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Rosie Neal: A Wave Of Massive Light Will Happen Over The Next Few Years

By on July 9, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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Rosie Neal: A Wave Of Massive Light Will Happen Over The Next Few Years

by Rosie Neal,
Contributing Writer,

Rosie Neal: A Wave Of Massive Light Will Happen Over The Next Few Years

Well we all know I haven’t been 100% so I have kind of went in to incognito with everyone as I work on self. But, based on a conversation that I had with a friend that took place a few days ago regarding telepathic communications. “Aka Paul” I decided to share some insight of understanding of what happens and how it takes place in our current reality.

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Telepathy is information that is transmitted though the soul to another’s soul. It is received by way of the heart by wave frequencies. It will not be represented through the word because words provide you limited comprehension or knowledge. Telepathy is used by beings that are much more advanced in consciousness.

When I was on the other side of the veil, the only connection and conversation that took place was by way of telepathy. This type of communication completely by passes the brain and is literally mind to mind connections which is known as the over soul matrix connection. Soul to soul.

On a human level, most will have experiences of this when they fall deeply in love with a partner. If this partnership or relationship becomes a hinder in such a way that the full expression of that relationship or love cannot be fully expressed and embodied and there is a soul contract in place where this type of profound experience, then is meant to be expressed and experienced and even embodied that is when telepathic communications will just seem to flow and happen fully and freely without understanding or control, no matter what is being reflected by the outside world around these individuals.

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Other times, it is experienced in major time of need, such as a protection of self and loved ones in dyer time of need.

Speaking in terms of our language is very limited in expression. It is a denser more archaic expression of language that was changed aeons ago to keep us locked into a paradigm of the limited. We are moving into a place where we will consciously begin to move beyond words of expression that will be spoken vocally as we learn to create our own reality.

There are many that are connecting to what is referred to and known as light language. This type of expression has been coming in more and more over the last few years. Although there are places in this universe that still has their own ancient language of light and it is very ancient language, it is not the same as telepathy or words of human language. It is more liken to that of signals that was used in something for the purpose of offering a idea of understanding to, I will use the analogy of “Morse code.” I use the word “Morse code” as a way just to give a conceptional understanding.

Light language brings in signals a coding of frequencies that do not need to have to be interpreted on a intellectual level to be receive. This type of signal can and does allow for the raising of vibrations just by hearing it without knowledge of understanding.

But this is not where we are heading as we will be gearing up for more telepathic communications in the future.

Before humanity embraces the full use of telepathic communications, we will have to become and embrace the full embodiment of total transparency.

There are those of the ancient ones that have incarcerated at this time and place that have full access and awareness of telepathic communications. They are here to bring in this frequency and they will hold the space that is needed to allow this frequency to become unified for the whole of all living beings. This is stepping into that, that is known as that of the mind of God. When this happens, we will transcend all brain thought processing as we now know and bring in a frequency shift and upgrade to the collective.

When this happens as a full expression, we will be able to have a much faster operating system mentally and have the ability to comprehend information which will be a upgrade of knowledge and knowingness in a instant. It will surpass all forms of intellectual knowledge and there will be no need and use of schooling in our future because we will have complete access to full comprehensive information as it pertains to that of the universe.

It will be a this point that you will begin to understand sound is that of magnetic frequency and light is that of electric frequency. We are magnificent magnetic, electrical beings having and experiencing the embodiment of being in physicality to have a experiential experience of great expansion on many different levels.

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As we begin to merge into oneness by allowing our magnetic and electrical aspects become one, this will allow us to have the capability of receiving information from the stream of knowingness that many do not have the capability to receive in this now moment.

We live in a holographic reality universe. The fiber that makes up this reality is exactly the same fiber that creates the dream reality. Scientists have over the last few years are just beginning to understand this. It is very close to living a dream within a dream within a dream. We are the leading edge of understanding how to create our reality within the parameters of the paradigm with all the paradoxes that coexist throughout all the parallel realities of timelines that exist in this now moment.

