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Why Do Things Take So Long To Manifest?

By on March 26, 2015 in Spiritual Awakening

Why Do Things Take So Long To Manifest?

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by Jason

Short answer: Regardless of what types of goals you’re attempting to achieve, it’s absolutely imperative that you become the type of person who exemplifies the qualities, characteristics, habits, and behaviors of someone who’s already there. Long answer: A very…


Long answer: A very large reason for most of the aggravation people experience when approaching goal setting isn’t due to a faulty plan or strategy.

It’s their approach all together.

Intentions are Fuel

When we say “your thoughts create your reality”, we’re not implying that if you start thinking about a sandwich, one will appear right in front of you instantaneously. Most people understand this, but there are still plenty who genuinely believe that this is what the LoA is all about. You can immediately tell such people’s largest barrier is that of patience; they want it now, now, NOW!

State of being is like the temperature control on your water faucet. Our neutral state is like having the cold water on; it’s there instantly and doesn’t take any time at all. When we start turning on the hot water however, we start feeling a gradual shift from one temperature to the other. On most sinks this shift is very gradual, and you can still be feeling icy cold water for several seconds even while the hot water is completely open.

The reason this is a great example is because it illustrates creating an intention – turning on the hot water – and knowing with full faith that it’s on its way, despite not feeling a shift in temperature immediately.

This is exactly the way our physical reality works.


Why Do Things Take So Long to Manifest?

Our thoughts, desires, and intentions are instantaneous. Their unfoldings, however, are not so instant.

What time actually is is the intrinsic measurement that naturally takes place between the distance of two events, represented as points.

An easy way to illustrate what time actually is, is to first assume time doesn’t exist at all. It has no value, no worth; pretend you’ve never heard of the concept at all.

Now, you’ve got two points. At one point you were standing on one side of town, and at another point you were on the opposite end. What took place between you being at location A and location B was time. You can’t escape linear time while inside of it, because it’s a naturally occurring tool for measurement. You cannot physically move an inch in space without time elapsing. They’re relationship is intrinsic and intertwined.

Now here’s the kicker: the amount of time which elapses between manifestation of your goal and your present moment is going to be equally proportionate to your current state of being.

If you’re naturally optimistic and in no rush, you’ll manifest synchronicity at a faster and faster rate, because your beliefs aren’t creating resistance and blocking immediate environmental responses to your shift.

If you’re impatient (like most of the world is), you’re just feeding the LoA more of what you don’t want. Basically what your state of being is resonating with is “give me more waiting”, which is exactly what you end up manifesting (instead of what you actually want).

Having the awareness to recognize and capitalize on synchronicity, no matter how subtle and seemingly insignificant, is the true “secret”.

This is because…

Your State of Being Determines The Types of Synchronicity You’ll Experience

This is the entire reason the article above was constructed as it was.

Simply put, you can’t just wish for a million dollars and then expect it to all materialize all at once in one transaction for you.

While this is absolutely possible for someone who works in an environment where such quantities of money are moved around, it’s incredibly improbable that a grocery store clerk or bus boy is going to receive a million dollars randomly out of nowhere. This is precisely where most people get lost, confused, and disenchanted with the Law of Attraction – and that’s truly unfortunate.

It’s unfortunate that people don’t realize how powerful their thinking is…because of how they’re currently thinking.

You can’t bake a cake without knowing what ingredients you need – as well as those you don’t need.

People who get distracted by the romanticized, oversimplified “promises” of commonly-discussed LoA material are essentially trying to bake their cake using the cardboard box that it came in.

They bake the cardboard box right into the mix, then get upset when they’re chewing on cardboard. This is what happens when you take information – not just LoA information – at face value without applying critical thinking.

The content is in the ingredients and how they’re used, not the box itself.

When your thinking becomes calibrated with how reality actually presents itself, then you’re in a position to influence said reality because you’re finally playing with the rule set it’s constructed out of.

A huge part of this is becoming increasingly aware of the constraints placed upon you by your life-long social conditioning.

Social Conditioning is Not Your Friend

Our impatience with change is directly due to the fact that we force ourselves to live lifestyles that aren’t us. The difference between who we actually are – and what society has convinced us to be – is the root source of your impatience.

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If you’re currently working a job you despise (or even merely tolerate), while spending most of your free time thinking about how you intuitively feel you should be doing something else with your life, rest assured the true you is suffocating underneath layers of social conditioning.

It’s this very conditioning that causes the skewed logic so many approach the LoA with.

This is why so many day jobbers want that million to manifest so badly.

They want to escape the life they’ve created, because they know it’s not truly them.

It’s a shallow, limited, semi-reflection of the darkest parts of themselves. Instead of abundance and self-fulfillment, they’ve successfully manifested the exact opposite.

If you identify with this, use it as an opportunity to recognize how your bodily sensation and interpretation of fear, worry, and doubt constrict your thinking, your behavior, and thus what you’re manifesting.

The LoA is very active and giving you exactly that which resonates with the emotional state of being you’ve been conditioned to adopt as your “primary default setting”.

There is no law (no pun intended here) preventing you from swapping these inputs, and switching out frustration for positivity. Pessimism with optimism. Fear with knowledge and confidence.

When these inputs are consciously adopted in place of your default conditioning, your reality WILL begin to change. It might take a few days or a week, but the shift will occur. Your greatest battle at this point is that of time, and hanging in there and holding that new state of being – despite being locked into your current circumstances.

Your environment is going to try and pull you back down to your old state of being, and this is your first true test.

You must persist through the weight of your environment just like your muscles persist against gravity when lifting a barbell at the gym.




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Polarize as Hard and Fast as You Can Tolerate

Most people do not possess the inner strength to persist against opposing conditions until the shift fully crosses over.

This is exactly why you observe such stark, contrasting balances in things like wealth and living conditions in this world. The majority of this planet is polarized toward one extreme or the other in relation to scarcity and abundance. Those that neither consciously commit to one or the other end up in the grey zone, where change is the slowest and most subtle of all.

The grey zone is where most middle class people are caught, and with good reason. This is because even though such group might not be in their ideal situation, they have very little to actually complain about. All their needs are met. They have steady paychecks coming in. They can buy food regularly. They can even afford a few luxuries throughout the year.

It’s very hard to consciously admit that your work is uninspiring when it rewards you with so many material trappings.

Would you leave your current job if you genuinely understood how to not only make your current wage – but much, much more – doing work that genuinely inspires you?

With the abundance consciousness, you will work your way to this state progressively over time. The first and most important step is to begin the process of consciously and deliberately polarizing your current state of being. By switching your state of being to one that represents the “end state” of the emotional response you’d be feeling “when you finally accomplish” your goal, you begin resonating with and attracting those like-experiences immediately.

I’d like to bring this article to a close with a very thought-provoking quote:

“Everyone wants a magical solution to their problem, and everyone refuses to believe in magic.”
-The Mad Hatter

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