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The Wicking Of Wounds

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The Wicking Of Wounds

by Amina Deb,
Contributing Writer,

Oftentimes with deep wounds, the skin covering the wound will heal while lurking beneath the surface, infection continues to grow and spread.  Eventually the pain will become increasingly evident with swelling and redness spreading to the surface area as well.

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In order for the wound to heal, the surface skin must be lanced allowing the infection to drain. If the wound is deep enough, a “wick” will be added to insure all infection will be drawn out and washed away.  No real, complete healing can take place until all festering infection has been removed from the wound.

By looking at the many unfolding events, as scary as some of them at first glance appear to be, we can choose to see them as a wound being lanced.  So much frustration on so many levels has built up over the years and try as we may, no real healing can begin in our society, our humanity, our families, our global connections, as well as our connection to Gaia and all that inhabit her until the wound is first lanced.

We have a beautiful opportunity to see this as a deep purging of all that has infected our minds, bodies, hearts and souls.  We can band together and with love allow all that is “other than love” to spill forth for healing and clearing.

It is a common occurrence to hear, “Send love to _______________” (insert person’s name), or “Send love to ____________” (insert situation or place).  To me, while VERY WELL  INTENDED, that almost implies that there is something inherently wrong with the person, place or situation named.

What if instead of sending love, we BECAME love.  By holding the highest vibration possible…. the vibration of LOVE, we are becoming the wick.  By being in the state of love with no agenda, we are a wick that ultimately brings healing.  The unknown, unseen pain and infection of others can be wicked away just by standing near them in line at the grocery store.  Even when our personal, work, social and family situations are not as we would prefer, we can still hold a space for and be the wick of love.

Patiently being the wick of love can be the most difficult and yet the most loving thing any of us can do right now.  Each person must go through their own process, releasing what has been festering within their hearts for far too long.  Some we cross paths with will be estranged from friends, co-workers as well as family members and loved ones at this time.

Being the wick of love does not mean we do not feel all of the unpleasant emotions of anger, hurt, disappointment, etc.  In many ways we feel them MORE, we feel them deeper.  The difference is that we do not allow emotions that are all too often ignored or at best, suppressed take us away from love.  We feel and contain them all!

It takes great strength to hold the space and be the wick of love.  It takes faith that love WILL win in the end.  It takes both courage and patience to wait and endure that which you do not prefer.  It takes great determination and willpower to be at peace with and hold conflicting emotions.

Most of all it takes the depth of unconditional love to wait patiently, to lovingly BE the wick of love for what may take months, years or even lifetimes for true healing to occur.

Ultimately it is understanding and accepting that only by being the wick of love will we bring the healing we are all so desperately in need of.

Wishing you each joyful and loving journeys,

Amina Deb

The Trap We All Fall Victim ToAbout the author: Amina Deb Lewis has been a seeker and student in esoteric, spiritual and scientific studies for over 40 years. As the proverbial square peg in a world of round holes, her greatest joy in is sharing various perspectives and tools on living your Individual Unique Truth to its fullest capacity possible. Contact info:

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