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The Untold Story Of SELF

By on January 3, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening

The Untold Story Of SELF

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name withheld by request,

It has been said that next to hunger and thirst, our most basic human need is for storytelling.
-Kahil Gilbran


Stories have existed long before recorded history, and the telling of stories has changed forms drastically throughout the ages.  From cave painting to novels to movies, stories have always fascinated mankind.  Although the methods have changed, the desire to tell and hear stories has remained unchanged, and still greatly impacts the way we look at life. It would be hard to imagine being a human without a story.

I  believe that it is a gift to be able to relate a good story and We reward the best story tellers with accolades, prizes and a lot of remuneration.

Story telling has become such an art form that it has always amazed me that we don’t start teaching it at a very early age.  I believe that every child should experience great storytelling every day – not only in school but also at home.  It is a time for them to shrug off the cares of the world and immerse themselves in a realm of magic and fantasy. And I don’t mean reading a story from a book (although that is enjoyable and has a place in your repertoire). I mean great storytelling delivered with passion, enthusiasm, energy and without a text in front of you.

Our lives are shaped by the stories that we believe and incorporate into our truths.  And of course, the more authority we give to the individual telling the story, the more we put ourselves into their story.

Most of us shape our entire lives with stories that aren’t even true, but what the heck, that’s who we are. The most powerful stories are the ones we tell ourselves.

Storytelling Creed

I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge, that myth is more potent than history, that dreams are more powerful than facts, that hope always triumphs over experience, that laughter is the only cure for grief, and I believe that love is stronger than death.
-Robert Fulghum


A lot stories are are wrapped around the framework of  a hero, the central character in the story getting into some chaotic situation and having a happy ending by  getting the girl.  Ego wants to always be the hero.

I’ve told you of The Secret Story Never Told, now I’ll tell you the story of Self.

I am SELF.  You are SELF.  We are all SELF

Everything, and I mean everything is SELF.

SELF is the Source, Consciousness,  the All, God, Yahweh, Jehovah, it’s everything.

A metaphor  to help you out with this, is to imagine an ocean, and all of the ocean is SELF.  You are but a drop of the ocean, an individuated unit of SELF, called the True Self.   The SELF was never created, nor will end, it is just SELF.

We are also individuated units of SELF, called True Self.

This thing we call intuition is your knowing, this is your True Self.  Love within True Self is non-judgmental allowance.  Also within True Self, while it plays the game is Ego.

Ego is like a massive cataract to the True Self, and prevents many from seeing the game.  We are not our avatars, we are not our Ego, we are True Self experiencing a game as humans called physical reality.

Most,  who are too immersed into the belief system protocol, won’t be able to see this truth.

Most of us operate within this reality from Ego.  Ego is not SELF, nor True Self.  Ego is a creation of the game we are in.  It is the Avatar Self.  When the body becomes diseased, the Ego ceases to exist.  But while the body is alive, EGO is the God of this reality.  Trying to experience this reality through the fog lens of Ego is like looking through the bottom of a coke bottle, good luck with that.  Ego feeds on and empowers it’s self through the emotional drama that we create.  Ego is the reason for chaos within the game, that’s it’s purpose.

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Within SELF is everything, and within  everything are different simulations.  What we call reality is a game, a simulation, created by SELF.  All of creation that we experience as individuated units of  SELF is being created by us as we go.  Reality is perceived as both an individual unit and as a group.

The physical reality that we experience has limits imposed upon itself by the game.

The Game

This simulation is analogous with some of our video games.  The hero or protagonist of the story is your ego.

We win the game by empowering ourselves enough so that when the avatar body diseases it’s self, you have enough power to break through the outer edges of the game and return to True Self.

Without empowerment, you stay within the game and repeat, repeat and repeat.

Many “rewards” have been created within the game,  many “monsters”, many “cheats”, and no rules.

When SELF created this game, it was done with no rules other than what apply to physicality and within nature.

As in a video game, reality is rendered as needed.  We literally create our reality as we play within this game, both on an individual basis and as a group.

When the avatar body becomes diseased, you are released within the game, but not out of the game.

This simulation is very  addicting, and we keep putting our True Self back in the game.  What we call the soul, is a recorder of sorts.  It is used to keep track so to speak of our individual adventures.

Each avatar body is required to have an Ego.  Apparently this keeps the game on an even basis for everyone.

What we term spirit is True Self.

We ourselves are responsible for everything that happens to us within this game.  The True Self is the part of us that operates in the Knowing.  The ego self operates within all parts of the game

We are all SELF, only fear, belief, and EGO separate us.

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