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9 Tips To Remember When Timelines Collapse

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9 Tips To Remember When Timelines Collapse

by Kate Mathieson,
Contributing Writer,

Are you ready for the 3D closure?

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Shifts are happening rapidly now. There will be more shifts are to come.  Things will ramp up and ramp up.  Transformation will come like waves.  And then there will be a great silence.

People who identify as AWAKE souls (awakened, soul masters, enlightened) began their transformations over months, and more likely years ago. And have completed this pattern for many lifetimes.  In this life, you, dear AWAKE soul, felt a calling to ascend and awaken again – a call too loud to ignore.

You are streaming 4 and 5D love and rays.  But the world we inhabit, for now still operates in 3D. We pay bills.  We live in a world of stock markets. And insurance.  And whatifs. And fear of death. And some of us may have office jobs, that exist in a structure promoting 3D beliefs.  We co-habit here, even though we are channeling 4th, 5th and beyond dimensions at the same time.  Such multi-taskers J

But the shifts are closing down 3D routes. The timelines are collapsing.  Relationships on this level are disintegrating.

The awakened souls may be celebrating, it can feel as if “At last! Something that feels right!”

For the rest of humanity stuck in 3D, with the recent shifts in 2018, this is impacting them, too.  Their transformation will begin, whether they are ready or not.  Whether they like it or not. Things are being SHOOK up and for some humans, they may have NO IDEA what is going on. They may lash out. Get angry. Get sad.  Lose it. Get nasty. Feel crazy. Step over all boundaries, as the old self sheds, and awakening begins.

As they start to be awakened, they will need guidance.  Help – not rescue help! No.  But strong, love.  Compassion.  Kindness. Understanding.  Patience.   This is the job for you now and beyond.

9 Tips To Remember When Timelines Collapse

1. Stay patient.

2. Keep impeccable boundaries.

3. Limit internet to a few hours a day.  Try not to hang onto your ipad/laptop/phone and invest in mindless scrolling – use your energy elsewhere.

4. Limit/don’t use the microwave. Get natural foods into you. Organic where possible.  Even better – from your own backyard.  Things that are FRESH and help raise your vibration even more.

5. Meditate daily. This is not a maybe, this is a definite, every-day, without-fail Soul Mastery discipline.

6. Do not go into ‘save mode’ or ‘I’ll take your sadness away’ that only creates more co-dependent loops and cycles that increases the dust and shade on the 3D plane, blocking out Truth.

7. Focus on your own harnessing of love, being love, pure love, all love – all of the time.


8. Stay present – it’s tempting at these times to want to go ‘home’ and feel a strong burning desire to be elsewhere.  Most likely it will be a pull towards the stars.  This sense of HOME is where things are more peaceful, loving and patient, with a higher vibration.  But if you are truly an awakened soul – you’ll know this already – this sense of peace and love, is always available.  If you can step into true Soul Mastery (being connected at all times with the highest vibration that you are) you can feel absolute peace and love and patience right here, right now.  Even in the middle of traffic on an LA highway!

9. Do not buy into the 3D dichotomy of good vs evil, dark vs light.  This will only strengthen those ideas.  The meaning people give to make things good or bad, does not help progression and soul ascension.  Letting go, and dropping this dichotomy is the way to stream 5D intention and love.  Everything that arises is to be accepted simply for what it is – without labels, knowing that the purest intention of all these things is for us to love each other exactly as we present in the moment, for it could not be more perfect.

This is the way of the heart. This is the way of oneness.

Oneness. No separation. There is nowhere to GO. Nowhere to BE.  Nothing to DO to get there.

You’re here. You’ve always been here.

Open the inner eye.

Open the inner heart.


About the author: Kate Mathieson is an Author, Writer and Soul Mastery guide.

Image: Pixabay

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