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Accelerating The Ascension Process

By on December 2, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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Accelerating The Ascension Process

by August Eden,
Contributing Writer,

In these times, we are living in a period of massive social and political upheaval. Things that we have refused to acknowledge are being brought to the light so that we can heal them. On a personal level, we experience the surfacing of emotional traumas that have been feeding a loop in the unconscious, keeping one in specific behavior. As a collective, we will begin to see the light being shown on things such as abuses of power, sexual energy, and patterns of control over others. We will have to face these things with the wisdom to be able to forgive, let go of, and transcend them.

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The planet itself is going through major changes as its Schumann Resonance, the heartbeat of the Earth, steadily increases with spikes more commonly occurring. The planet is, as also reported by NASA, being bombarded with high energy gamma waves and other forms of cosmic energy. It could very likely be that the energy that our planet is receiving is also assisting in raising the overall vibration frequency of it and inhabitants. The implications that this has on human consciousness is potentially profound. As we ascend in frequency, the more we shed off old karmic patters and beliefs that limit us from our soul’s potential.

According to quantum physics, an atom is mostly empty space and is simply waves of energy vibrating at a rate that it makes the objects in which they are composed to appear solid. This means that we never really “touch” things, just interact with their energy field. The double-slit experiment demonstrated that the observer of an experiment can influence its outcome by thought. Experiments where a group of 7,000 people all meditated together for a week straight and terrorism and violet crime rates dropped significantly have been done repeatedly and under different conditions. This means that as a collective, we get to choose the reality we wish to manifest, as well as on a personal level.

To do this, one must break down the ego to its core to release any and all false perceptions. The ego must not be rid of as it is a tool capable of delivering divine action. Being able to understand and feel unconditional love is also necessary to manifest the path that is of the highest good. You have to be willing to break all barriers you have and put your trust into your true divine self. That is the intuition that will allow you to blaze through all obstacles and conquer all false belief systems. We must be willing to burn ourselves to ash and experience our most vulnerable state with emotional surfacing to be able to rise up as a phoenix and fly gloriously. This is the alchemy of soul in which it reaches a state beyond suffering. Ascension of the soul allows us to enter into a higher state of consciousness in which love is the norm. Unconditional love for all life and self and the expansion and unification of self will be the way of life.

It is said that the original purpose for life in general is to expand endlessly in a creative vortex adding something that wasn’t there before to an endless tapestry of light and love. Everything that has ever happened, is happened, could happen, and will happen is woven delicately and with graceful care. To expand into the infinite depths of the soul is the gift that our one true creator has bestowed upon us. It is the most profound feeling to know that I am here, now, at this point in “time and space” writing to an audience whose faces I may never see. I find it beautiful and heartwarming to think about the people who find value in this, to get a glimpse, if only for a second, of that feeling of infinity. To connect to it, is to connect to the very essence of creation itself, beyond time and space where all consciousness is, within the point of source, the zero-point or zero-level of non-attachment and unconditional love.


I find myself observing people as they drive their cars on the road and I can’t help but smile to myself thinking of their lives, how much I love humanity and our zest for life. I want to lift the spirits of my family here as much as I am able, whether it be through writing, music, talking to people and inspiring them, and even just throwing peace signs to random people. Anything I can do to give back and raise the frequency of the planet is worth it for sure. The more I learn to love myself, the more I accelerate the process of ascension. The unification of twin flames, which are two people that share an almost identical energy signature, are crucial to raise the frequency of the planet. Initially when the two meet, it is usually a very intense experience in which we are called to remember our divine mission. When twin flames connect with each other, it transcends all physical reality into a purely spiritual perspective; its as if the only thing that exists are the two. It is a feeling of love that is pure and unconditional allowing all pain to be healed and all barriers destroyed.

About the author: My name is August Eden and my goal is to use my gift in writing to uplift. I Am also an aspiring spiritual teacher and entrepreneur with a vision to fund projects that are of the highest good for all of humanity. I advocate freedom for humanity through expression of my truest self.

Image: Pixabay

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