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Why We Don’t Need Money Anymore

By on April 30, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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Why We Don’t Need Money Anymore

by Norman Bird,
Contributing Writer,

The idea of money

It’s just an idea. One way of doing things. Similar to a nations voting system or how we treat the health care of our citizens. Over the last 50 years or so, most of the world has embraced the idea of “full coverage” single payer health for all its citizens. So health care is a 50 year idea.

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But money is an idea that is over 10 thousand years old here on Earth. Meaning, some guy over 10,000 years ago decided intentionally implemented this. And here we are still doing it.

What if the level of consciousness was not that loving 10,000 years ago? Why would we choose to continue using an idea that was created from a human or being that existed when the conscious level of humans back then were extremely barbaric? I mean the Roman empire, the Spanish Inquisition, The Christian Crusades, Attila The Hun. We are not talking a very expanded, loving , compassionate and understanding mentality back then. They simply did not know how to do it.

We must remember that just over 2,000 years ago, a being that had Mastered love came and gave The Sermon On The Mount, and spoke of how things could be if we only chose to be more kind and loving to each other. And although in his presence everyone agreed that love and sharing was the best way for all concerned, when they were not in his presence they fell back to the same old “lower” consciousness of separation, ego, power and fear.

This same lower consciousness eventually led the beings from back then to “remove” this source of the idea of unconditional love, that they were simply not ready for. Yet. But the seed was planted and it grew and grew and grew and today, over 2,000 years later, we are thankfully not impaling people’s heads on stakes, or feeding people to the lions anymore. Why? We have evolved consciously. We are therefore more loving, more sharing and do not feel the need to elicit control over others, as much as we did back then. No, we are still not perfect Christed beings, yet; but we are also certainly not at the same level of consciousness of when someone in power, created the idea of money.

So why are we still using this outdated scheme of power and control over others? Why are we still paying for everything?

We pay for almost everything. Electricity, water, transportation(via fuel), housing, using whatever the local version of money is. And of course the local governing bodies control the creation of this money, literally out of thin air. How convenient for them right? It’s a good thing that the people who have power in these local governing bodies are not corrupt, else it could get nasty right? Luck for us all politicians are always in full integrity right? 🙂 Of course I am being sarcastic, today’s politicians have never been more corrupt, meaning our system of money is being manipulated in all kind of unscrupulously profiteering ways.

Time for a NEW idea. FREE everything! If its needed, its free.

So we have and are using money, but is it still necessary?

I mean, isn’t electricity from the Sun? Does the Sun not provide all its abundant energy to us all for free? So why are we paying this “local” money exchange idea for infinite energy that is provided for free?

If we need generators to convert the sun’s unlimited potential energy to power that we can send to power lines, why don’t we just build or provide a local plant for the local people and provide this needed local electricity to the people for free? Problem solved! The sun provide free energy to the planet and ALL the people now have unlimited free energy, without having to continuously “pay” for something that is can be available free.

But who would build the local generators? I would! And many others of like mind. Everyone in the local community would join in and work to build and monitor it for free, since it would ensure a lifetime of free energy for their future generations.

People are already doing this around the world for many projects that are termed “open source.” For instance this website is built on an open source content management system(CMS) called WordPress. And hundreds of programmers work on the public domain code and build and upgrade in their free time and over 20 million people use it for free on as many websites. There is an open source operating system called Linux hat rivals the paid OS called Windows. Open source is proof that if something is allowed to be built and provided freely to the masses, we will not have a shortage of kind people who will organize and build it, for free!

So we can and we will build autonomous energy plants that are not for profit. This idea of “profit” is over 10,000 years old. Time for us to grow up. Like Prince said: “Act our age not your shoe size.” 🙂

So why have we not already done this?

Seems to me that this is a no-brainer and better idea than for everyone to pay one individual, every month, for electricity right? So why are we still locked in this ancient way of thinking…this old idea of separation, power and control. This ancient idea of me over you?

Because it’s all about consciousness. And when it comes to consciousness there are only really 2 kinds:

1.Service to self
2.Service to others

You are either oriented towards service of self or service to others. The service to others is a more advanced, mature and spiritually evolved, more loving vibration.

