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Healing Gaia Within

By on December 15, 2016 in Meditation, Spiritual Awakening

Healing Gaia Within

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by Prism Pantaz,
Contributing Writer,

One of the most common symptoms of the consciousness shift is pain in the back and neck. While the root cause could be many different things, it is common for people to hold “the weight of the world” on their back. This exercise was given to Prism during a meditation to help heal one’s internal projections of Gaia and to help shift Gaia herself.


As you know, the collective consciousness of humanity and Earth are currently shifting very rapidly. We are working on healing millennia of fear, hatred, insecurity, disconnection and greed. Those of us at the forefront of this shift have been working diligently on shifting and healing these energies within. As each one shifts, so does the whole, for we are all the One experiencing Itself from different perspectives. When we transmute our individual energies, we are also transmuting the collective consciousness of our fellow humans, Gaia, and the universe itself.

This is a time of transition. Many on the spiritual path are finding it difficult to interact with and live by the rules of the old system. We want to move forward and create the New Earth. It seem to be getting closer at an ever increasing rate. In meditation this morning, spirit gave Prism a simple exercise to assist the shift. It involves shifting our internal feelings and projections of Gaia. We hope it will take some of the weight off your back and neck :).

Begin by getting comfortable in your favorite meditation position. Prism finds it helpful to listen to a binaural beats meditation track (do a search for “binaural beats” on YouTube for lots of great options). Take a few minutes to connect into your breath and body. Imagine breathing in universal, loving energy through all of your chakras. Find yourself calm and connected.

Now, ask your unconscious mind to create an internal representation of Gaia. This representation should include all of your projections and ideas about Earth, the people living on it, and Gaia’s spirit itself. Get a real clear picture of it in your minds eye.

Healing Gaia Within


Now imagine yourself, about the same size, next to this representation of Gaia. Place one or both hands on Gaia and allow her energy to begin flowing through you. Stay connected to your breath. Take a few minutes to just notice the energies. Allow yourself to feel both the positive, nurturing energies of Gaia and the lower emotional vibrations of the current collective consciousness.

Find your courage, it is time to dive in. Ask to face and transmute the deepest pain currently held in this projection of Gaia. You may be taken to your own projection or to a collective projection, allow your mind and spirit to guide you. Feel deeply into whatever comes up. Explore it without judgement. Identify the feeling or belief that you are feeling into. Perhaps it is a deep sadness, a collective sense of fear, or a limiting belief that makes you feel small. The key is coming to peace with whatever comes up. Getting to a place where you can love even the most negative projections. This will happen naturally as you feel the emotions deeply and allow them to shift. It may take seconds or minutes, but keep tuning into the emotional frequency. When thoughts pop up, focus on the emotions generating the thought to bring your mind back to task.

Eventually, the lower frequency will shift. It may shift to another lower frequency. It may shift into a mid frequency like courage, acceptance or logic. The goal is to continue shifting the primary emotional energy until you reach the higher vibrational range. The first goal is to shift your internal representation of Gaia into the range of love. This often requires deep surrender of how you have been viewing your relationship with the thought pattern. A willingness to see the situation from a higher perspective can help one make the leap into love.

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Once you shift your internal representation of Gaia into love, you can keep going. Feel into and surrender the love in the same way you felt through the other emotions. You may experience other negative emotions hidden within the love, this is normal. Continue to feel and shift the love. Eventually, it will transmute into a deep sense of bliss. But we aren’t done yet. Let’s go all the way.

By now, the energy in your body is powerful and beautiful. You may notice that your internal representation of Gaia has changed. It looks more beautiful and fills you with hope and euphoria. Continue to feel into the bliss. Feel any residual lower vibrations hidden within in. Keep allowing it to shift within your field. We are going to take this all the way to Oneness.

Sometimes, between bliss and Oneness, one must move through “the void.” The place of nothingness and completeness. Just like the other states, feel into this void. Allow yourself to be encompassed by it. Feel into it as deeply as you can. As you do, the shift into Oneness begins.

You begin to realize you are Gaia, and Gaia is you. All is a fractal of the One. You know the connection between Self and mother Earth. Enjoy this deep feeling of connection and Oneness. Ask for this deep healing and knowing to anchor in your consciousness and in the collective consciousness of Gaia. Give thanks for baring witness to this amazing time on our planet. Allow yourself to know you are part of a community of conscious beings creating a New Earth.

As you bring yourself out of meditation, anchor your new internal representation of Gaia by imagining it in your heart. Then go forth and embody this energy of love and Oneness. Spread the joy.

With love,

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About the author: Prism Pantaz is an indigo child and emotional healer.  He approaches spirituality from a psychological perspective and has spent his life researching methods of releasing emotional baggage and embracing the authentic Self.  Check out his website at

Image: Pixabay

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