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Understanding Joy

By on January 13, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening

Understanding Joy

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by Amina Deb,
Guest writer,

We read, talk, write about following our dreams, being true to ourselves, living in joy and love in order to experience peace within ourselves as well as peace with others. Easy platitudes, but what does that really mean?


For this article, and beyond if it suites you, let’s accept as truth that we each hold and carry a Divine, pure spark the foundation of which is Love. Let’s also accept what physicists say about everything vibrating and having a signature frequency; the signature frequency being what makes a particular thing “stick together” thus forming a person, chair, plant, etc.

Having accepted that we are, at our core, each unique, individual vibrating sparks of Love, by doing something that is joyful for us, it actually means we are in alignment with our unique signature frequency. This is why it is joyful, enjoyable and fun…. we are in alignment with Love as it is being uniquely expressed through us in the way that is only applicable for us as an individual.

A lack of joy means we are not in alignment with our unique, true selves. Ever heard the phrase, “going with the flow?” Yep… we are either in the bandwidth of our signature vibrational frequency (being in the flow) or we are not. Feeling love, contentment, joy, peace means we are in our personal “flow”.

A hint: if there is mind chatter, repetitive thoughts over past or future situations, ruminating over other people, the actions of others, work, anything at all… we are outside of our unique “flow”.

Much like tuning the dial on an older radio, the more static (thoughts & mind chatter) the further away we are from the exact frequency that is our unique signature vibration and thus the further away we are from aligning with joy, excitement and peace.

Now let’s accept one last piece to our little thought experiment. Let’s accept that we do receive back what we put out, that life mirrors us, that we attract to us what we are the vibration of. This means we are ALWAYS 100% supported by life and the universe. If we vibrate love, peace and happiness, life supports us in that by mirroring the ways we are loved and the ways we find peace as well as happiness in daily life. When we slip into the vibration of lack or fear based beliefs, life supports us there too and gives us reasons to feel lack as well as reasons to be afraid.


Not only are we being shown through the mirror of life that we are always 100% supported, life is also reflecting back what lies in the depths of our unconscious/subconscious mind. This is why all the positive affirmation in the world at times do not to work. Affirmations must match unconscious beliefs, hidden definitions, and personal perspectives in order for them to be effective.

If affirmations are falling short of materializing, there is a disconnection between what is believed by the conscious mind and what is believed to be true by the subconscious mind. Life always mirrors what is lurking in the depths of the subconscious. Trust life knowing that it is lovingly showing what beliefs are keeping our heart from beating in total trust of Love. Daily life is actually a treasure trove full of gifts and information just waiting to be claimed. It is our free ticket to a life full of joy, happiness, love and peace.

If life is reflecting what we would not prefer, it is an invitation to look deep into our beliefs. One of the easiest ways to illuminate them is to consciously hold awareness as to whether or not we are following the path of what is joyful in each moment. Joy is our tractor beam allowing life to express itself through our unique creation in a way that will be in service to all.

Are we easily able to follow our joy or are we struggling with what we “should” be doing? If we are struggling with the “oughts” and “shoulds”, it means we are holding a belief that is out of alignment with our core signature frequency. The good news is that with such information, we have a place to begin our investigation of belief explorations and play with life.

Following what contains even the slightest shred of the most joy in each moment with even the smallest and simplest of choices keeps us in alignment with our Core Truth. If the floor needs mopping but playing with our dog feels more joyful …. Choose to play with the dog because that is what is in alignment with our signature vibrational frequency at that moment. The floor will get mopped in perfect timing. It may take another 3 days but so what?! It is far more important to stay in alignment with personal flow so life can arrange itself in a way that supports us with ease and grace.

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Remain flexible. Just because a particular thing “lit up” with joy does not necessarily mean it must be followed through to the end. If something brighter and shinier shows up, stop and follow that instead. Oftentimes one joyful thread was only present as a means to lead us to another. Think of it as following a trail of breadcrumbs. Hold each step, each crumb experience, as the magical event it truly is with no attachment or assumption as to the outcome. This keeps the doors wide open for an infinite number of miraculous ways life can unfold.

Synchronicities are the magic in life that happens when living in our personal flow. To do what “ought to be done” will stifle that magic from unfurling. I’ve tried this and it WORKS. Surprisingly, sometimes a couple of hours later or maybe a couple of days later, moping my floor will be what contains the most joy. Not only will my floor get mopped, it will surprisingly take less time and effort.

Nothing will be left undone that needs to be done. Notice I said: “that NEEDS to be done”. Living life by following our personal flow will illuminate quickly those things being done out of our “training” to do them. We quickly see all the ways who we truly are have been hijacked and overshadowed by the motivations, some well-intended of course, of others.

Even if we don’t choose to actually follow what brings us the most joy in a particular moment, taking the time to notice when we act on our joy and when we instead follow the “oughts” and “shoulds” is incredibly insightful. Watch, notice, and be amazed.

Start small. Start with baby steps. Practice by asking in each moment, “out of the choices I have right now, what is the one thing that “lights up” the most for me?” Now obviously, we would each choose going to the beach in Tahiti, taking that much needed trip, skiing, all of those fun things that pop into our heads but typically those big ticket items are not something that can be acted on in that moment. Choices come from what is within our capacity to act on in that moment.

Joy supports us in letting go of the lower vibrations, old habits and attachments to the past that are no longer applicable to the existence of living in the higher levels of our consciousness. Joy is the tractor beam to finding and living all we were meant to be. Joy is what leads us to be in service to ALL and as a part of the all, we participate in receiving service as well. Joy is our birthright. Joy brings magic. Joy opens our hearts to living in Love.

Wishing you each joyful and loving journeys,
Amina Deb

The Trap We All Fall Victim ToAbout the author: Amina Deb Lewis has been a seeker and student in esoteric, spiritual and scientific studies for over 40 years. As the proverbial square peg in a world of round holes, her greatest joy in is sharing various perspectives and tools on living your Individual Unique Truth to its fullest capacity possible. Contact info:

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