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The Super Simple Way Toward Saving The World

By on May 3, 2015 in Awareness
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The Super Simple Way Toward Saving The World in5d in 5d //

by Dean,
Contributing Writer,

Okay, so we all know that the world is having problems and we need to change something, yeah?

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Like the readers of this article, the writer has been trying to figure out solutions to the problems of the world and how to apply them to the self as well as teaching and helping others. Like many astute researchers, the writer has come to realize that there is no external solution to these problems because the root problem is an internal one.

The Super Simple Way Toward Saving The World

With this concept established; knowing that all external problems in the world stem, basically, from humanities disconnection from nature, and our higher levels of self, we can see that we’re dominated by our egoic minds and it has developed so far that most of us now doubt the very existence of any higher levels of conscious awareness exist, let alone are accessible to us, and are therefore trapped in this hypnotic state of awareness which we commonly perceive to be our 3D reality.

Obviously we also know that focusing our attention from the perspective of our egoic minds into the 3D reality is a very malleable frequency in which to exist in. We’re susceptible to programming, manipulation, social conditioning and, essentially, brainwashing.

Obviously we also know that focusing our attention from the perspective of our egoic minds into the 3D reality is a very malleable frequency in which to exist in. We're susceptible to programming, manipulation, social conditioning and, essentially, brainwashing.

From this state of awareness, which is where billions of people around the globe are operating from on a daily basis, we are operating somewhat on auto-pilot according to whatever our egoic minds have been programmed to do, behavior wise, and our thoughts are bombarding us from all directions all day long, trapping us in this endless battle of thinking and conditioning. From this perspective we’re easily manipulated and, of course, the seven deadly sins are running rampant through our entire species as a result.

Awakening from this daydream-like hypnotic state is the general solution. Enter the “New Age Movement” to exploit this concept.

Nowadays you will find many opportunists jumping on the band wagon to sell their snake-oil types of remedies for this problem, calling themselves Gurus and so on, with visualization meditation methods, crystals, sacred geometry, ancient texts and artifacts, books, webinars, star charts, channeling presentations, workshops and seminars, energy healings and psychic readings… all to add to your shopping cart so that you can achieve this higher vibrational awareness state of consciousness so long as you have a credit card.

Although, the writer does confess, many of these shopping cart items can be of benefit and useful tools to aid in the solution, there are two distinct problems with this sort of thing.

Firstly, most of it is what the writer refers to as ‘ego-candy’. The information we seem to be obsessively pursuing, one layer after another, to uncover the deceptions and seek the next clue in this global wild goose chase of the 21st century’s holy grail hunt is all run by the ego mind. Irony at its finest. The reader is using your egoic mind to read these very words, for example, as that is the function of this part of our being. The endless pursuit of more words, to gain more knowledge on the subject. A trap.

Secondly, they are still external solutions for an internal problem. This creates a vicious cycle of attention being diverted away from ‘the now’ and thus driving us deeper into the illusion when we have the intention to break out of it. Yes, you can facepalm now.

Yes, you can facepalm now.

None of it is necessary or essential. What is necessary and essential is our perspective shift, which brings us now to the key to achieving this: Breathe Manually.

Shockingly simple, this really basic technique, which we’re all capable of, is the essence of the beginning and the end of all suffering. To Breathe Manually is all we really need to do.

Surely it can’t be that simple?

Why would the solution not be simple?

We are conditioned to think that the solution must be complicated because the conspiracy theories are so complicated. Therefore the way out must also be complicated.

Let us now look at how this ‘Breathing Manually’ thing might work.

Instantly it brings our attention to the present moment, every time, no exception.

By the time we have inhaled the first breath we find our thoughts have just slowed down because this first inhalation is deeper and slower than the last ones. As we exhale this first breath we notice how tense our torso muscles have been and we relax them naturally with this very first exhalation of breath.

The second breath is slower, gentler, deeper, we are now aware of our whole body in this very moment. For an instant we have snapped out of the daydream and we can see that we’ve been in a daydream, which we did not even realize until this very moment, because we had forgotten and got carried away with our thoughts again.

From here we have all the power in the world to do anything we want. The problems of this world cannot be healed from any other perspective than the present moment awareness. Then it matters not what we do or do not do, because we will be mindfully acting.

Development of this technique, Breathing Manually, takes discipline and development, but the good news is that everyone can do it and nobody needs to add anything to their shopping cart.

This is the key to breaking the hypnosis.

There is really no point in doing anything else to save the world until this is mastered by all.

The writer makes this bold statement because nothing we do externally is going to help if we aren’t fully in the present moment to begin with. Then from this present moment we will start to develop our consciousness naturally, individually, and we’ll become more and more in tune with our own intuition, higher sensory awareness and more in tune with others.

This will form the bond which connects us together again, with our higher levels, with one another and with nature itself – then the healing and transformation will flow like a tidal wave through the world and thus all individuals will naturally ‘know’ what to do or not do.

We would ‘know’ what food to eat or not eat, what to buy or not buy, what to say or not say, how to act or not act, we would simply ‘do the right thing’ in each moment, whatever that might be – without the need for rules and regulations, teachings, groups, classes or Governmental changes because we would see the effects of our actions.

This is the key to our ultimate sovereignty.

No amount of ‘changing the system’ by force, protesting, electing, boycotting or bartering is going to help solve the internal problem, only we can do this, as individuals, one at a time.

Then, when this is accomplished, the system will fix itself naturally, without force. Then, and only then, can we truly become sovereign and free.

First, Breathe Manually, then the rest will fall naturally into place.

About the author:
Dean is a Hypnotherapist and Energy Worker who has studied and pursued gnosis on a full time basis since 2011. Obsessively dedicated in service to helping others see and realize the deceptions in the world and helping to unlock the solution through guidance, teaching and healing with others. Hypnotherapy is the obvious choice to help others explore their consciousness – to break hypnosis with hypnosis.

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