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12 Signs That You’re Mastering The Law Of Attraction

By on July 23, 2016 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

12 Signs That You’re Mastering The Law Of Attraction

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How do know when you’re mastering the Law of Attraction?

by Andrea Schulman,
Contributing Writer,


When you first learn about the Law of Attraction, it can be a pretty exciting time. You suddenly realize that your destiny is in your own hands, and you have the ability to create whatever you want.

Now, the truth of the matter is, you ALREADY are a master of the Law of Attraction. Why? Because you already create your reality.

You have an innate ability to focus your thoughts, beliefs and expectations. This innate ability to focus is what collapses your reality around you. This is something you’ve been doing since birth, and you are very, very good at it.

However, lots of people want to learn how to use the Law of Attraction deliberately, not just by default. To create consciously, by focusing specifically on the life experience they wish to have.

How many people view “mastery”

I’ve come to find that most people who are relatively new to the Law of Attraction rate mastery simply by manifestation. In other words, are you getting results? Do you have the nice car, the big house, the dream career and the perfect relationship? Are you meeting society’s standards of success?

In my opinion, though, mastery of the Law of Attraction is less about results and more about the method in which we apply the Law of Attraction.


Anyone can align with a nice car, or a lump sum of money. Getting results doesn’t necessarily mean that you are using the Law of Attraction consciously, because it’s possible to align with results by default. After all, the vast majority of the things we’ve aligned with were NOT focused into being consciously.

Additionally, the trap in this thinking is that somehow there is some set of things we have to manifest in order to be masterful creators. This is not true, as our desires are much more differentiated and complex than cars, money and careers.

Conscious manifestation occurs in limitless ways. It can be a physical item, like a car or a house. It can be an improved pain or improved emotional state (like enhanced relaxation or greater joy). It can be an improved relationship, a shorter line at the grocery store or an enhanced talent or skill. It can also come in the form of improved thoughts and belief structures, clarity and alignment with purpose or meaning in one’s life.

Ultimately, conscious manifestation includes all of these things and many, many more!

What true conscious mastery of the Law of Attraction means…

Conscious use of the Law of Attraction encompasses a lot more than just the “typical” results people usually look for. Conscious mastery is all about understanding how to adjust your thoughts, beliefs and behaviors. It’s about learning how to navigate your life from the highest perspective you can in any given moment.

I’ve been coaching and working with deliberate creators for a while now, and I’ve learned there are a few defining characteristics successful deliberate creators often have. There are a number of signs that a person is learning how to use the Law of Attraction to his or her highest advantage.

Here are a few signs that you are mastering conscious use of the Law of Attraction:

1. You have high expectations.

Masterful deliberate creators make a career of shedding limiting thoughts, beliefs and expectations. As a result, masterful creators are able to imagine much more grandiose and unusual realities.

A deliberate creator might not yet be in alignment with something fantastic, like traveling the world for free or flying to Mars, but he or she entertains crazy dreams like these and believes they are possible.

Most adults today have become very realistic from years of practicing limiting belief structures. However, masterful deliberate creator is far more idealistic, and can see possibilities much grander than much of society can.

2. You generally use positive language and avoid gossip and complaining.

A masterful creator understands that his or her reality is his or her own responsibility. As a result, these creators understand that they create their own drama, regardless of where it “seems” to be coming from.

No longer do they believe they can blame problems and unfavorable circumstances on other people. So, in an effort to improve the quality of their own lives, these creators often do their best to keep it positive. They might not be 100% positive all the time, but the intention to be positive is definitely there.

3. You get along with more and more people.

Not surprisingly, when avoiding gossip and drama is a primary focus in life, you will find that you get along with people more often.

Skilled manifestors are some of the friendliest people on the planet. If you don’t believe me, you should meet my clients and the people who reach out to me on my website. It’s pretty remarkable how nice these people are.

4. You are able to detach from outcomes.

There’s a very big difference between focusing positively on what you want and worrying if you are ever going to have it. Well-skilled manifestors know the difference. Even more, they understand that if they are worrying or stressed out about a manifestation, it’s best to let it go and focus elsewhere (at least for the time being!).

Skilled manifestors understand the value in detaching from outcomes, and do so without worrying that detaching will prevent them from having what they want. A skilled manifestor understands it’s about receiving dreams, not about forcing them into place. They believe in the universe’s ability to deliver, so they frequently surrender their desires without overthinking them.

5. Your primary goal is becoming aligned.

A well-skilled manifestor understands that focusing only on specific goals in order to “make them happen” is short-sighted and very counterproductive. The degree of magic that occurs when we are in alignment supersedes any short-term manifestation, like a car or a lottery win.

Deliberate manifestors place their highest premium on alignment and make alignment their primary goal. They understand that from an aligned state, all things are possible.

Alignment always pays off. Focusing on what you want, may or may not pay off, depending on whether you are well-aligned. Deliberate creators know not to put the cart before the horse when it comes to manifestation. The horse is vibrational alignment.

6. You experience high levels of synchronicity.

As masterful creators spend more and more time coming into vibrational alignment, they experience higher and higher degrees of synchronicity.

Synchronicities are magical coincidences, like thinking about a friend and suddenly receiving a text from said friend. When we are in alignment, our positive thoughts manifest into our reality very, very quickly, so a masterful creator will experience lots of these unusual and fun manifestations on a very regular basis.

7. The way you view the world is changing dramatically.

Someone who is deliberately mastering the Law of Attraction will invariably let go of many limiting belief structures they have been exposed to.

