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5 Steps To Creating Peace Within And Success Without

By on February 12, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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5 Steps To Creating Peace Within And Success Without

by Rachel Murray,
Contributing Writer,

Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming
– John Wooden

When you look deep within yourself, do you see peace or internal conflict?

Is it Rainbows, Butterflies and Unicorns…or is it Demons, Goblins and Creepy Scarecrows?

The unfortunate trap many of us are conditioned and programmed to fall into from a very young age, potentially even whilst we are still in the womb (yes that’s a thing) is to think along the lines of “If I become rich, then I will be happy and at peace”…. yet there are many VERY rich people who are NOT at peace, and are actually far from it….potentially even further away than you may be…

So even though they may have the house, the cars, the job or successful business and all you ever see from them is Rainbows, Butterflies and Unicorns…. what happens in the quiet? What happens in their personal lives? What actually goes through their minds?

Away from the ‘keeping up appearances’ of Rainbows, Butterflies and Unicorns, there is space for the Demons, Goblins and Creepy Scarecrows to come out from hiding…

Yeah, we all know that feeling of the Demons approaching the surface…. We can feel them creeping up, and usually some good old distraction of Netflix and Chill can put them at bay until they build up and become so unbearably painful we hit a breaking point and end up having what most people would label as a ‘psychotic episode’, hit rock bottom, become severely depressed and loop around in a bottomless pit of tiring victim hood….. until we get slapped in the face with a wake-up call.

So ask yourself now, do you really, truly, honestly believe that money and success ARE the keys to peace and happiness?

How could you ensure that what your creating your life to be entails both Peace Within and Success Without?

And that brings forth the question…. how do we actually create this harmonious balance?

Most people want to be abundant and successful, yet most people also want to simultaneously be happy and at peace….

It is possible, and it starts with you, now.

5 Steps To Creating Peace Within And Success Without

The following 5 insights will give you a solid, grounded understanding of what I call the “5 Seasons of Creation” and will enable you to reflect on what your lacking or where you are over exerting yourself.

Reflect kindly with yourself, there is no failure only feedback. So if you feel there is something you can take away from this blog, just ask yourself “How can I incorporate more of that into my life” and start from there.

1. Build, Build, Build

Many people are impatient. Many people are just wanting to escape their current reality and head into the next. We scurry about trying to quickly build something new to escape from the thing we don’t want. Hence, we build from fear. We feel fearful about staying where we are, so we go on to frantically materialize something new. Whether its a new job, a business, a relationship etc, many are trying to create from fear. Creating from fear only creates more fear down the line, and you will usually find yourself in the same scenario over and over again…

Example 1:

You frantically hurry to build your business, you get the business built yes, however after not too long, there are plenty of things to be fearful about…. Cash flow isn’t coming in, staff members are quitting, the accounting piles up and you are frantically stressing about the tax man as your focus has been so hurried, you end up missing the smaller details which also have a huge impact.

Example 2:

You decide to look for another job because the job your in isn’t paying you enough and you really hate your narcissistic boss. You soon get a higher paying job and what seems like an amazing boss, until you find yourself in the same scenario again down the line…Soon enough it’s time for a pay rise and you remember that there is a saying that goes “ask and you shall receive”, so you go with it and ask, only to blatantly be told “We don’t have the resources right now to increase your wage”.

Catching my drift?

So when we build, we want to build from a place of purpose. Figure out what the higher purpose is of setting out on any journey… Is it to be of service to others? Is it to experience and give unconditional love? Is it to help raise the consciousness of humanity? Or is it to help people in their day to day lives? No matter how big or small the higher purpose is, get clear on it and stay passionate about it. This is called moving toward, not moving away from and enables you to manifest a life filled with things you love, rather than running away from things you hate.

And no, unfortunately not many things are completely 100% all Rainbows, Butterflies and Unicorns, as if this was the case, where would there be growth? So there most likely will be bumps along the way, however persevering and continuing to build even when you want to give up, builds stronger foundations in the long run. Remaining stoic and positive in the face of hardship builds incredible strength and conjures magnificent personal power, whereas fear, frustration and doubt only serve to slow down or potentially even stop the process completely.

You cannot manifest anything positive from a negative mindset no matter how much money or physical energy you invest.

2. Heal along the way

As I mentioned above, bumps along the way serve for only one thing: Growth.

