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5 Easy Ways To Expand Your Consciousness

By on July 24, 2016 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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 5 Easy Ways To Expand Your Consciousness

by Seth M.,

Spirituality has become increasingly popular among people today; it has become a huge topic of discussion as more and more people awaken to a higher sense of truth and curiosity concerning the nature of our universe. You might hear folks talking about the “Expansion of Consciousness,” but what does that mean?

This generally means that one is raising their awareness; it is through awareness of great truths that one discovers freedom in the understanding. You do not have to change yourself or alter who you are, but you do need to realize that you are not your body or mind, but the observer, and you have a lot to learn.

5 Easy Ways To Expand Your Consciousness

Here are five ways to become more free, and less constrained by the issues that crop up in life:

1. Trust your inner voice

The subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) voice that occupies your mind is very important. When it is speaking to you, listen. It is your subconscious, and as such, it is greatly intuitive and should be trusted. It is more finely attuned to the world than your conscious mind is.

2. Feel

Feelings should be appreciated, because each one is an opportunity to be immersed in experience. Becoming fully immersed requires one to be conscious and present with one’s feelings; allowing yourself to live within the moment of the experience.

3. Travel

Traveling is something you hear almost everyone say they want to do or already love to do. Immersing one’s self in another area of the world, another culture, another routine, or just another way of life is wildly fulfilling; recognizing and accepting the differences in culture helps you realize that perspective is everything.

4. Be humble

As humans, we are all fragile and come with an expiration date. Being honest with one another about humanity allows us to find a common ground and a common love for our people. If you’re in pain, find the strength to share. If you are finding that confessing the truth is difficult, it is likely these things are what need to be addressed the most.

5. Let love guide you

Always take time to reflect on yourself. If you find yourself becoming jealous or feeling superior to someone, these are feelings from the ego. The Soul will always act from a point of love. Be aware of your core being and try to distinguish where your thoughts originate from; these are the first steps in becoming more conscious.

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