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Ascension And Premonitions

By on June 17, 2015 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

Ascension and Premonitions

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by Trish LeSage,
Contributing Writer, 

While on the path of ascension, one may eventually begin to experience the psychic ability of Precognition or in other words, premonitions. The information may come through in different ways, and a variety of information may come through.


Premonitions may show us how a particular situation may turn out if we continue on the path that we are currently on, or they may offer us guidance that shows us the best path to follow. Premonitions may also help us to avoid pitfalls and even danger.

One may experience premonitions in the form of thoughts that come into the mind that tell the person exactly what may happen in the future. Sometimes the thoughts may come from an internal voice inside the mind, or the person may see information about the future, or an entire scene of the future may unfold in their mind’s eye. Seeing the information may occur while the eyes are open or while the eyes are closed. Sometimes, however, thoughts simply enter the mind without seeing and hearing the information.

Ascension and Premonitions

Premonitions may also come in the form of divine signs or synchronicity. Divine signs may be seen, heard, or even smelled. For example, if one is to avoid being injured or perishing in a fire, they may smell smoke before there is even a fire. Divine signs can appear anywhere and at anytime, and they may be accompanied by information about the future.

Sometimes premonitions also come in the form of having gut feelings about someone or something. The gut feelings are usually accompanied by thoughts about what may happen in the future. The gut feelings may be positive or negative depending on the circumstances.


People who are on the path of ascension may have premonitions while they are awake and while they sleep. Although many dreams are said to be precognitive to begin with, one who is on the path of ascension may begin to have more precognitive dreams than they did in the past. The premonitions in dreams may contain information about oneself or information about others. Since dreams are very symbolic, one must accurately determine what each symbol means for them personally in precognitive dreams in order to correctly interpret the dreams so that they are able to apply the information to their waking life.


People may even find that while they are on the path of ascension, they are eventually able to do accurate readings for themselves or for others. Practicing doing readings for oneself can actually help to develop one’s precognitive abilities.

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While on the path of ascension, we may begin to experience a heightened level of intuitive abilities, and we may begin to experience intuitive abilities that we have never experienced before. Precognition is one such ability. It is a very valuable and beneficial ability that can offer guidance for oneself and for others. It can help us to avoid pitfalls and danger, and it can guide us to live the life of our dreams.

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About The Author: Trish LeSage is a best selling author of books on Metaphysics, parallel universes (alternate realities), ascension, and body-mind-spirit topics. She has written four books: “Meditations For Past Lives, Starseeds, Soul Mates and Beyond”, “Manifesting Success In Relationships, Career, and Business Via Numerology”, and “How To Achieve Fifth Dimension Consciousness”. More information about her work is available on her website at

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