Now why do I say love vibration and why is that so important? Because love is where we all originate from. We are born as eternal souls, from this eternal thing call love, which is also the primordial thing we call existence itself. We come from love and incarnate into bodies in this thing called “physical reality” where we play with the idea of a thing called “free will.” Where we are free to choose, even that which does not serve us. Meaning, we are free and allowed to choose despair, pain and even suffering. Free to hand over our power, to someone else to govern.

We enter as love, from love, to a place where we are free to choose to act in a manner that is unloving to ourselves and others. And the only reason we are doing so is because. . . we have forgotten that we are love. We simply have devolved to a point where we do not remember that we are love, incarnate. Does that about sum it up? Is the world around you starting to make a little bit more sense now?

Our Devolvement goes back to Orion

We devolved slowly over millions and millions of years. Over many different planets and star systems. We devolved to the point of “ungodliness”, if such a thing were possible, we achieved it. In our lowered separation consciousness of service of self, of power and control, we have blew up not only entire planets, but entire star systems.

The saga of the evolution of humanity’s consciousness originate a very long long time ago in a galaxy far far away. It climaxed in a star system called Orion and with something called the Orion Wars. Sounds like Star Wars doesn’t it? Bashar once said “all our fiction are real.” Meaning, there is more truth in our movies that most of us realize. Consciousness had devolved so much that the idea of service of self was strong and this “me me me” idea became all about power and control. It fostered a lack of respect for what was in the best interest of the whole. Many died in these wars of worlds trying to conquer other worlds. Many were then enslaved when they lost battles. Think the Empire Strikes Back, but a hundred times worse.

But since our souls are eternal, even after death, and when our planets were destroyed, we would simply re-incarnate unto other planets and into other bodies. In short, beings who fought and died in the Orion wars would eventually incarnate into bodies on a planet called Marduk, which they eventually blew up using what we would consider nuclear technology. The planet Marduk was and is still located between the planets we humans call Mars and Jupiter. Only now, Marduk is a highly radioactive asteroid belt consisting of over an estimated million pieces, which consists of tiny rock and metallic objects that range in size from tiny to some that are over 1 kilometer in size. Stretched out at a distance of 205 to 300 million miles from the Sun.

Astroid belt

So the lower consciousness idea of service to self, over the idea of service to others, led the civilizations which was Marduk, to blow itself to smithereens using nuclear weapons. Remember, they are allowed to choose to do this when playing with the idea that is free will. 🙂 After all, this is only one Universe out of an infinite, in which we as eternal souls play right? 🙂

And so the souls from the now dead planet Marduk required a new planet in order to continue their spiritual evolvement. Remember we devolved, mission accomplished, so now we needed to evolve back to this thing called love from which we came. They chose the planet we are now calling Mars.

And so life flourished on Mars. . . .until these being once again fought and they ended up blowing the atmosphere off of Mars for quite some time. Although some life eventually returned to Mars and are there now, millions of years ago, the life on the surface was wiped out for a while. So yes, life is on Mars now, and so are many humans from Earth, but this is a story for another day. Word on the street is that this will be something that will be disclosed to humanity soon. Right now, it is one of the biggest secrets of those who are still oriented to service of self consciousness. But anyone with an internet connection and Google, can learn all about humans on Mars in a short amount of time. I did, and so can you.

So now that they were unable to incarnate into bodies on Mars, you guessed it, they started to incarnate on Earth. So yes, they are us. Now you understand where all the hostility on Earth comes from. Why in some places you can’t leave your door unlocked. Why we are always at war, it all makes more sense now. Why the U.S. is now taunting North Korea, China, Syria and Russia into World War III. All because of this idea called free will, and the bad habits obtained in lives in the Orion system, Marduk and Mars. Bad habits that are a challenge to break.

And I explained all this to give you a reference of the consciousness that created the idea of money. It was all about service to self, and all about power and control.

The Idea Of Money

The idea of money originated millions of years ago, think 100 millions years ago; in the star system of Orion. Think dark lords and the dark side. Think how corruption and lies are the main tools into getting people to give over their power to corrupt people who swore to uphold justice on their behalf, only to be betrayed. Think taking candy from a baby. We are talking some low consciousness stuff.

