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Timeline Collapses Re-Arrange Your Realities For You

By on March 5, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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Timeline Collapses Re-Arrange Your Realities For You

by Lisa Brown,

Intentional timeline collapses can be done by you so that you can maneuver/weather/jump with greater ease. When YOU COLLAPSE THE BELIEF/REALITY inside of you, the timeline collapses. It is that simple. Holding onto old realities cause StarGates to re-align without you and it’s like being dragged through a portal that closes and leaves you in a REALity without what you were holding onto. Holding on, being drug along… this is the old human way. Recognizing, choosing, dealing, shifting, moving realities through the highest state of consciousness is how we jump from one timeline to the next.

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Lately we’ve been going through BEYOND HUGE physical body/physical reality collective clearings. These huge collective energies were held within the cellular memory of our physical bodies too. While they may not have dominated our physical reality, they did affect our physical body and the density that it held. These collective clearings are now allowing us to drop this physical density now too. For those who exist as QUANTUM BEINGS, our realities are much different than human realities are. We are not “fixed” to anything. We shift vibrationally, intentionally and the foundation of realities is different here. We feel the vibration of the reality, the foundation and we shift intentionally to one that is not going to collapse. It is that simple here.

Earth going Super Quantum and Galactic changed REALities forever. Thank goodness. We’ve waited for these vibrations FOR. EVER.

This process requires each pulling themselves up by the boostraps and grabbing realities from within. BEing SOURCE incarnate, BEing CREATOR is a whole new existence.

As each leaves the old MATRIX (held within the physical body structure), the body will start to tune, constantly, to a higher frequency and each will have to LEARN how to function all over again, in a whole new way….

UNITY BRINGS ALL TOGETHER…. SEPARATION CREATES SUFFERING (which clears out the energy for unification to occur). Out there or inside, they are the same. Out there is a reflection, it is your mirror to show you what you cannot/don’t want to/were not willing to see. When you see it, you have choice. That choice dictates your entire reality and how all plays out for you.

As a Quantum BEing, we see a multitude of timelines simultaneously and these timelines are available to each… DEPENDENT ON WHAT EACH DOES/DOES NOT DO…..

Connecting UP to the CRYSTALLINE GRID of NEW EARTH has never been more important than now. What’s important to you will become visible in your physical/emotional/mental life. Most have not idea that NEW EARTH EXISTENCE is a full-investment by all. If it’s not important yet, it will be. Each one of us have to go through all of these processes to come fully online. We all have to complete these phases, we all have to deal with whatever it is, we all have to continually choose, we all have to implement all new everything to completely reconstruct realities from within. We all have to … for when/where we do not, we disconnect ourselves from everything… ♥

Get ready for everything to shift…. in absolutely every way. Are you online, ready, embracing and fully on-board with Our NEW Earth Now? ♦  I love you. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Galactic Guardian of NEW Earth, Gatekeeper/Gridkeeper/WayShower

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