Rather than sinking into the whole “Why me this isn’t fair”, ask yourself ” Okay cool, what can I learn from this so it doesn’t happen again?”

As you go through the motions of a new venture, the Universe will bring forth many things that need to be healed within you in-order for you to move on to the next level. Fear, doubt, frustration, anger, sadness, hopelessness, uncertainty… these are all things that need to be abolished if you are wanting to up-level, keep the peace within and continue with your success (and success encompasses all aspects of life not just career and money).

If you find yourself trying to avoid facing what needs to be healed, you may end up falling into feelings of failure, fear, guilt and regret… and that does no-body any good. Again, always remember the higher purpose, and this will give you the motivational kick in the butt to do some inner work.

If you cannot find peace within, you will not find it anywhere else
– Marvin Gaye

3. Give yourself permission to enter into a gestation period

After you have been busy building, creating and healing, it is important to allow space for rest, recover and integration.

It is unfortunately really easy to fall into the trap of thinking “I need to be doing this, this and this”…. and then feel guilty if you aren’t keeping yourself busy. But honey, if you keep yourself busy all the time and don’t sink into the feminine energy of rest, recover and integration – you will become stressed, exhausted, crabby and be putting out all the wrong vibes to the Universe if you are wanting Peace Within and Success Without.

Masculine energy is the doing and physically creating, feminine energy is the ideas of creation and gestation of ideas.

So even when you are allowing yourself time to rest and recover – you are still creating in the space of your own mind. Ideas are gestating inside, ideas will bubble to the surface that when the time is right, the masculine energy will bring to fruition physically into the world.

So dear, balance is key – live in harmony with a healthy balance of masculine and feminine energy. You deserve rest, you deserve to let yourself enter into a period of idea gestation.

Some of the best ideas you will come across, will magically pop into your head during gestation for you to birth into the world at a later date. Yes, ideas are just like babies…. it takes time to bring something that’s physical but also magical and divine into the world….which is the incredible union of masculine and feminine energy.

Allow for this time, rushing just creates something physical…. potentially without the magical and divine components…so definitely keep that in mind and ask yourself “If I rush this, what potential will it lose?”

Whilst in gestation, take this time to also look back at how far you have come. It is important to reward and nurture yourself for the wonderful experiences you have had and things you have accomplished, and also to celebrate milestones and successes along the way. This enables you to stay in a proud, powerful mindset, knowing how far you have come and looking forward to whats in store for the future. Feeling entirely grateful for the journey of life thus far.

4. Keep your eyes on the prize

It’s easy along the way to get confused. Idea’s change, external influences come into play and you may even find yourself comparing yourself to others… and then you begin to feel a heavy, icky stuckness.

You may even feel like everything is a big mess and you don’t know how to glue it all together. In these moments, take a breath and remember the highest purpose… “Why am I doing this? “How am I doing this?” “What do I need to do to get back in alignment with the highest purpose of this?” Ask these questions and just take a moment to ground yourself in the present moment.

You are an infinite source of intelligence. Other peoples ideas and opinions do not matter, because they are theirs. Your ideas are yours, and your ideas are where you shine the brightest.

When you are feeling swayed by outside influences, it is important to remain passionate and dedicated to the cause and purpose. Be wary of opportunities that arise which may offer greener pastures if you have to walk away from your own current project/situation.

For example, will taking a back seat in your business and heading back to full-time work really solve the money issues? And if so, at what cost? Will you be happy working for someone else again having to use use up your daily hours to be creating for someone else and not for yourself and most importantly, your highest purpose?

5. Activation of Divine Inner Power

With the above four methods integrated into the wholeness inside, you will begin to experience effortless flow, synchronicity and see your manifestations coming to life a lot quicker than you potentially expected…

Everything seems easier and you become a divine magnet for your purpose and mission….

You feel inspired everyday and you easily flow in and out of the creating, doing and gestating periods….just like the lunar cycle flows through different stages physically and energetically each and every month, and every time it brings with it profound effects on the beings whose light it shines on…

You are the moon, and you shine your light unto others through your higher purpose.
– Rachel Murray, Cosmic Unity

Love, light and compassion to all beings in all directions of time and space <3

with love and light,


Rachel Murray | Cosmic Unity
Soul Purpose & Ascension Coach
0478068776 |

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