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Am I Living My Life Purpose as a Light Worker?

By on April 9, 2015 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

Am I Living My Life Purpose as a Light Worker?

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by Max and Lana,
Contributing writers,

Each day, many people on this planet who have the luxury of a few minutes to wonder, ask themselves if they are truly living a life that is aligned with their personal purpose. ‘Am I in the right place or doing what I came here to do in this lifetime?’ It would make sense to think that if they were “on track” they would feel more fulfilled, experience more ease, and see more tangible results in their careers, relationships, health, and so on. However, most people conscious enough to ask these questions find themselves: working in positions or environments that don’t match their perspectives; surrounding themselves by people or relationships who don’t “get them” or fit them long-term; and/or living in places that aren’t the most nourishing energetically, physically, or emotionally. As a result, these lightworkers feel that they are “blocked,” destined to fail, or–at best– off their optimal path.


In previous articles, we discussed that light workers or “pioneers” appear to have been placed strategically around the globe, often in unlikely environments in order to help spread their energies, philosophies, talents, and gifts–rather than have all of the higher frequency people concentrated in one small area or community. Each pioneer has a “jurisdiction” (his or her world) that helps shift the entire world through a ripple effect. That is why some of the most gifted healers , artists, or other light workers are also quite skilled and financially vested in seemingly contradictory roles, as accountants, managers, assistants, military or government staff, restaurant or other hospitality staff, traditional health care staff, homemakers, and more.

While a talented healer, for example, can feel “off track” working in a restaurant, dealing with a bureaucratic work place, or being a stay-at-home parent, the situation may actually be the perfect training ground or boot camp, both for the light worker and for those he or she encounters now and in the future. It is true that many light workers will end up becoming professional practitioners in a metaphysical or spiritual modality. However, before they do, and for the many more who are meant to remain immersed in more traditional fields, there is extreme value in this very moment. If you have not already done so, you will benefit tremendously by awakening to the fact that where you are NOW is an equally important part of your journey, if not a destination unto itself.

Listed below are some steps for light workers to consider when determining or validating their life purpose, and making wherever they are today feel more soulful, purposeful, and fulfilling:

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  • As mentioned by Steve Pavlina in a previous article, take a piece of paper and pen in hand and ask yourself “What is my life purpose?” Write down everything that comes to mind—names, places, activities, etc. There are no right or wrong answers. When you write down a name, place, or other word that makes you cry, THAT is the center of your soul mission.  
  • Remind yourself that we are all connected. So, whether your soul purpose directly involves one person or one million, you are fulfilling your role as a light worker and pioneer who shifts this planet and our species. Assisting one or two people to cope and evolve can be as significant as directly helping an entire population.
  • Wherever you are today, you are in the perfect place to “practice” or perfect living your purpose as a lightworker.  For example, practice secretly sending positive energy or intentions to people at work, school, home, or even the grocery store. By not telling them what you are doing, they will remain more open and you will see just how effective your positive energies can be to those around you. Their moods, symptoms, and actions will be noticeably different the more you practice and gain confidence in your craft.
  • Whether you are working in a health center, a corporate office, at home, or in a fast food restaurant, share your energies, talents, and gifts–and everyone will benefit.  The people around you may not consciously understand why the positive changes are happening for them , and you may not consciously know why you are helping that particular person at that specific time. However, the consequences are likely more powerful and far-reaching than you imagine, and they could end up being crucial to your purpose, your own wellbeing, and that of the planet.
  • Flex your intuition muscle by observing people around you, such as at the mall, park, or school, and predict what they will say, do, or feel. This exercise may take some time to master but, after a while, you will build your own “frequency library.” The next time you encounter a similar person, illness, activity, etc., the frequency will be familiar to you and you will be able to predict situations or outcomes much faster and more accurately. This sixth sense or heightened intuition seems to be one of the best tools for light workers who want to find, follow, and flourish on their optimal path.
  • The great news is that higher frequency individuals almost always achieve their goals or what they set their minds to accomplish– and there are “good” reasons if the results take longer or happen differently than anticipated. Ask yourself:  “How many goals did I achieve later or differently than I intended, but with better or more significant results because of the process? Am I making the most of NOW by honing my skills where I am, making valuable connections, and fortifying other areas of my life? Do I have the right practice, confidence, health, balance, and energies to live my dreams as they unfold?”
  • In the wonderful words of Jack Gilbert, “We must have the stubbornness to accept our gladness in the ruthless furnace of this world.” In other words (for this context), you and your efforts may not receive the responses, appreciation, or epiphanies that you want from all of the people in your world. However, what other people embrace is indicative of where they are on their path and evolution—not a measure of your own talents, gifts, value, or success. You can’t force a rose to bloom! Your purpose is not to change people, but to offer the tools, support, and examples if and when someone is ready to embrace them. Cling to joy or the joy of your purpose, even when others are not ready to share or applaud it.
  • As we and many others always say, learn to trust yourself and the process. Being of higher frequency, or any pioneer, is a tough role. We encourage you to appreciate the synchronicities, blessings, signs, and progress that are part of your own experiences, even if they have felt dark, uncomfortable, wrong, or embarrassing. Your mission is important. Although your life may not be easy, you are Divinely protected and guided so that you may have the strength, wisdom, and intuition to fulfill your purpose– and eventually return “home.” Most likely, you have come through a lot and the months and years ahead will show you why. Your purpose is to turn yesterday’s suffering and even current or future challenges into an uplifting, inspiring, and joyful next chapter. The same characters, locations, and challenges may or may not still be there, but how you view them, narrate them, and use them in the story of your life purpose will make the difference . Your next chapter begins now.

We hope that the steps or questions above help you better appreciate choices you have made and help you set your sails for what you truly desire–not just what you think you SHOULD desire as a wonderful light worker. We know that you will continue to make a positive difference in this world, whether you bring magic to your immediate family and community, or whether your calling is something more public. Either way, you are an invaluable pioneer assisting with the ripple effect, and creating a crucial shift for this planet.

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About the authors: Max, the Healer’s Healer, is an acclaimed energy healer, psychic coach, and medical intuitive. Max and Lana enjoy helping other twin flame partners make the most of this human experience.

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