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Ascension Energies – Muscular Changes

By on June 15, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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Ascension Energies - Muscular Changes

by Angelina Stojic,
Contributing Writer,

At present our entire blueprint or DNA is going through change. Epigenetics tells us that we are not our past or genetic makeup but our environment. This simply means all that we think, feel and consume will become part of who we become. We are evolving and co creating our bodies at each moment. We have the power to direct the change of all that is occurring within our cellular structure, our DNA.

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Over the last few years there have been a great many change with the human body structure. We are all going through an ascension process with some of us feeling the changes more deeply than others. I am here to share with you the ways to help your body through and understand some of what is going on at this point of time.

Our actual body system is changing on a molecular level. Cells, atoms, body systems are all being refined and restructured for a new way of living. We are changing to absorb more light and carry the vibration of light, love or appreciation within our systems. Our systems are upgrading to a lighter vibratory field. This is for the evolvement of the human race. You are part of this evolution and you are one of the first to experience this change. I am being asked to share the changes that are occurring within our body system, our MUSCULAR ENERGY SYSTEM.

So today for those of you that have connected with this piece, it is to pass on some information regarding the changes in your muscular system. Remember you are the wise one, the wisdom and can discern if this information is for you.

As we go through the process of ascension, or refinement, there are many things occurring within the body system. One of those is the restructure and reformation of the cell. This requires a lot of assistance currently. You may be craving a lot of salt which is just an effect of this process. Eat more salt, it needs to sustain your cellular reproduction. With this you will also be drinking more water to be able to balance this process. You can liken it to washing away the old and creating a new.

What is happening is “protein synthesis”. Below is a quick answer to what protein synthesis is and why it is important on a biological level.

Protein synthesis is a biological process that allows individual cells to build specific proteins. Both DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) and RNA (ribonucleic acids) are involved in the process, which is initiated in the cell’s nucleus. The actual process of protein synthesis takes place in the cell cytoplasm, and it occurs on multiple ribosomes simultaneously.

Protein synthesis is important because the proteins created during this process control the activities of the cells. Without these proteins, many of the processes in the body would fail or not work properly. The DNA in each cell holds the instructions on how to make the protein, which is why every cell in the body must have a copy of the DNA. Information is transcribing from one cell to the next, but we are clearing out the old to transcribe or shift into the new.

DNA Transcription is the shifting of information from one cell to another energetically. And what we are doing is washing away the old to only transcribe the new information.

In short, our body is changing. We need to support this change, and these proteins as they go through these dramatic changes. Changes that have never occurred in the human body before. You are the ones that are leading the way.

We are transcribing new information into our DNA in a very new way for a new way of living.

Proteins are an integral part of the body energy system. They are what the human body is made up of.


Therefore, proteins play an integral and specific role in the ascension process of the body system currently. In particular, hey are restructuring our cellular membranes, cellular systems, skeletal energy system, nervous system and muscular system and these are all interrelated with the particular proteins in each cell communicating with other cells and proteins enabling this change to occur.

The minerals that are required within the muscular system at present for this transition to take place easily, is salt or sodium.

If you feel there is an increase in your craving for salt, this is that salt is a very important part of our ascension process and we are going through a purging of old so the new is able to be created. Eat the salt, drink the water. It is imperative to help our cells through this time.

If you are quite strict on yourself and your way of eating, you may feel you are craving things that you have never craved before, (like meat if you are vego or vegan) just eat it. Allow your body and cells to utilize this type of food for your progression on this journey. It does not mean you will continue to eat this type of food, it just means that you may require it at that moment. Each moment is new. You will know what you need, trust this. Be open to the flow and change of you.

Trust in all that you are receiving at present. This is the time to truly embrace all that you are. The light, the love and the change. There is much to happen on our earth plane, there is much to happen to your physical body for these changes occurring within you is occurring on a global level.

Things you can do to help your muscular system now.

  • Drink lots of water
  • Magnesium baths
  • Gentle exercise
  • Gentle Massage
  • Kinesiology – muscular release
  • Holistic Healing Session – help with the process
  • Listen to your body – Trust
  • Listen to the foods YOU need

Foods and minerals

  • Eggs – proteins
  • Meat – proteins
  • Fish oils – Brain Rewiring
  • Omega oils – Brain rewiring
  • Carrots – Keratin
  • Almonds – Amygdala
  • Dark Leafy Vegies – Iron/Keratin
  • Sweet Potatoes – Vitamin c/Keratin
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc – absorption
  • Vitamin C – absorption
  • Water Water Water

Allow yourself to connect with all that you need in the physical world at present. We are in a state of change. We are in a state of transition. Allow yourself to be aligned with the light of source and trust that what you are being given is truth. Your truth. Know we are all source, we are all light, we are all love. But also know where we are on our journey is unique to us. We are undergoing our own unique experience, created by us.

Know that each of us is very different in what we will need through this or any process. Listen to your intuition. Really listen to your body, mind and spirit. This writing is for your information to discern if it is for you or not. I am not your teacher I am just passing on my experience for you to know that you are not alone, that what you are feeling is ok and that many of us are on the sam journey experiencing it in very different ways. Trust and discern what is for you.

In Light
Angie xx

About the author: A writer, messenger, wellness advocate, channeler and spiritual leader, Angelina’s journey has taken her to a point where she is now working on a public platform as a speaker in seminars and events around the world, in relation to health, wellness and the evolution into the New Earth. “We are light.”

Image: Pixabay

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