It is now our responsibility, for those that choose to advance, to raise their vibratory frequency to the next level by becoming the highest version that you could possibly imagine for yourself. You do this with becoming the embodiment of the highest thought, action, and deed and having that of the highest moral code of ethics and values, living from a sacred neutral perspective and keeping emotionally balanced. This will allow the higher conscious collective to flow through you.

You will no longer be in need of seeking and searching out another’s path to assist you for the outside version of your reality. You will completely understand all the technology of the I am presence and have full access to everything. You hold the key to every experience internally and you will have complete access and knowledge of knowingness of how to create each expression of experience that you choose to embody at any given moment. This will be living a life from its fullest expression as one shifts and begins to live though the mind of god. Where the finite meets infinity.

A week or two ago, I connected with two dear heart friends Janet and Julie, as we stepped forth to do sacred universal holy work as we came into that of the highest of vibrations. That is known as the trinity. I went through what was that I can only explain as what I can call or refer to as vortex. I went up and down and around spinning faster then the frequency of light or sound. I was brought into a place where I saw and witnessed and experienced a wave of a massive light hit that completely collapsed every ounce of what I witnessed and observed being experienced as darkness or negativity in this reality. It was in that moment that every form of what we know as polarization or polarity of duality ended. This is what some are calling the final event that will take place.

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A huge wave will come and in a blink of an eye, everything will change from what we know it to be. It will be equivalent to changing from a 93.7 am radio station to that of a FM station 107.9 frequency. There will be a complete frequency shift. This will happen over the next few years. There will be no pain or fear as everything will change from what we have know it to be.

Even our subatomic and atomic particles will change and molecularly we will change greatly on a physical level to that of a much higher density and lighter form all the way to a cellular level. When this happens, we will feed off of prana as a food source also known as chi. There are a few that are doing this now in this current reality. As they do this, they hold space to bring the change in on a holographic level.

Once this shift takes place, our health will be fully aligned and restored to even a higher vibrational level than we can hold in these dense physical bodies that we are embodying in this now. You will begin to notice that, for all them that took many years to get to become consciously awakened and aware, those now waking up are awaking very, very fast.

What may have taken one individual 20/30 years to process this conscience evolution. Those now newly awaking are doing it in a fraction of that time, not in years, but months to achieve and evolve to the same level of awareness that those that proceeded them.

Everything is speeding up as we know it. It may appear to many that time is moving very fast. In reality time, as we have come to know, it does not exist. Linear time, as we have come to understand it, is a man-made social agreement and it assists us in slowing everything way down in our current reality.

We are truly creator beings that have been creating our reality without fully understanding intellectually in complete unawareness. We are still doing this in this holographic reality by default. The consenting to utilizing the boundaries of time as part of our collective expression allows a protective barrier that would slow down our unaware self made creations that could carry the potential to create great harm to oneself or that of another while in this universe.

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This universe is known as a freewilled universe. With most of humanity being asleep and living from a default mechanism in unawareness one is not aware they are creating their own reality from this default mode as well. It is through the expressions of experiencing where we spend most of our time that we create our personal experiences. It has to do with what we think and how we emotionally charge them thoughts, aka “how we feel.” We are limited to what we can create based on who we are. Those that are of denser frequency cannot create or manifest outside of that paradigm.

Truly there is no right or wrong as all is just a experience of experiential expansion of the soul. We get lost in the illusion that we are a body that has a soul. We were taught this since we exited our mother womb, but the truth is we are a soul that holds the physical body in place to have a immersion of experience of all that could be experienced as each fractal becomes lost in complete forgetfulness of what it is on a higher level.

You have completely forgotten who and what you are as you are almost driven to understand who you are and where you came from. But one must understand that here is where a paradox comes immediately into play. As you continue to seek outside yourself to find all the answers and insight you so much crave to understand, you cannot see that you have locked yourself in a paradigm of illusion, like the snake eating it tail. The harder you chase, the more it will become elusive to you. That is the paradox that keeps you trapped in the illusion of the hologram.

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Simplicity is the key. Just live in the presence moment and live from the highest version that you can be in each moment. Everything you are seeking is magnetically being drawn to you. You don’t have to work so hard as you have been taught in your past. The only thing that matters is this now moment. As you are so shall you become. With that of infinite grace and blessing

~ Rosie Neal


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