A deliberate creator understands that all things are possible, and that the limitations we experience are only limitations within our own minds. This often causes deliberate creators to experience a dramatic shift in the way they view relationships, rules, jobs, norms, health, economics, governments and society at large.

8. Life is not the same any more.

A masterful deliberate creator often experiences many big changes in his or her life. It is very common for a skilled manifestor to experience dramatic restructuring in his or her home-life, career, relationships or even personality.

This comes as the result of shedding old limiting belief structures that once kept her or him tethered to less-than-ideal circumstances. Often, these changes are deliberate, but sometimes they come unexpectedly, simply reflecting the shift within.

For example, if you come to believe that you are free, you will no longer be a match to a career that makes you feel like a prisoner. For this reason, you might become inspired to leave your job for something new, or you may find yourself suddenly displaced by being fired or laid off. Your old position evaporates, and you find yourself aligned with a new career that better reflects your internal belief of being free.

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Though being fired may, in the moment, feel very discouraging, masterful creators will find that they quickly end up in a place that makes them say “WOW! I’m so glad I got fired, this new job is so much better!”

9. You see the benefit in your problems and negative moments.

While many deliberate creators view negative thoughts and manifestations as a sign of doing something “wrong,” a highly masterful creator does not. A highly masterful creator understands that negative moments provide invaluable guidance.

For example, let’s assume a deliberate creator has had a fight with her mother, and she is very upset. As a skilled creator, she will likely understand that her anger is being caused by her own negative expectations (NOT by the mother). Once she uncovers her negative expectations, the deliberate creator has the opportunity to transform the expectations and improve the quality of her life.

So, perhaps the creator comes to realize she has been viewing her mother as controlling and domineering, and this is why her mother and her have been fighting. She wants to feel free but she expects to be controlled, and her mother fulfills that expectation.

In this case, the fight becomes a catalyst for the creator to tap into the belief that she IS free and cannot be controlled. She practices the vibration of feeling unrestricted, and allows it to gain momentum. Then, her mother must stop controlling and dominating her, because the creator is no longer a match to being dominated. She is only a match to relationships that allow her to feel free.

After eliminating the belief that the creator can be dominated or controlled, the relationship becomes far better than it could have ever been before. The fight gave the creator the clarity she needed to improve the relationship (and others like it!). The creator used the negative moment to create a higher set-point of feeling freedom for the rest of her life.

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Many people get caught up in the problem, and completely miss the opportunity for expansion. For this reason, many people stay entrenched in many of the same limiting belief structures for their entire lives. The highly skilled deliberate creator, however, does not!

10. You understand it’s a journey, not a destination.

A masterful deliberate creator often understands on a deep level that life is an ever-evolving journey. With each new manifestation and each new reality, there are always opportunities to create something new. Therefore, a masterful creator understands that his or her success is not contingent on reaching the perfect place.

A masterful creator appreciates the journey over the destination. The destination, after all, doesn’t really exist. It’s just the first step toward the next manifestation.

11. You understand your place in the equation.

A master creator understands his or her job in the creative process. A master creator sticks to the only thing he or she can do: identifying desires and getting into vibrational alignment. A master creator allows the universe (or “God,” “Source Energy,” “All That Is,” etc.) to do it’s job: delivering the manifestations.

Master deliberate creators do not try to figure out how something will come. They know that all they have to do is identify and align, and the manifestation will be brought to them. A skilled manifestor knows the things he or she wants may come in an unusual way.

A master creator doesn’t really worry too much about “how” it’s going to happen, because he or she knows the “how” is up to the higher source.

12. You understand what YOU want, and care less and less about what people “think” you should want.

Many people may think you should be rich, famous, thin, and in love in order to be viewed as a successful creator. However, a true deliberate creator takes a much more personalized approach to creating his or her life.

For this reason, masterful deliberate creators may sometimes go after things that may seem strange or unimportant to other people. They may appear less concerned with maintaining the status quo.

A masterful creator is on a personal journey of expansion, not a path to prove his or her power to everyone else. A masterful creator is on a path of enjoying his or her life. Period.

Are you experiencing any of these signs?

These are just a handful of signs that you’re mastering the Law of Attraction as a deliberate creator. If you are experiencing some of these shifts, you are doing an awesome job creating your life with purpose and intention. You are deliberately expanding into more of what you want to be every single day.

Still working through this list? No worries! Again, it’s a journey, not a destination.

There is no completion when it comes to mastery of the Law of Attraction. There are no diplomas or certification exams. You can always get better at it. You can always manifest new things in new ways. You can always reach higher states of clarity, and you will!

True masters are simply on the ever-expanding path of mastery. They are making discoveries about the Law of Attraction and deliberate improvements to their lives as they go along. They are forever reaching for greater heights.

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Ultimately, we are all very skilled creators, as we are each creating our realities with ease. However, a skilled deliberate creator takes his or her job a step further, and creates reality on purpose rather than just by default.

Many people will rate a creator based on factors like the size of his house, or how many luxury vehicles she has. However, a truly masterful creator is creating something far more profound and rewarding: a life truly lived and enjoyed.

Do you have any other signs of success you’d like to add to this list? Feel free to comment below and share your thoughts. I’d love to hear what you think!

XO, Andrea

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About the author: Andrea Schulman is a former high school psychology teacher and the creator of Raise Your Vibration Today, which provides free and easy Law of Attraction techniques. She will be available for group educational seminars and webinars starting in the summer of 2015.

Image: Pixabay

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