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This Is What Happens When Water Is Charged With Music Energy

By on August 15, 2015 in Health
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This Is What Happens When Water Is Charged With Music Energy  in5d in 5d

by Valerie,
Learning Mind

Physicist from Kazakhstan Vladimir Ivanov charges water with the help of music. Such water, he says, has unique healing properties and can be used as an adjunct to traditional medicine. The scientist uses the works of Bach, Mozart and other great musicians to charge water.

Healing essence

The fact that water has a memory and its quality improves or degrades depending on the nature of the information it carries was known to the ancient healers-Shamans long time ago, who practiced impact on the energy structure of water. One can be skeptical of this, but today the ‘magical’ properties of water do not seem so magical. Water is a living substance, while human is a watery live being: according to science, more than 70 percent of our body is water.

Laser technology expert Vladimir Ivanov of Almaty, Kazakhstan, under the guidance of Doctor of medical sciences, Professor Guram Pichkhadze have been conducting experiments with water and other liquid media for many years. He argues that water has a tremendous potential. It is only necessary to activate it, and the positive properties of bioactivated water can be used for the purpose of healing! Perhaps, water is the panacea for all ills!

The physicist even created a table like the Periodic table of elements, where he pointed out the parameters of liquids and their impact on the main seven chakras of the human body. Any liquid, Water Charged with Music Energy Has Healing Properties | In5D.comwhether it is mineral water or alcohol, has its influence on the human body. Liquids, depending on their composition, can have both positive and negative effect.

Music therapy

Ivanov proposes a technique for producing water with unusual properties based the use of music or art therapy. It is known that water can perceive sound waves. The physicist believes that human listens to music not so much with his ears as with the chakras of his energy body:

“The algorithm is based on a musical program. In the beginning I tried to activate the saline solution and the vitamin C solution. The results were amazing: all the patients had their aura fully heart effect Water is charged to a certain potential, then one more stage, and so it must go through five stages, that is 90 hours of continuous exposure.”

The musical program of water activation is recorded on discs. But not all music positively affects water:

“I put, for example, “Moonlight Sonata” by Beethoven, “Bolero” by Ravel, “Seasons” by Tchaikovsky, as well as Bach, Mozart, Schubert. Music can be neutral so that listening to it doesn’t change anything. It can be active-negative, for example, rock, and positive, which is the one that charges water.”

Cost-effective treatment

Treatment of any disease is impossible without energy rebalancing, believes Vladimir Ivanov. This can be done with the help of bioactivated water – plain water with improved qualities. It positively affects human fluids, i.e. blood. Water is also essential for the normalization of metabolic processes in the body.

The physicist also takes pictures of the human aura before and after taking bioactivated water and claims that there are clear signs of the aura changes.

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Water activation technique is considered by its author as one of the promising areas of integrative medicine, as well as a simple and cost-effective way of treatment. The most amazing thing tis hat bioactivated water can remain stable for a very long time. Ivanov is sure that in the future supporters of traditional medicine will believe in the potential of bioactivated water.

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