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Ascension In The 2020’s

By on February 2, 2020 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

Ascension In The 2020's

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by Brother M,
Contributing Writer, 

Ascension In The 2020’s

Here we are in the 2020’s. New year, new decade, new chances and choices. But, in order to tangibly move forward into any dreams of personal and worldly ascension, it’s most advantageous to clear our minds of mental debris and adopt a more-advanced way of being and living.


Most of the debris and confusion in our minds is a variation of feeling threatened, weak or impotent and this results in waiting for assistance. You may truly feel you need and deserve help – regardless, the most valuable path available to most, is to use the vast spiritual resources and figure out how to save and advance yourself through ascension. It is absolutely counter-productive to sit around waiting to be saved as while waiting you’re not developing your talents, using your mind, and taking appropriate sustained action.

Most of us would benefit from acquiring positive actionable information and using daily, hourly, and minute-by-minute prayers to attune to the loving universal frequencies and vibrations. The real path to the ascended realms develops through personal creative efforts using a combination of confident strength and purity.

Thus, Jesus is not coming back via some sort of miraculous opening of the heavens to save you, save humanity or save the world. It’s not going pan out like that, so you can’t just sit back and enjoy the show. In a similar fashion, there will be no saving of the country or world by either white hats in the military or the president; Don’t wait for “good” aliens or other-dimensional beings to land or appear and help humanity; and, the Earth’s accomplishment of rising in vibration will not necessarily lead to you being eventually taken along for a ride into an ascended new world.

The reason why is that scenario wouldn’t truly serve you, unless you had completed all the necessary preparatory work. In a very real sense, the opening of a miraculous new ascended life and world for you, depends upon you and your efforts.

So, resolve now to clean up the debris clogging your mind and remove whatever weighs down on your heart. Fantasies of being saved need to be abandoned. Imagining you are powerless to change much of anything is untrue. The good news is that all the information you require is available now to totally transform your life and bodily ascend to the higher and more pleasurable levels of life and existence. You were created perfect with all the tools you need to succeed.

Lets talk now about some helpful truths that you may have overlooked starting with a question. Have you ever wondered why aliens have been showing up on our planet for decades, abducting young women, and impregnating them to birth some sort of inter-species crossbreed? That doesn’t make sense if humanity is the scum of the universe. Why would these supposedly highly advanced species want to crossbreed with a lower form of life? On the surface, that idea is nonsensical.


Unless the lie goes a lot deeper than most suspect… perhaps we are more and have more potential than you’ve been told or that you realize.

Next question – Have you ever wondered why humans have often been referred to in ancient texts as, “children of God”? Don’t get hung up on the word, “God” here. Rather pay attention to to the fact that if you are a child of God, then you have a direct connection to the source of everything – and potentially unlimited power and resources. (Which might explain the alien cross-breeding attempts…)

Let’s continue here with a few rudimentary questions and you’ll see the point. What do baby hippopotami grow up to be? Adult hippos, right? What do baby dolphins grow up to be? Adult dolphins, obviously. What do baby woodpeckers grow up to be? Adult woodpeckers, right? Now, continuing in the same vein, what do baby and children of God grow up to be?

Don’t stumble here or try to hide. The inevitable answer is that you, as a child of God, have a destiny to grow up to be an adult god. Not the “God”, but a god, nevertheless – sort of like a royal prince or princess. Your destiny is one of royalty.

Yes, the same person who has been yelled at, manipulated, lied to, used, abused, and scorned most, if not all of their life, has a noble, unalterable and undeniable destiny to eventually mature as a god. You have your true universal parent’s qualities and qualifications. And, the assistance of the entire ascended spiritual levels are available to you for the asking once you adopt the proper stance.

You’re going to have to figure out how to communicate with, and eventually pull yourself up to those exalted levels. And that can only happen when you skip the pity party and develop a pure heart, a honed intuition and serve the moment.

So, here is the first lesson on that path. Humans, at their core, are not a collection of dark and light energies, negative and positive, or good and evil. You are not tainted with sin; you are not an animal, nor are you innately violent and enjoy killing.

You are most likely confused and in pain. Most people don’t know which way is up or down these days, and lash out occasionally. Regardless, you are not inherently negative or evil.

Try this experiment. For a few hours or for maybe one entire day, dress up nicely, stand up tall, and go about your neighborhood uplifting those you meet by being helpful, kind and supportive. Smile and maybe wave to your neighbors. If you feel self conscious and can’t force yourself to do anything else, form an inner smile (where you smile inside, but don’t smile with your mouth) and give a silent blessing as you meet and pass strangers on the sidewalk.

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Be polite to clerks and all those you interact with. Now, don’t go overboard and give money or substantial help to strangers unless your intuition is very highly developed and you know it is the right thing to do. Also, during your experiment don’t watch any violent, discouraging or agitating media. Just get out into your life and be a good and nice person as you engage with it. If someone insults you or tries to bring you down during your experiment, just smile, excuse yourself, and leave (or turn off your phone). This is your time to see what happens when you choose to focus on being positive and kind.

I’m quite certain that at the conclusion of your experiment, if you actually do it, you will feel better. Why? Because you became just a little bit more of who you really are.

You see, humans are not a mixture of bad and good – rather, we are at our best when we’re 100% positive. It’s just how we are wired as children of God. When our hearts are open tossing out blessings to all that is around us and we are engaged with similar good-natured people, we just feel better. Start creating that world around you now.

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How to begin? Start by being a little more positive during the day. Maybe smile a bit more and hum a nice tune as you go about your daily affairs. Notice and acknowledge whatever beauty you observe as you go about your day. Be openly grateful for any acknowledgment or kindness you receive. Start small and watch yourself change into a nicer version of yourself. You don’t have to have all the answers – just begin by becoming a kinder, gentler and warmer version of yourself.

Brother M

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