The Idea Of Money

The Giza Pyramids were built in the configuration of the alignment of the 3 stars of the Orion belt, in consideration of the fact that much of the souls incarnating on Earth today, originate from there. We are finishing the ideas that we played with on Orion, by playing them out here. Until we get them right.

In Orion they originated the idea of money whereas a select few can benefit from the work of the masses. It was one of the first thing they implanted on a planet in which they concurred and enslaved. On Earth we first see evidence of it in ancient Sumeria where it was called the Babylonian Money Magic Enslavement System. Google is your friend here, but the basic idea is that instead of people trading resources, which is fine and decentralized with no governmental control or requirements, money however, was a form of centralized governmental control. Now you have people working for you, and in exchange you give them fiat money or computer digits in an account. You became wealthy because of how much imaginary money you held and not for the service that you provided to society. A few benefit and have unlimited resource from the populace, while everyone else has to work to earn it.

The financial system has a thing called the rule of nine; whereby a bank is allowed to create, out of thin air, nine times the amount of actual money that they hold. This is called credit, and we have to do actual work in order to obtain this imaginary money. Quite a scheme huh?

So now we know why we are paying for everything. Water, electricity etc. Why its centralized. How it all originates from the idea of service of self consciousness where we consider our self to be separate and above others and how at its base is the idea of power and control.

But the most important thing that we see is how we no longer require money to pay for anything, especially electricity and water, which are both abundant and in infinite supply. We can never run out of water for the same reason that we can never run out of sun, there is simply an infinite amount of them as far as humanity is concerned. Remember, the spiritual name for water is The Undine, which to me is a synchronistic contraction for un-dying. Meaning water, like fire is an eternal element. You drink it, urinate it, it evaporates up to the cloud, rain falls, and we can once again drink it. The only reason for a civilization to choose to pay for an element that is here in abundance and provided by love for free, is because we have been duped. 🙂 And by now you know who has done the duping and what kind of consciousness they are right?

OK, so now we have covered the service of self consciousness. Let’s dive into the where we are and where we are headed; the service to others consciousness. Think Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Harriet Tubman. All the white people who created and facilitated the underground railroad which helped slaves. Think John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Think The Sea Shepherd who serve to protect whales and life in the sea. Think Green peace. And yes think Edward Snowden and Julian Assange of Wikileaks. Who all have put aside their own considerations in order to be of service to humanity as a whole, by revealing governmental corruption.

It is no accident that last Wednesday Wikileaks said that they will soon provide evidence that the CIA has broken the law, and that on Friday, the CIA declared that they will seek to arrest Julian Assange. What a coincidence right?

Do you see what is happening here? We are in the midst of a planet that is transitioning from service of self consciousness, think (CIA) and the American dollar, to service of others consciousness, think no more CIA and Bitcoin. 🙂 Bitcoin, for those who are among the uninitiated, is the future of money. It is a decentralized currency. An idea that is so scary to the status quo, that Barack Obama mentioned bitcoin it in a speech and stated that “everyone would be able to walk around with a Swiss Bank account in their pocket.” See? One consciousness feels that is a bad thing, but I for one, feel that is an amazingly exciting idea whose time has come.

So as our consciousness changes, and it is, for the better, we will be more loving to ourselves and we will no longer be charging ourselves for things like electricity and water. Because this only serves a few, and it clearly does not serve the masses to charge ourselves for something that is free. We will allow the abundance of the sun and water to be shared as it should be, freely. This is where we are headed. It’s all about the level of consciousness that gets to be expressed. Unconditional love or not. That’s the only choice we ever have really.

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As we are transitioning to a positively oriented society, nation’s and planet, we are changing everything. This is why you see all the changes going on in the world. Just look at all the resignations of world leaders that we have seen. We have even seen a Pope and king resign. Look at all the whistle-blowers who are releasing information about governmental corruption. Everything is slowly changing to fit the new level of consciousness that we now are. So please consider not drinking the kool aid, and political business as usual. Ask yourself “am I service of self or service to others consciousness.” And lets stand together in unity as we take back the power we gave over to our governments, and start to change everything. Unite! Refuse to be separated. Stop paying for things that should be free!


About the author: Norman Bird is a student/teacher, author, speaker and life coach on all things Nature of Reality and being happy. And has studied Alchemy with the Lords of Light and Ascended Masters. His website is and



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