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This Is What Happens When You Go Within

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This Is What Happens When You Go Within

by Tanya Rene,
Contributing Writer,

It is time to go within for answers my friends. If you are looking for answers, searching the net, card readings, psychic readings or whatever… there is a simple truth you need to know.

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The truth is: validation is what you will find.

The truth is: go within.

Every answer for your hearts desire is within you. All of the answers have always been within you.

Trust your knowing if it is from a place of love, the love within you.

This Is What Happens When You Go Within

Before you came to this place and life, you sat down with your guides, angels, higher self. You came to agreements and possibilities that you would like to experience.

I find it very ironic that people choose to not go within and see a solution, but will easily blame someone for what they have created.

You are the co-creator of your life experience. Something to think about, right? Do what is right for you! What feels right!

Doing what others expect of you and not what you want for yourself is not living in your authentic truth.

Be authentic. You can never go wrong by being your true self and speaking your truth.

Your story, your life

What beginning and what ending that you choose is all up to you. The next time you hear someone say the phrase, “You have to!,” remember that you don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to do. Control will only control you if you allow it.

We are infinite beings with infinite choices. Take control of your life instead of being controlled. You are the author of your story.

What will you write today?

Tanya Rene
Nutrition For The Soul

About the author: Hi. I am Tanya Rene, creator/owner/founder of Nutrition for the Soul and Arc Divinity Creations. My goal is to reach and inspire as many with love and truth that I can. Live every moment in love and be your authentic self. Namaste

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