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The Visit In The Dream Realm

By on November 9, 2016 in Spiritual Awakening
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The Visit In The Dream Realm

by Dennis Klinger,
Contributing Writer,

It is hard to see our dream realm as a real place. To us, our dreams are in our mind and our mind only, because we are the only ones to see them, or experience them. We are the only witness to the content of our dreams and since they are a unique experience to us, the dream realm seems only a place in our minds. Because no evidence of this physical world exists outside our minds, we separate it from reality. But should we consider the realm so separate from reality?

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If we were to analyze our dreams; one should interpret the dream realm to be two dimensional and not three like our physical world. This is why distance in our dreams is more of a variable (and flexible) than it is a constant. Even though during dreams there seems to be distance and depth and in some ways we seem to be subjected to it, it is still changing and more fluid, not a constant as is in the 3D/4D world we are awake in. During dreams, we are taking awareness of depth back to the 2D with us but it has only the effect we can give it.

During dreams, whether you are running or reaching out to touch something close or in the distance; it is not a constant amount of depth incurred and can be changing as it is being experienced. The distance or depth in our dream realm seems independent of any laws so much so that space time can be jumped, as you appear from scene to scene during a dream. You can in an instant find yourself in a different place and time during a dream; this would imply the dream realm is not subject to the laws of distance and time we are while awake in our reality.

The lack of depth would cause the absence of time. Without depth, we can go from one experience to another in an instant and invent our own point in time, because time contains our 3D world, and if we are not subjected to depth we could not be subjected to the time surrounding it. Time is the 4D containment of our 3D world, so if you exist in 2D your have by default, insulation from the 4D.

In the dream realm, we do not have control, but we can sense the possibility or potential to control. If we can imagine what it is like to completely control a dream, we could know what it is like to exist in a realm where one is not subject to depth or distance but in control of it, and can appear anywhere at will. This is where 2D is actually the 5D, when it can control time and distance that subjugates the 3D/4D.

When we are in the controlling part of the polarity containing the 3D/4D world and not the plane contained by it, we are in the 5D part of the container which would come after life not before it. The 2D/5D container is the planar polarity giving us life. It is the magnetic field that causes us to become energized conductors. When we dream, we step back into the polarity and when we die we step forward into the polarity plane where depth and time do not exist. The difference is; one side is contained by it and the other side contains it.

The 2D and the 5D are different places but our 3D/4D realm shares them as containment. So the death realm that surrounds our life is similar to the dream realm that surrounds our day.

It should be remembered that death is our constant state, not life. We know that the time before and after our existence here and now is infinite, so therefore, death is infinite, not life. We see death as a state without existence, but it is an existence, just different from our life on Earth. Life on Earth is just a visit to the 4D world created as containment of the 3D surrounding and recording us. During the visit to 3D/4D we intermittently return to the 2D dream realm but we feel like restricted visitors because; although we are not subject to a constant law of depth or distance, we have no control of it either.

We should not see death as a state of non-being or so distant from this reality. What we call death is but a change in realms from the 3D/4D to a planar existence. We should consider it reasonable to think that existence after and before this life would be like the dream realm because we know they have in common; traits of the nonphysical world without depth and time. If depth and time define our experience in the physical world, the lack of them must define our death implying a similarity with the dream realm.

Between each day, we visit the dream realm, or between each dream, we visit the 3D/4D realm. Both statements are true, so which do you believe? In keeping with this; can we say between each death there is life, or between each life there is death? In the English language, the words depth and death are only one letter apart. There is a life with depth, and there is a life without depth.

About the author: Dennis Klinger considers himself a Metaphysics Theorist and Philosopher.  He has a Mechanical Engineering and music background along with self taught Electromagnetic study. He likes to share his ideas on his website and has written “Creating Time” (Nothingness Expanding and Worlds Dividing)ir?t=bcp11wh33 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B01JM2UOMK and a fictional book titled “American Brideir?t=bcp11wh33 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B00HMB8GAQ”.  In the book “Creating Time” many unconventional paths are taken to explain the physical world we see and break it down into acceptable axioms that paint an intriguing reality for contemplation.

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