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The Secret To Manifesting Your Crystalline DNA Template

By on January 17, 2015 in Spiritual Awakening
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The Secret To Manifesting Your Crystalline DNA Template

by Missy Hill
Contributing Writer,

For those of us who have been exhausted on the ascension path for awhile, the good news is that help has arrived! If you are reading this and feel this way, you may be one of the first wavers or Crystalline Body Prototype. What does this mean? Well, when a product is prototyped after the idea, sometimes it has to go to the factory a few times to make sure it is perfect before it goes to the public.

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The first wavers are the beings who work with the original blue print, the architects, revising and recovering this divine blue print before the planetary body was invaded. The original design is free of malware, spyware, viruses, 911 agendas, victim/victimization games and all the junk the archon players installed into this system. The original blue print is not backwards, upside down or a hodgepodge. It is perfect and flawless.

If one saw the movie Tron,with Jeff Bridges a few years back, it gives an example of how the writer of the game had to go into the game to fix it. As part the Guardianship and Stewardship of this planet, those of us from the future are fixing this program because we connect directly to the higher aspects of ourselves and Source God – First Eternal that came up with the design before the hijack.

So now it brings us to the fact that since humanity is supposed to be a divine angelic crystalline human, some of us need to prototype this first.

What does this mean? Remember all those DNA upgrades, release of karmic contracts, ancestral miasms and all that stuff you asked for? It is here, it is done, and all of it is now ready in the blue print or light body. Now it needs to manifest in the plasma body and physical body.

What is plasma? It is the 4th state of matter. Plasma is hydrogen based. I am going to use different words interchangeably to say the same thing to see what resonates for you. But ultimately, this energy, this divine blue print~NEEDS TO BE PHYSICALIZED!

Take what resonates and discard what does not serve you personally or keep it in your tool box for later reference to help someone else.

It is time to remake your physical body the way you want, to a certain extent you may not be able to change your sex, your race , your chronological age in years, but you can change your BIO~logical age, your size, your shape, and your skin tone. You may change your eye color to a degree and get rid of gray hair. It is up to you but it will be some work. Are you ready?

The first to do is HYDRATE yourself with mineralized water. You can start by adding some Celtic or  Himalayan Salt and some aluminum free baking soda, or plant based liquid minerals. Fulvic Acid and liquid magnesium added to steamed distilled water… yes I said steam distilled water… is still the best in my opinion to get all the garbage out. The reason our health is now a full time job is because of all the assault and poisoning we face everyday. We have become the GMO human instead of the Heirloom HU~Man liquid plasma body. It is unfortunate the archons control a small portion of greedy psychopathic humans who want to poison our food, water and air but when one knows this to be so one can find the tools to change the inner terrain of the body so these things are so much less invasive.

Some beings on the planet claim to be breatharians. In my opinion, these beings do not look too healthy. This body we live in is over 80% water and it needs to be more like sea water with minerals. It is electromagnetic and the engine it is will not fire properly if energy is wasted on processing toxicity.

Dr. Robert Cassar has a 17 part YouTube presentation on terrain modification where he talks all about super foods and has a great company to order products from.

Adding super foods to the diet helps whether you are on a plant based or flesh and plant and based diet. At this point, start where you are and you will be guided. Just try to eat as clean as you can.

Move your body and sweat, any kind of exercise is fine. I just joined a hot yoga studio with infrared heat for my terrain modification. If one has access to a sauna or steam room, this is great, especially for those who live in colder climates. I love to swim, but unfortunately most public pools have chlorine. A salt water pool would be ideal or the ocean if one lives near it. Also, it would behoove you to get a good shower filter if you are on city water. Try to get away from electronics when you can, as everything is affecting our bio-energy field.

Healing and redesigning your physical body is your full time job (besides all the other stuff that has to get done). This is why I personally have been less visible on Facebook and have not had many radio shows. I am one of these prototypers helping others on the path, along with my husband and animals.

Predator prey games are artificial programs here on earth that everyone thinks is normal. In an organic system, animals would not be killed for food. There would be no consumptive modeling; we would truly be sovereign in every way and would not need another’s energy to sustain us. We would go through a star gate instead of dropping the body, but we are not quite there yet in the time fields. This will take some time to get there even though time does not exist. So we can terrain modify our animals also as they do not drink enough liquid and love to gobble their food. We can learn to be mindful to chew our food well. This way, the good bacteria gets what they need and the bad parasitic stuff in our gut will leave.

We are vegetarian, but obviously our cats are carnivorous. If one is on a diet that includes flesh, a mineralizing organic bone broth would be good for you or your animals. To coax my cats to drink it, I mix it with their dry food that is free of corn, wheat, and soy. Also, they eat veggies, fruit, and cooked meat. For the bone broth, Google Dr. Mercola’s recipe.

These are my tools I am sharing. I am not getting paid to say any of this and none of this advice is being used to diagnose or treat any illness or disease.

Do not try to force any change upon yourself. By creating a more fluid attitude and inner terrain, it will happen when it is supposed to happen. If you have a sweet tooth, Fully Raw Christina has great ideas to make raw desserts without processed sugar. She also has wonderful colorful organic salads.

You may want to upgrade a few things in your home. I eliminated all metal based silverware and have real silver, but have been feeling bamboo is even better. I hardly wear any jewelry as my body is becoming sensitive to metal. Also, one may want to look at their past dental processes.

What we have asked for is coming to pass as the tools are here if we are willing to perform the alchemy (which is not turning metal into gold). The secret is turning carbon based anatomy into the silicon hydroplasmic crystalline angelic human.

Happy Trails~Namaste…. Missy Hill

Image Credit: Mynzah Osiris:

About the author: Missy is a Nationally Certified licensed massage and body work therapist (LMBT ) in the state of North Carolina. She holds a BFA in Acting/Directing and Exercise Science. Missy is a Galactic Shaman does session work for humans, animals and land clearings. She also is a paranormal investigator and UFO researcher and does tours with 3rd generation night vision googles. You know her as radio host for Blog Talks Galactic Earth Fusion.

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