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Ascension: Choosing A Higher Path; Anchoring to 7D

By on September 27, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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Ascension: Choosing A Higher Path; Anchoring to 7D

by Steve Clayton and Kim Hutchinson, 
Contributing writers,


: Choosing A Higher Path; Anchoring to 7D

Does your heart yearn for a more harmonious and loving experience with all life on a higher dimension, or are you still in love with the contrast that the third dimension provides? Do you wish to stay with the Earth as she makes her ascent back to her seventh dimensional home, or are you a starseed who longs to return to your home world? Do you wish to help dream a 5-D heart-based world into being, or would you prefer to test your survival skills while beginning civilization anew on another 3-D world?

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We are living in a time of great change and choices, a time of ascension. As consciousness continues to expand so, too, do our collective powers of manifestation. Eventually, we will be able to alter our outer world in whatever fashion we desire. With this newly returned power, our options expand exponentially.

Choosing a New Path

You came to 3-D Earth as a manifestation of your soul. Your higher self had a plan in mind prior to your incarnation; however, due to spiritual amnesia, free will and the constant interaction with billions of other incarnated souls, your plan was frequently altered or derailed. These thwarted attempts lead to many of us to reincarnate repeatedly in order to fulfill our unrealized aspirations. Such was the pattern for aeons, but now we have new options from which to choose.

To discover your new path, center yourself within your heart and ask your soul. Have a conversation with your higher self about your options and your hopes and dreams. Conversely, if you already know the answer, it may be beneficial to revisit this discussion. Your ongoing spiritual evolution might have shifted your destination. Trust your heart to know which path is best for you.

If you do discover your spiritual destination has shifted, you are not alone.

We were recently surprised to discover that our higher selves are now anchoring to the seventh dimension. For years, we assumed that we were heading for a fifth dimensional / fourth density incarnation on ascended Mother Earth. When that didn’t manifest, we thought the ascension had stalled. Turns out, we were embodying fifth dimensional consciousness while still interacting with a third dimensional construct. Externally things appeared relatively unchanged, but internally everything was shifting at a rapid rate. The illusion of a 3-D reality gave us the stability we needed to go through huge energetic and spiritual leaps, the most recent of which took us into 7-D consciousness.

Suffering and Spiritual Enlightenment

This past year (2019) has been the most intense phase yet of the ascension path for many of us. We know many of you have been affected by tragedy, illness, intense fear, and profound loss. In our personal lives, Kim lost six family members, and Steve almost transitioned home during an emergency surgery. This journey of ascension is definitely not for the faint of heart. For some, the journey is more than they can bear, and so they opt to transition by leaving their physical body. Their souls are then free to choose a new path once they complete their healing and re-acclimation on the other side.

Those of us who have opted to carry on with the ascension have undergone massive shifts thanks to the burning up of karma, both personal and familial. We are the cycle-breakers who stop the trauma by transmuting it. Some of us are starseeds who came from higher vibrational worlds and/or dimensions in order to help humanity make it through the Shift of the Ages. Others are Earthseeds, the ancient souls who have been incarnating here since life’s inception on this planet. Together, we are helping humanity break free of the reincarnation wheel / trap and to reawaken to their divine origins.

During 2019, we have experienced both the highest and lowest point in the ascension process to date. This energy of extreme polarity has helped to catapult us into higher realms. We are becoming truly multidimensional. How to Connect to 7-D Gaia

If you feel called to align with the seventh dimension too, set your intention to ground to 7-D Gaia like a tree, and then connect your heart to hers. Send her love, and open yourself to receiving her love in return. You can also use the following mantra that came to Steve spontaneously during a meditation:

I am seventh dimensional Light

I am seventh dimensional Light within

I am surrounded by seventh dimensional Light

I am protected by seventh dimensional Light

I am radiating seventh dimensional Light

I am seventh dimensional Light

(Feel free to adapt this mantra as you see fit.)

If you are a vibrational match for seventh dimensional consciousness, you will immediately notice a positive shift. Here are just some of the benefits you may experience:

• Peace of mind, body and spirit

• Joy and laughter

• Greater healing abilities (of self and others)

• Powerful intuition

• Clearer vision

• Better memory and clearer thinking

• Lucid dreams

• Decreased appetite

• Less desire to work

• Increased manifestation abilities

• Speaking and living your truth

• So much love!

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As we anchor more dimensions of consciousness, we are becoming the multiverse. Eventually we will all merge into One, and that multiverse will disappear, returning us once more to the pure awareness that is Source.

The Shift of the Ages may not be easy, but the rewards are enormous. We are blessed to be living in a time of tremendous choice and rapid-fire evolution. Potentially incredible futures await us. To discover yours, we invite you now to go within and connect with the miraculous path awaits you.

About the AuthorsWe are a husband and wife team of holistic energy healers who have been providing loving care for people and pets worldwide since 2008. At Clayhut Healing, we believe that all healing come from Love.

Steve Clayton is a heart-centered Holistic Healer who specializes in Vibrational Energy Healing for People and Pets. His ancient soul is deeply connected to Mother Earth.

Kim Hutchinson is an empathic Dream Healer who specializes in Multidimensional Healing & Guidance. Her soul journeys through time-space and dimensions to heal and guide people worldwide.

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