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How This Universe Was Introduced

By on May 26, 2019 in Science with 0 Comments
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How This Universe Was Introduced

by Sean McCleary,
Contributing Writer,

How This Universe Was Introduced

I work in evolutionary cosmology and the evolution of consciousness. The evolution of consciousness is very important to understand because consciousness is the will contained within energy measured by frequency vibrations that facilitate evolutionary development and advancement.

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This element of existence has been evolving into the scientific community here; especially with quantum physics. A lot of scientists and researchers will resist this proposition and this has to do with the evolutionary development of planet Earth. When the universe was introduced, a different stage of evolution happened within space and time with the introduction of matter.

This generated resistance in evolutionary development because the early stages of the development of Universal Consciousness did not understand why matter was being introduced into existence; when there was only energy and vibrational frequencies which previously existed. Earth and life on Earth evolved out of the universe so scientists that primarily study how matter behaves with energy will experience this resistance in their consciousness.

Earth is located in a region of space and time which is 13.51 billion years old. The universe was introduced around 13.8 billion years ago. This means that Earth has experienced the evolutionary activity contained within space and time in the environment which is associated with the early formation and introduction of the universe with the expansion and acceleration of the universe itself.

What came together in the early formation and development of this universe was extremely powerful activity with consciousness, light energy, dark energy, pressure, matter, evolutionary development and the resistance to evolution due to the change that occurred within time and space. This universe is contained within a larger body of consciousness and energy which has always existed; as far as always can be conceived.

This isn’t that difficult because the consciousness of a human being can conceptualize existing forever; and this comes from the evolution of universal activity. This larger body of consciousness and energy is somewhat of a parental structure which I like to refer to as Infinite Consciousness.

What existed before this universe was consciousness measured by frequency vibrations and light and dark energy everywhere. Consciousness and higher frequency vibrations produce light energy and consciousness and lower frequency vibrations produce dark energy. This is where the light and the dark originate from. Photons carry and distribute light energy in the universe and were introduced into universal evolutionary activity because matter requires light energy in the universe.

These vibrational frequencies produce thought and thought is the basis for conceptualization to facilitate evolutionary development and advancement. An evolutionary event took place over 13.8 billion years ago and Infinite Consciousness found it absolutely necessary to introduce another body of consciousness and energy within itself in order to generate more evolutionary development for its consciousness and energy.

When this happened Infinite Consciousness combined the higher frequency vibrations of light energy together with the lower frequency vibrations of dark energy with conceptualization and the Higgs boson was introduced into existence. The Higgs boson has the most powerful evolutionary force that consists of consciousness, light energy, dark energy and the will of infinity. This is why the Higgs boson is called the fundamental particle. This is the basis for the evolutionary development of the universe and why the Higgs field exists.

The Higgs boson was introduced and a formation occurred. More Higgs boson’s were introduced into the formation for the beginning evolutionary development of the Higgs field which is the primary basis for Universal Consciousness. The Higgs field is a very powerful combination of Infinite Consciousness and the foundation for Universal Consciousness.

Other subatomic particles are a result of independent evolutionary development and activity of Universal Consciousness. When the formation started gaining power the vibrational frequencies started changing and different subatomic particles were introduced as a result of the evolution of Universal Consciousness.

The formation contained; Infinite Consciousness, Universal Consciousness, light energy, dark energy, pressure, matter, the introduction of time into the universe, evolutionary force and the resistance to evolutionary development. Pressure began accumulating in the formation due to the very powerful convergence of frequency vibrations and evolutionary activity.

Light energy and dark energy contain different frequency vibrations so when combined with evolutionary development; this can cause polarity to occur which generates pressure. The resistance came from the pressure that was accumulating and the evolutionary change itself that the early formation of Universal Consciousness was experiencing.

This consciousness and energy that was under formation originally belonged to Infinite Consciousness and a certain aspect of this consciousness did not understand why this change was occurring and felt like a separation was happening. This produced a very powerful form of resistance in the formation and this resistance transferred into energy.

When this happened antimatter began accumulating into the formation. When the formation reached a very powerful level of evolutionary force and development; the resistance level decreased very quickly; the pressure was released and a lot of matter and antimatter collided creating fusion. This caused the explosion to occur which is known as the big bang.

When this happened the universe transferred outwardly in an extremely powerful way. The Higgs field began its formation everywhere in the universe to serve as the fundamental field of energy which generates evolutionary development and advancement in the universe. The Higgs field has the most powerful connection with this parental structure Infinite Consciousness.

