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Your Cosmic Download

By on August 8, 2015 in Spiritual Awakening
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Your Cosmic Download

by Kendra,
Contributing writer,

Could you be sabotaging your ability to download information from a higher consciousness? Information that is pertinent to the sole purpose, mission and reason for you being here?

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There is a war raging right now for control over your focus, thoughts and manifesting power.  Revelation is merely a dramatic realization of something unknown…perhaps this is what you are being kept from?  You are deliberately being cut off from your Source, and there is many reasons for this.  Just about everything today was designed to keep you from accessing your higher consciousness.  The following video is a fabulous symbolic interpretation as to what has happened to Humanity, and how we must awaken and re-connect with the Divine Source.

We are constantly bombarded with thoughts that do not belong to us, thus blocking the downloads and information we should be receiving from our Spirit Guides, Angels, Galactic Families and Source itself.

I’m guilty of it myself sometimes, I turn the shower on and step in…the warm water rushes over the top of my head and down my body. The feeling is wonderful, the removal of unwanted filth from the day’s work, the cleansing of my auric field and the connection with Self and the Elemental of Water.  It should be considered a sacred time, a time that allows me to relax, let go and plug in – but instead my mind is filled with tasks ahead, work, school, finances, all the “what if’s” and “how can I’s”.  I turn the water off, I step out…the perfect opportunity, lost.

So when is a good time to schedule your Cosmic Downloads?

It is very well known that water is a super conductor of energy.  It represents our emotional body, and our physical body…during gestation we are surrounded by an created from within water. At birth, our bodies consists of nearly 80% water.  We are truly aquatic in this sense…

Many people believe that the best time to connect with Source is while we are in water.  Long time Extraterrestrial Contactee, James Gilliland of ECETI in Trout Lake Washington, has also stated that he has often communicated with benevolent beings from the stars during bathing, perhaps this type of connection is amplified by water?  When we find ourselves having these moments of privacy, free will, uninterrupted time, we should do what we can to take advantage of those opportunities by clearing our minds and allowing for the connection to take place.   Ritual baths have been performed for centuries to help aid in healing, cleansing energy, grounding and even spell casting.  Adding things like Sea Salt and Baking Soda to the water, enhancing the environment with candles, crystals and salt lamps etc…can all help to keep the mind clear and focused on the connection to Source.

Some people feel that it is too much to go through a ritual bath daily, but if you can condition your mind so that you can keep the “channel” clear, you can easily make this connection happen during a quick shower, walking down the street, relaxing by the pool – just about anywhere.  We just have to remember to do this, instead of allowing the moment to pass us by.

So, if we are not in full control of our thoughts during the day, then more than likely, we are not fully in control at night either.  Our dreams can easily be influenced by the things we watch on TV.  If you have ever fallen asleep with the TV on or shortly after watching a movie or show, more than likely you have experienced this common phenomenon.  So, if we are not careful, our dreams can be hijacked, once again creating “snow” and distorting our connection to our Cosmic and Galactic downloads.  If TV alone can impact our subconscious minds like this, can you image what is really going on in there?  The chaos?  I personally suggest getting rid of your TV, although that seems a bit extreme to a lot of people.  If you choose to watch TV, try not to watch it at least an hour before bedtime.  If possible do a quick meditation exercise to prepare yourself as part of your nightly routine.

Youtube has many guided meditations that help clear the mind and relax the body before bedtime.  Reading an enlightening book such as Walter Russell’s “The Secret of Lightir?t=bcp11wh33 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B00564TDCG” or other such written works is also a good way to change the frequency of our thoughts, or preferably eliminate thought all together, so that we can better connect with our Cosmic Source.

This is a fantastic 528Hz Frequency provide by In5D that can help induce a state of relaxation, clear the mind, and prepare for meditation or sleep.

Ultimately your Cosmic Download can occur whenever or wherever you decide, you just have to make yourself “available” for the connection and eliminate as much noise as possible so you can hear the call…

About the author: Kendra is a webmaster, independent journalist and artist.  She is actively a supporting member of the family and is forever evolving in her personal journey, growth and understanding of the world around us and in between.

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