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Battle Of The Old Soul

By on December 15, 2016 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

Battle Of The Old Soul

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by Dennis Klinger,
Contributing Writer,

The pyramid is an example of what we are.  It is the shape of what we are. It is the lesson that must be seen and understood.  It is the wisdom of the ages passed down for us to hold.  So when did we forget this wisdom and why are there so many without it?


Take and examine the number of souls on this planet.  If you look at 50 years ago, you would see far fewer souls, as a matter of fact, only half.  If you look 200 years ago, you would again see far less souls, as only one quarter of those here now were sharing this Earth.  But if you chart the long history of human population since the end of the last ice age, the number of returning souls and the adding of new souls would have a very consistent and uneventful accumulation for the first 11,500 years of modern history (post ice-age) and we would see that the old souls returning would outnumber the entering new souls by a wide margin. This should have made it easy to live as the opportunity for wisdom was in abundance.

As the population grew ever so slowly, there were always many old souls within the population and for the longest time they outnumbered the entering new souls greatly. So this must have produced a time of great wisdom and learning.

Modern day does not reflect the days of old when the old souls outnumbered the new souls.  One would be surprised, and find difficult to digest the image of what the population explosion has done for the new soul to old soul ratios.  What was once in ancient (and somewhat recent times) a ratio largely in favor of the old soul, has flipped and now old souls are greatly and dangerously out numbered.

During the first 3,000 years since the end of the last ice age (10,000-7,000 BC) the same 5-10 million souls were long time returns and so for these many years, the number only doubled making the number of new souls in each generation few and far between.  This must have been a time of great learning and understanding as the old souls accrue wisdom and experience to share.

In the next 2,000 years (7,000-5,000 BC) the population doubled again to 20 million.  And again, each generation carries the slightest of burdens by the entering new souls and they should easily be able to maintain a stable environment for learning.

And then, the following 1,500 years (5,000-3,500 BC) saw the next doubling of our population to 40 million.  The numbers are still clearly in favor of the old souls as each generation would only see ½ million new souls.  This would mean 20 old souls were here for every new one being added.


It was not until another 1,500 years (3,500-2,000 BC) had gone by until the population doubled again to 80 million, but continuing a favorable ratio of old souls to the new being added.  And for thousands of years, the new souls were delicately and moderately peppered into the population.

So finally we reach the Greek philosophers at 500 BC and another doubling has occurred to 160 million and over a 1,500 year period again, a slighter number of souls are being added to a comparatively strong base of older souls.

Then at the time of Christ, in the first century AD, the population just 500 years later stood at 250 million.  Even still, the number of old souls remains strong relative to our current age.

Once again, 1,500 years later during the time of Martin Luther (1,500 AD), the population again doubled to 500 million. The adding of souls has been steady for nearly 12,000 years.  Less than 1 in 10 of the souls today is from before the time of Luther.  But during this time (in 1,500 AD), 1 in 10 souls were over 6,000 years old and 1 in 3 was a soul from the time of Pythagoras.

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But then, only 300 years later, we saw yet again another doubling to 1 billion souls at the beginning of the 19th century.   This is about 1 ½ million souls per year in a population of more than 500 million.  You would think this a good situation but remember, in the past the old souls were indeed older souls and the brand new souls may be few in percentage, but they are amongst a fast growing population of newer souls as the older of the old souls become exponentially less in number and ratio.

Just more than 100 years later we see another doubling of the population to 2 billion souls around the crash of the stock market in 1929.  This is 10 million new souls per year amongst the younger souls barely older then they are.  The situation is becoming quite reversed at this time and the old souls are beginning to encounter a number problem.

It was only 50 years later when we saw the number of souls double again from 1925-1975 and adds 40 million new souls per year when half the number of souls have only been around for 100 years.  This is not a number problem it is a number catastrophe.  We are well on our way of doubling again in the 50 years up to the year 2025.

What was once as nice even ramp up of souls to add and cultivate has turned into a battle for the old soul to keep ancient wisdom alive during this age of technology and ignorance.  Today in 2016, only 1 in 10 souls have been here more than 500 years.  Only 1 in 5 souls has been around since before the American Revolution.  The table has turned on the old soul so much that only 1 in 28 souls has been around since the time of Christ.  Finally, of those from the first half of our 12,000 years since the end of the ice age (the first 20 million living the first 6,000 years) there is only 1 for every 350 souls on this Earth today.

I do not know who the new or who the old soul is, but I do know if one subscribes to the reincarnation theory, what should not be lost on them is the monumental task of keeping the wisdom of the ancients alive in our world.  It is truly a time when such knowledge can be lost to an explosive like growth of new souls without the wisdom and compassion yet to be learned.  It is the burden of the old soul to be here for the new.  It is the opportunity for both to have purpose and life, such is the universe.

About the author: Dennis Klinger considers himself a Metaphysics Theorist and Philosopher.  He has a Mechanical Engineering and music background along with self taught Electromagnetic study. He likes to share his ideas on his website and has written “Creating Time” (Nothingness Expanding and Worlds Dividing) and a fictional book titled “American Bride”.  In the book “Creating Time” many unconventional paths are taken to explain the physical world we see and break it down into acceptable axioms that paint an intriguing reality for contemplation.

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