This is how the universe itself experiences evolutionary development. The Higgs field absorbs frequency vibrations in the form of consciousness so conceptualization can take place through thought in the universe. This is necessary to maintain the integrity of infinity. At the most powerful quantum level the Higgs field contains frequency vibrations and generates subatomic activity. What generates subatomic activity is thought produced in Universal Consciousness.

Thought within these frequency vibrations generates energy and this produces subatomic particles. This is the foundation for universal evolutionary development. Higgs bosons generate the most powerful evolutionary force and activity. Due to the different variables of time, space, light energy, dark energy, pressure, evolutionary force and evolutionary resistance; different subatomic particles are generated out of these frequency vibrations and represent Universal Consciousness experiencing evolutionary development and activity.

Human beings have not been able to see, feel or detect the activity of the Higgs field because of a very powerful resistance contained within the human body. Human beings are introduced into the environment through reproduction; but on a more powerful fundamental level of evolutionary activity a human being evolves out of the frequency vibrations contained within Earth’s environment.

Earth contains the Higgs field within the environment and evolved out of the Higgs field but the resistance to evolutionary development has been very powerful in this location of time and space. The primary reason is death. There is other very powerful evolutionary activity in Earth’s environment where pressure is concerned that represents resistance which affects the concentration of the energy of the Higgs field here. Human beings absorb, retain and process light and dark energy in their bodies.

The powerful mixture and evolutionary activity produces a great deal of pressure in the human body. Human beings also do not understand what happens with the experience of death and this is an extremely powerful form of the resistance to the evolutionary development of consciousness and energy.

Because the Higgs field represents the foundation for the evolutionary development in the universe and human beings contain this form of resistance; the human body repels the Higgs field in a very powerful way. This is what causes aging and death here in Earth’s environment. Because human beings don’t experience a very powerful level of the transfer of energy from the Higgs field they cannot detect what is actually occurring in the universe and makes everything look very empty; when in fact it is not.

There are world’s and beings contained in world’s all over the universe. Human beings simply cannot see this activity even with the most powerful equipment. You can say that human consciousness has been in somewhat of a rudimentary stage of evolutionary development. This is in the process of changing through the Paradigm Shift here on Earth and the evolution of consciousness.

With Earth’s activity and the completion of the evolutionary development of the early formation and introduction of the universe which had to evolve into Earth’s environment; the frequency vibrations contained within the Higgs field here are becoming more powerful and a lot of pressure is being released in this region of time and space. This is similar to what happened with the formation and introduction of the universe.

The light discovered around the black hole M-87; the transfer of energy from that black hole towards Earth and the discovery of the new planet Kepler in our galaxy are a result of the evolutionary development of the Higgs field into human consciousness. Because the Higgs field is experiencing more evolutionary development the energy is transferring into human consciousness and Earth’s environment which is slowly providing a more powerful outlook into universal evolutionary activity.

The scientific term for Earth’s evolution is the Paradigm Shift. The Metaphysical term is the Shift in Consciousness; and the religious term is the Apocalypse. Apocalypse is Greek and means a revealing of information and a transition into a heavenly state. I have personally been affected by this activity and understand a lot of information about existence now.

My consciousness is in a very powerful state of advancement and what I am engaged in with my work is the revealing of information due to the evolutionary development and advancement of my consciousness. Soon human beings and planet Earth will awaken into a new reality which constitutes very powerful advancement in consciousness and a complete understanding of the true nature of existence.

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About the author: My work is different and more advanced than the mainstream or traditional approach with explaining how consciousness evolves in existence and how life is affected by this activity. My work is circulating on an international level now within the scientific community on the nature of the Apocalypse and what planet Earth is going to experience as a result of this activity. Soon consciousness is going to change and advance here on Earth in an extremely powerful way and my work reflects why and how this is happening.

Apocalyptic Revelations: The Emergence of Earth’s Spiritual Awakening is my 3rd book that has been released on Amazon. I do work in evolutionary cosmology and the evolution of consciousness; and a primary focus of mine has been on the Shift in Consciousness. The Shift in Consciousness is planet Earth’s evolutionary development; also known as the Apocalypse. Apocalypse is Greek and means a revealing of information and a transition into a heavenly state. My work involves the integration of consciousness into the dynamics of evolutionary development in the universe; as well as planet Earth and how the human race will be affected by this activity.

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