ConsciousnessMake collective consciousness for unity as your will, your choice and this decision is so powerful that will collectively bring us to higher consciousness.  Source Energy is with us, the current spiritual perspective that we should all have, an evolutionary development that will lead us to Infinity.  That is still a long way but we have started.

Love and light!

Angel V.  Ornedo Jr.

About the author:   ANGEL V. ORNEDO JR.,  MBA, CPA, teaches acts of love, light and unity consciousness. With capitalists, he had created livelihood in Industrial Estates  in SE Asia….  He hails from Philippines,  link with him at or connect at  Barnes and Noble, Xlibris and  ‘Knowing the Infinite Creator.’    Be part of collective consciousness  by devoting a daily one minute prayer for   “love, light and attaining unity”  for  humanity.

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