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Twin Flame Guides

By on April 30, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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Guides twin flame

by Tamara Maat,
Contributing Writer,

Dear souls, we speak to you today to introduce a new, incoming character in the sacred game of your love. We introduce to you one of the biggest saviors you can meet. Your own individual Twin-Flame guru.

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To make it easy to explain and elaborate, let us use the sacred Magician Tarot card. This is your guru. We are going to come to a detailed description and relevance later.

To start with, this type of soul has come to this world in contract to help this sacred twin-flame relationship, and what they receive in return is release some of their own old karma. They show up at some point in one twin’s life, and get introduced to the other at some point. This is when it all starts.

An immediate weird feeling of relating to and familiarity with both twins immediately occurs. The guru senses they are both the child and the parent of the twins. Their right side becomes the masculine twin, and the left the feminine. They feel somehow responsible for the relationship. It does not take a long time till they KNOW they are.


Twin-flame gurus have been equipped, as in the Magician card, with mastering the four elements. When the twins have worked sufficiently on their own, the “big guns” of the Magician are called for. The guru consciously and/or subconsciously has the ability and skill to utilize the water, earth, air and fire all as required to invoke healing in either twin or both.

They also create a “band” around the relationship, both for protection and for forcing the runner twin to always be present at least mentally with the relationship. No matter how much they “hit and run,” they become mentally obsessed with their twin that they have supposedly left behind. The guru’s work here is cornering the runner in an area that forces resurrection. As mentioned above, the four elements of Gaia make this extremely “natural” to the Magician. The band is also to stop any energy leakage and help all the invoked energy to be used for healing the twins individually, making their bond stronger and healthier.

Overall, they have incredible power to create lifetimes of balance between the twins in a matter of days. It is the authority given to them by God that makes their work this simple yet all-powerful. It is also necessary to point out that the work doesn’t stop with the individual twins, but as healing happens to one couple, it affects the collective of twin flames, giving them a push towards healing and union.

About the author: Tamara Maat is an Egyptian shamanic healer who was initiated into Sekhem and Arcturian Healing systems during her meditations in the temples of Luxor, Egypt. To connect with her and learn about her story and services, contact her on her Facebook page @tamaramaat2015 or check her website

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