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Things To Be Aware Of When Following Spiritual Teachers

By on July 28, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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by Meashenu,
Contributing Writer,

At this point in our ascension there are MANY spiritual teachers to follow and many more are emerging every day. It can be tough to figure out who and what information to trust. When you are first awakening this can be especially difficult as you are still learning how to read out someone’s energy to determine whether they are coming from a place of love and light or not. I’ll share some points below based on what I have observed and experienced so far.

Teachers With Incredibly Loving & Magnetic Energy

This was one I noticed very quickly after my awakening, especially on YouTube and videos. When someone has put a lot of work into themselves their energy becomes very magnetic and you can feel that divine loving presence strongly. This is great of course, but this also has an effect that you should be aware of. The first time I noticed this was watching a female on YouTube that was sharing information. Her energy was very loving, bright, and magnetic and found her to be attractive with a great smile as well. What I ended up coming to awareness of was that all of these factors were essentially hypnotizing in a way to the point that I was agreeing with a lot of the information that was being shared, without really processing the information and reflecting on it myself to see if it resonated. I don’t watch a lot of videos anymore because of this, there is just too much that I pick up that can interfere, to see if what is being shared is truly something that resonates with me on a soul level. I’m not saying you should stop watching the videos, when you connect to someone’s energy like that you can also receive codes and downloads which is a good thing. I would simply just be aware of this when you are following spiritual teachers. Later on after watching/absorbing the information, put intention to disconnect completely from their energy and then meditate/reflect on the information or whatever your process is, to see if it still resonates with you.

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Teachers With Negative Energy

There are many teachers among the community that present themselves as something that they are not. One good example of this is what Gregg from this site has talked about with the lovehaswon example. Where there was this presentation of love and light, but the real intent was to siphon energy from others. I’ve come across examples/experiences of this myself. One I will never forget where I went to a self proclaimed advanced healer who was charging a lot of money and I was having a victim experience of parasites/entity interference. The next day after the healing with that healer, I had never felt worse in my entire spiritual journey, to the point that I was so depressed I was having suicidal thoughts. It took me a couple of weeks to recover and had to get the assistance of a family member and another healer I trust to fix what happened during that session. I found out that yes that healer had removed one of the issues, but then implanted a bunch of energetics in me. After receiving the bad healing, the healer told me a lot of fear based false information. Told me that there were cloaked Draconians in my field that ONLY she was capable and aware of and that I was lucky I went to her for help to remove them. Aside from that she relayed a lot of other information to me that made me feel a lot of fear, regret, doubt, and all negative emotions, specifically with the intent to get me to give up on being a healer and helping others. I ended up finding out that she was under a full possession by the Sirian Reptilians through the liver space. I fully believe that was an experience that on some level I chose to have though.

I’ve come across many examples of teachers specifically teaching twin flame ideology that aren’t the light and love they represent themselves to be. With the twin flame concept, there is so much confusion and specific manipulation that has gone on with it that, it has become kind of a hunting ground for these energy vampires.

The biggest way that I’ve been able to tell when it comes to healers/teachers/readers that I’ve come across to be legitimate or not is how I feel after working with them or tuning into them. There’s a huge difference in an energy healing session, whether you are experiencing purging/releasing afterwards or days following versus feeling drained, negative, and just overall worse. If you have connected into someone’s energy and start to feel drained or negative emotions coming up, they have likely latched onto you with a cord or done something else. I generally feel higher frequency vibrations in my heart space when I connect with someone I’m meant to. If you have a way of confirming yes and no answers with a pendulum, sensation, or another way, then try that. Ask if the person you are following is coming from a place of love and light. Ask that if the information they are sharing is for your highest good. Before you ask, you can do a cord cutting and make sure you are fully disconnected from their energy or any other energy you tapped into that you weren’t aware of.

Hypnotization / Agreement Sales Type of Technique

I remember very clearly a technique I learned when I was trained in sales in a more extensive training program. It was referred to as hypnotizing the audience type of of a technique. The example in it was someone on a stage with a big audience. Then the person would first ask a lot of questions where the answer was always a yes or agreement answer. So that essentially, after asking the question, the audience would be nodding yes in agreement. After repetition of this then you can get someone to start agreeing with just about anything else you are saying. This can happen in all forms and sales people, whether they are naturally doing it or consciously doing it, use this technique a lot. A car salesman could be selling a car to a mother or father and start by talking about the safety of the car and then asking “you want your kids to be safe right?” and other types of questions that are always yes and agreement type responses.

I have noticed that some of the spiritual teachers are also doing this, but with them I feel it is not conscious at all. It is a subconscious type of thing that they are oblivious to. I do watch videos from time to time and felt like watching this hour long interview with one of the more well known channelers. I immediately started noticing that the woman who was interviewing him was constantly saying “…right?” almost after everything she said and it was being done in a way that it would be unlikely that him or anyone watching would be like “no that’s not right, I disagree.” It was happening so often that it was really hard for me to even continue watching the video and had to skip the parts where she was talking at all, because of it. But this is another example of the nodding/hypnotization. It did feel like she had put in a lot of work and had great energy and found her to be attractive with a great smile as well, so you have all of those factors plus the added factor of her doing that… I would have a hard time imagining many people watching her interviews and videos to end up being in disagreement. That isn’t something many people will notice unless you are aware of that technique. If you can be more presently aware of this and recognize it, then you step back and still see if you are resonating with the information or not.

The Hypocritical Type of Teachers

Unfortunately there are a lot of teachers that aren’t necessarily embodying what they are teaching and sharing with others. One example of this is around ones that are constantly talking about the ego. If a teacher is constantly talking about the ego, but then they are going out of their way to flaunt their own identity in ways of listing all their titles/achievements or reminding you that they are ahead of you, know more than you, and have better abilities than you… then they are ones that are not looking in the mirror and noticing what is right in front of them. Someone who is enjoying and flaunting their own ego to that extent shouldn’t be teaching you how to transcend it haha.


I really resonate with the teachers that are putting out channelings/energy updates, information, and include their experiences and how they worked through the integrations. If someone you are following does have meditations and other resources available to learn, check them out and see how it goes. Personally, guided meditations I found on YouTube and other places taught me A LOT and then I was able to adapt those techniques to make them my own. So by going on YouTube and trying some different guided meditations out from time to time you can learn a lot of techniques or be inspired to develop your own based on those ones.

Try to remember that every experience we have, has is a lesson in it and opportunity to grow. We often continue to have victim experiences until we reach a higher frequency energetic and the point of realization that we create everything that happens in our present reality. Even if you do end up going to a healer or reader and having a horrible experience, you end up learning from it. If you end up feeling mislead by a spiritual teacher or feel duped just examine how you can become stronger from that experience. Don’t let fear of running into someone negative stop you from going forward with something that you feel you were guided to do. In the end there’s nothing that can be done that isn’t able to be reversed and healed. Even if you have things like implants and entities, if you keep working on your journey and raise your vibration to a certain level they will just naturally fall off or dissolve. Working with an energy healer can help speed of the process, but you will always be able to have the tools you need when you need them. If you were stranded on island and you were the only person there, you would still be able to receive what you needed and be guided through the ascension!

Love & Light,


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