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The REAL Awakening: The Event

By on September 8, 2014 in Awareness
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The REAL Awakening: The Event

by Michelle Walling, CHLC,
Contributing Writer,

The real definition of the awakening has yet to occur. Although we are more cognizant of who we are and what we are here to do, the abilities that we used to have are latent within our DNA at this time. The real awakening occurs when we bring our multidimensional selves online and we realize what our cosmic star heritage is.

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Our Cosmic heritage

Much of our time is currently being spent on researching our cosmic heritage as we search for our star family. Some people may have memories of past lives with these beings and others are having memories of having contact with their family while here on the planet, on a spaceship, or in their astral travels. Most people, however, do not have memories of their cosmic family, which leave an emptiness inside that they are constantly trying to fill.

The version of human on the planet at this time has a mix of several different “gods” that had their human heritage on the planet at one time. There were “gods” who had either had sex with humans that were here from other species or took their DNA to genetically modify it. Then those people had sex with other species or modified the DNA and so on and so on. Thus we have a little bit of heritage from Sirius, The Pleiades, Orion, Arcturus, and more.

Some may have more of one kind of race than other. For example, some may have more reptilian in them from Sirius or some may have more grey in them from Orion. It all depends upon your past live cosmic family  heritage as well as your physical parent’s DNA and heritage (some people were dropped off from a spaceship!). At any rate, the point is that not everyone has the same percentage of cosmic heritage because of the various factors of physical and non physical traits as defined in our DNA.

How DNA ties into “The Event”

We can begin to create our own paradise on Earth and anywhere else once we begin to merge our multidimensional aspects of ourselves (past and future lives) while existing in a body. This is done through the activation of “dormant” DNA that was once turned off through genetic manipulation. By bringing this latent DNA online, we are shifting from a third dimensional reality to a multidimensional reality.

Our DNA activation is being sparked by more than just one thing. As energy is sent from the center of the cosmos, it affects the cells in our body and causes them to vibrate faster. As we work with this vibration and accept and ground it into our bodies, it helps to clear the stuck energies that have been carried in our emotional bodies from lifetime to lifetime. As we clear these energies, we allow a better connection to our higher self which in turn helps to help our bodies clear the energies even more in order to keep activating our DNA.

The planet is also raising her vibration, which in turn helps us to raise our vibration and this keeps the cycle going. We find ourselves identifying patterns that bring our awareness to energies within our emotional fields that finally get cleared once we work through them. In fact, our emotional body is our secret DNA weapon. Our cosmic family is also communicating to us through thoughts and packets of downloads comprised of light, geometric patterns, and symbols which will help to activate us. In summary, humanity, Earth, solar system, and cosmos, all work together in symbiosis to make this shift.

“The Event” can be defined as the moment that our emotional body is cleared and our DNA gets fully activated. When this happens, we will be able to bring the energy and experiences of our multidimensional selves into the physical body through a stargate or wormhole that is opened and is connected to our higher self, our oversoul, and our Creator. This is the time that we will have more tools and abilities at our disposal that will change the reality around us on the planet.

Thought is energy in motion

We now understand the speed of thought far exceeds the speed of light and we live in a Quantum Universe, in which the quantum effect resides in the “dark energy” field. This Quantum Universe supports information transfer from mind to mind, through the exchange of Quantum Holograms, and proceeding at the speed of light thought allows for what society calls ‘miracles’ such as: telepathy, past life experiences, remote viewing, and crop circles.
~ Dr. Rudy Schild, Research Astronomer from Harvard Smithsonian Institute

This is one good reason to monitor your thoughts in order to be responsible and aware Creators.

The REAL awakening

By knowing that thought is energy, we realize that it is creating our external reality. The state that the world is in now is a manifestation of humanity’s inward scarring due to the horrible events that occurred at the time of Atlantis and beyond. In order to repair the destruction of this dark force, we need to understand that the change is within.

According to Mary Rodwell’s video below, our DNA has been artificially fused together through unnatural genetic manipulation with technology that originated outside of our solar system. Human DNA may actually be a message of extraterrestrial code which conveys our true origins.

The real awakening will occur when we are able to always connect to our higher self,  visit our cosmic family, and have a remembrance of the many lives we have had on many planets and starships. This is the definition of truly remembering who we are as aspects of our Creator having many different experiences, and is the original template of our Creator before it was interfered with.

Hyper Communication

Not only will we be able to manifest from the background energy anything we need to survive, but we will also be able to teleport, bilocate, and communicate with our cosmic family whenever we wish.

From Mary’s video:

It shall be borne in mind that the nature of Extraterrestrial communications is that in a majority of instances star visitors communicate with humans by telepathic transfer of mental images and concepts rather than by words and speech.

Of course many cases of actual contact and communication are already being proven on the planet, which show our DNA is being activated and brought online. As one person has this ability, it affects all of humanity through the collective human consciousness. Discernment is of utmost importance with “channeled” messages.

From Mary’s video:

…..everything is made up of the same matter resonating at different harmonics, so the ET’s are able to communicate with us, directing thought on subatomic levels…. and so activate subconscious… these symbols are meant to communicate the nature of the macrocosm…
~ Tracey Taylor

It is already happening

Children are being born with amazing abilities and past life recalls. As the video suggests, perhaps they have more DNA codons active than the average human on the planet, and maybe this is what is also helping those of us who have been working very hard on clearing ourselves. Along with the recent spikes in energy that we have been receiving, some people feel like something big is happening and are remembering that we came to the planet to experience this at this time.

The timing of “The Event” depends upon humanity and there are more and more waves of people becoming aware that they are here to do something and that they have a mission. The more people that begin to feel this way, the faster we will be able to move forward, although many of the people who came here to wake up will not do so in this lifetime. The key is to help as many people as we can so that we can keep moving forward and ultimately break free from our societal programming and change our reality from the inside out.

Ultimately, we are all aspects of One Creator being that sent us forth to experience. That is our true cosmic heritage. However, we get to experience personalities with each lifetime and we do not lose that part of us, nor the experience. These experiences get recorded not only in our DNA but in Earth’s DNA and the solar system and so on. We can access Earth’s Akashic records in our DNA as well, thus we are living libraries that can share information with many beings in the cosmos. Now that is a true awakening to who and what we really are!

About the author: Michelle Walling, CHLC is a Holistic Life Coach, international public speaker, writer, webmaster, and radio show host. In 2013, Michelle started her public career as a spiritual, metaphysical, and esoteric guest writer for Michelle is the webmaster for five websites including,,, and Michelle is the host of In5d’s Cosmic Awakening Show. Her personal Facebook page can be found here.

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