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Weekly Planetary Astrology Forecast – Upcoming Mercury Retrograde

By on November 1, 2018 in Astrology

by Hillory Skott,
Guest writer,

Mercury and Jupiter fuse in space and time granting us with brilliant plans and understanding. Mercury will shift into Sagittarius. Amping-up our need to know the truth which does set us free. Venus Retrograde and Uranus get in a tussle about whether to stay or change. Or maybe change and stay. Venus will leave Scorpio and back track into Libra territory. A chance to set things right is available. A redo has come due.

Jupiter and Mercury start off the week by fusing energies. An expansion in consciousness is possible. Luck in connecting and communication. Be sure to write down your ideas in the areas of publishing, teaching, and higher education. Being your Higher Self in all your communications will bring luck and opportunity. Just think, “I am my Higher Self.”

Remember: A wish begins with a dream. A dream who’s time has come. Are your dreams guiding you? Make a note to write them down or otherwise record them to be remembered. Important messages come through now.

Mercury will be moving to Sagittarius on the 30th for an extended stay because of the retrograde. Now is a great time to get honest. Authenticity is what leads to health and happiness.

If you have electronics to buy for Christmas do it the first week in November. On November 16th Mercury goes retrograde for the final time in 2018. This is a notoriously unpredictable time to travel and purchase electronics, especially gadgets used to communicate. Get your shopping done early.

October 31 opens with intense energy. Peace seeking Venus in solid Scorpio will oppose edgy Uranus in Stable Taurus. Unlikely relationship stuff can happen now. Sudden unexpected depths. You didn’t even know you wanted to go there.

Uranus is crackling with energy, itching to shift and change things into solid platforms from which to launch. Venus has been going deep within- clearing the past to make way for the new. It may not always seem easy, but it’s worth working through so you can start anew.

Venus will change from Scorpio to Libra during its retrograde on Wednesday. You are retracing steps you may have missed. Be on the lookout for people or values from the past to resurface. An old love with similarity of thinking could appear. Or perhaps someone from a past or parallel life might appear. The veil is thin. Magic is happening all around us. We are magic in the making.

It may take a little work to progress. Most of us don’t want to leave our comfort zone. But to get somewhere better we must. Take a deep breath and be ready for anything. You will know what to do when you do. Be present and come from your heart. Much Love is all around.

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