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Winter Solstice

By on December 20, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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Winter Solstice

by Ostariena,
Guest writers,

The energetic pathway of this Sacred Journey of reaching the culmination point, that is the Winter Solstice, had started during the Gateway of 12/12. This Gateway had acted as a foundation, like we said in our previous article, which helped us make space for the new to be seeded before we align with the Galactic Center during the New Moon of December 18th. This is presented as the `birth canal` before finally guiding us within the Sacred Universal Womb – the Winter Solstice. It is the period of the longest night and the shortest days. The longest night is a representation of the cave or the womb of the Great Divine Mother where we are going through a death/rebirth process that we experience through our initiation each and every year.

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It is an Energetic Reset that brought enlightenment, especially when we realize the sacredness and the true meaning of the Winter Solstice. It is a gift from the Natural Cycle of the Earth. The Solstice brought us with the divine blessings of moving inwards, or being once again moved within the sacred womb of our Divine Mother, which breaks away any unnecessary structures within our mental/spiritual bodies that doesn’t serve our greatest good or our soul lessons. This time it is gifting us all with new illumination, healing and new seeding of our crystallized DNA. This is in order to get rid of any imbalance that might had been implanted within our genetic code through the foods we had eaten throughout the years or even the movies/music we had listened to which did have influenced our DNA Matrix.

Thankfully, our Divine Mother love us so much that if your DNA does not follow the prime directive, it will be cleared of any false directives that might have been implanted. Yet, it is important to take into consideration that as a benevolent parent, she will not do the work at our place in clearing everything as we, her children, we all need to learn that the way we treat our vessel and emotional body has direct consequences in our well-being. As a mother, she can only show us the way to go toward healing and healthy behaviors but will not walk the path at our place. Thus why, this time inwards is a benediction in itself, which allows us to face our inner shadows or even our greatest fear, so that we could embrace all that we are with love, understanding and joy. This is an auspicious opportunity in breaking old patterns and become renewed. We are all being rebirthed, so what will you choose for yourself to experience in 2018? As always, the choice is yours, as you are the Creator of your own reality.

On a side note, we had received information about what we called Amethyst Divine Complements. During this wonderful time of the Winter Solstice, these braves and beautiful Beloveds will be called to the forefront in order to use their innate abilities, a gift from the Divine Mother, and their Crystalline Amethyst Essence. Their Essence is deeply and highly connected to the potency of the Violet Flame of Transmutation which will bless each and every one of us in burning any impurities within the Collective Consciousness of this Planet, as they, the Beloveds Amethyst Essence are being called to serve in Higher Service the Earth and to also be of assistance of the Animal Kingdom. They are being supported in this divine healing work with the dolphins and the whales that is on this Earth in this NOW.

This being said, all that is left to say is that we wish you a Blessed Winter Solstice, a happy and healthy holiday season, bright inward moments of joy, love, peace, bliss and epiphany.

May you be rebirth anew in embodying more of your Highest Self on this Earth.

And so it is!

About the authors: Ostariena (Aiena & Ostarel) is in a divine professional partnership since 2014, as Kindred Souls, they have a golden link that bonds them together. They are a team that offers a unique combination of Spiritual Insight, Intuitive Healing, Clairvoyance, Claircognizance, Clairaudience and Inner Guidance to provide you with the highest possible direction to reach Empowerment. They are Soul Guides that had helped countless others to find their own inner callings. ( &

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