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How To Overcome Sleep Paralysis

By on July 22, 2016 in Awareness, Exiting The Matrix, Health

How To Overcome Sleep Paralysis

by Annie Fourie
Contributing Writer,

Since the age of 21,  I suffered from episodes of Sleep Paralysis. Without going into much detail, Sleep Paralysis is most often the feeling of an evil presence and/or hallucinations accompanied by an inability to physically move at the onset of sleep.

The medical profession classifies Sleep Paralysis  as a sleep disorder.

Dreams and the mind have always fascinated me, so I started doing intensive research on Sleep Paralysis and sleep disorders but could never really find answers to why it happened to so many people around the world.

Growing up as a Christian was never an easy task for me.  I always needed more answers than the church and bible supplied. It wasn’t until 2014 when I found spirituality and started reading, watching videos and attending workshops that the answers to all my questions came.  One by one, the pieces to the puzzle started fitting together.

Sleep Paralysis, in my view, is not a Sleep disorder but rather a spiritual attack, not an attack from outside entities but from our own Psyche. This is how I came to the conclusion:

How I Overcame Sleep Paralysis

In August 2014, I felt irritated and upset about my personal situation before I went to bed. Shortly after going to bed, the paralysis began.  The evil presence was there and I could feel it watching me. Twice,  I fought with all the energy I had to wake myself up.

The third time was when I had enough.  My irritation with myself turned into sheer anger and that in turn gave me the will to fight one last time. I sat up on my bed and saw this short, little creature, black with red fire in his eyes taunting me. “That’s it!,” I decided.   I am throttling him tonight. I got out of bed, grabbed him by the neck and threw him into the air towards my bedroom door.  As he fell in defeat, I woke up. I sat up in my bed again, fully awake this time in our 3D reality. I knew what just happened was not a nightmare but a genuine fight in a lower dimension, which is a place I never want to visit again. The relief was immense and that was the end of my Sleep Paralysis forever.

Overcoming the fear is a case of being able to control the thoughts about it. Do you want Sleep Paralysis to control your life and dreams? I don’t believe anyone will answer yes to that question. The power lies in intent, relaxation and the will to stop it from controlling you.

As we so often hear, we create our own reality with our thoughts , feelings and intentions. I believe this also happens in our dream state where negative emotions and thoughts cannot possibly bring pleasant and helpful dreams.

This realization changed my life and I have gone from Sleep nightmares to absolutely awesome lucid dreams, astral travelling, and amazing out of body experiences. With positive thoughts, especially before bedtime, and with good intent you can create, instantly manifest and learn through your dreams.

Take back the power, make time to relax and use tools like music, meditation or whatever puts you in a better state of mind and vibration.

I hope this information helps someone, if I can help one person, then I feel blessed.

About the author: Annie Fourie is a Reiki Master, Astral Traveler, Lucid Dreamer, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, and Out of Body explorer.

Image: Pixabay

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