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The Wisdom Of The Lotus Flower

By on July 18, 2018 in Meditation

by Bren Palad,
Contributing Writer,

About an hour ago, I had an image of the Lotus Flower popped out in my mind.  I was meditating and reflecting for the day.

The Lotus Flower teaches us many things about the reason for our existence and about the journey of our life in this planet.

For centuries, the Lotus Flower has been loved and adored by our ancestors.  It has deep spiritual meaning particularly to the Buddhist, Hindus and Egyptians. In general, the flower is a symbol of rebirth.

To the Buddhist, the Lotus Flower is associated with spiritual awakening, spiritual enlightenment, purity and faithfulness. In Hinduism, it is a symbol of beauty, fertility, spirituality and prosperity.

Reflecting deeper into this, the flower grows in a muddy, murky water and blooms so beautiful.  We are planted in this world to reveal our true nature as the Divine.  The muddy and murky water can be taken as the darkness that we go through as we grow and live in this planet or environment.

Many of us go through so much pain, hurt, worry, fear, doubt, loneliness, frustration, confusion, boredom, jealousy, envy, hopelessness, powerlessness and other emotions which really overwhelm us and makes us come to the point of desiring and wanting to go home. The murkiness and the muddy feeling also serve as nutrients for us to grow and learn. It is for us to see that there is that beauty and peacefulness on the other side of darkness.  No matter what we are feeling, the seed or the energy of the Divine will always be there waiting for us to accept and embrace it all.

The Lotus Flower shows us how to “Be”.  It is in the state of acceptance and exposed to the many elements not knowing what will come.  Despite that, the Lotus Flower emerges and shows its beauty, splendor and magic.  It rises above the muddy, murky waters showing it has conquered all of its challenges and obstacles, yet nourished by it.

Whether we fight, we resist, or we hide, still there is no stopping that the Divine in us wants to be revealed.  And no matter what we are or what we do, we are the Divine and nothing can change that.

About Bren: I live in Las Pinas City, Philippines.  I am an Empath or a Highly Sensitive Person.  I realized about this gift about 2 decades ago.  As an Empath, I experienced a lot in my journey and led me to my awakening and understanding about the reason for our existence.  I discovered and developed many gifts that I never imagined.  I share to you my insights and inspirations I receive and been given.  I have given readings to friends and family and give life counseling.  I am also a Reiki Level II initiate and a Corporate Finance and Investment Lecturer.  Email:

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