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Be Your Own Psychic!

By on April 23, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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Be Your Own Psychic!

by Stephanie MacDonald,
Contributing Writer,

This may push some buttons, possibly a lot of them, but the purpose of this is to create empowerment, awareness and responsibility of one’s own self. As the saying goes “don’t shoot the messenger,” but rather look within to figure out why certain topics cause a reaction in the first place. It is common knowledge there are countless individuals out there who claim themselves to be psychics, mediums, or energy healers, and there are even more individuals who will spend their hard-earned money in order to receive “healing” and information regarding their well-being, concerns, future outcomes, or to receive a message from a departed loved one. On the surface it seems harmless enough, and heck, psychics have been around for “ages,” some known to be described as helpful, encouraging, and declaring to serve the best interest and highest good of the “client.” But when you dig deeper, is this really the case?

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We are existing on a platform where over many, many generations people have been programmed to look outside of themselves for information, truth, validation, love, acceptance, and happiness. And during that searching of things outside of themselves, people very easily get distracted from themselves. Distracted by other people’s ideas, beliefs, opinions and “truths.” Thankfully, now more than ever we are seeing many come to the realization that the fundamentals of a joyful existence, that of Love and Happiness, can ONLY come from within. We are also understanding how All is connected, All is One, and most of us can easily agree to this, but yet such a large population is still stuck thinking they need to see healers and psychics to “receive answers and guidance.” Thing is, we ALL have the same potential, the same abilities, and the SAME original connection to Source. The one and only thing that varies, is an individual’s level of awareness.

Awareness is directly connected to consciousness. The more you heighten your awareness of yourself and your surroundings, the more you expand consciousness and hence RE-DEVELOP the connection to these “higher gifts.” These gifts have been there the entire time, waiting for you to come to the honest and genuine realization of the depths of your spiritual, multidimensional nature on this physical, dualistic planet. No one has any more answers for or about you than YOU. How is paying someone else to hear something about you helping you to work on yourself when you possess the exact same if not more abilities? Is it because they are “special” or “spot on” or they convinced you they’re helping you? Have you convinced yourself you are in need of such “help”? The vast majority of these “clients” do not realize they are innately psychic themselves and it’s just a matter of awareness! Otherwise what would drive them to receive or pay for this specific kind of outside help? Instant gratification. Lack of patience. Lack of belief in one’s own abilities. Shouldn’t these quite obvious “issues” be the first to deal with rather than putting on a band aid of sorts and continuing to bypass our part in doing the “work” to achieve these higher states of consciousness ourselves?

Perhaps it because many may want someone else to do the work for them and a lot (by no means all!) that do the work, are capitalizing off it and go on thinking they are some kind of “special.” Call it helping all you want, but when businesses are set up to only offer temporary healing, see that it is set up to keep you coming back, to keep you spending your money, paying for insights and answers and connections you already have! This is NOT healing, this is BUSINESS. It is yet another system that ultimately takes your power away because it distracts and prevents you from discovering your own power yourself. It can easily become a crutch. Many readings prevent people from making much needed mistakes and choices on their own, thereby refusing to take full responsibility for their lives and where they’re heading. Only you can walk your own path! And those that have passed on are always connected to you, the power of love CANNOT be broken for such IS the power of it! You don’t need any middleman to connect to that! It’s already there, it’s just a matter of learning to listen from the silence and stillness, the inner knowing of your being, your heart, your natural intuition.

Energy healing is also something to be careful with. Yes, people love how they feel afterwards but they’ve got to keep coming back to “re-balance” or “clear” themselves. It doesn’t last because YOU are the one that needs to do this yourself! By continuing to rely on someone else, the healing will never last and neither will your money! True and lasting healing, just like happiness, originates from within. (Of course, doctors and healers have a place, but should utilized when necessary and not in utter, absolute reliance!) Become more reliant on yourself and less reliant on other people! What if a psychic or healer is misguided or misinformed? Realistically, proof in this regard does not exist.

Not all know exactly what they are tapping into when they do this work, this includes channeling. Those who call upon anything other than their own Highest Self or Oversoul, such as “The Light” or archangels, guides, ET’s, etc. should be aware that not all light is created “equal.” I am not saying that it is all necessarily “negative,” but the Universe we live in is not just “black and white,” there is an unfathomable variation of “colors and shades” that can exist between, before, after, above, and below. Therefore not all variations are compatible or in resonance with our individual best interests. It is easy to see how one can be distracted or overwhelmed when it comes to finding what is “true” amongst so many “options” and “figures” and just as easy to see why it is incredibly important that each individual discovers on their own, what is in fact true for them. Psychics cannot do that for you. Healers cannot do that. Leaders cannot do that. Religion cannot do that for you, only you can for you.

It can be dangerous when we listen to what other people tell us about ourselves and even more dangerous when we decide to believe it. I am reminded of an old story about The Chicken and the Eagle. It goes a bit something like this: A farmer discovers an eagle egg near his hen house, not thinking much of it he places it under one of the hens so that it could hatch. A short while later the eaglet was born amongst his baby chick brethren and taken care of just like any other chicken. He grew up believing he was a chicken. One day he was pecking away at his food, he looked up and saw the most beautiful, majestic bird soaring through the air. Effortless. So strong. The young eagle looked as his best chicken friend and asked, “What is that bird that flies so high and free? I want to be just like him!” His friend replied, “That is an Eagle, a bird of the air. You cannot be like him, for you are a chicken, a bird that is meant to live on the ground. Don’t waste your time fantasizing over what you aren’t meant to do. Just keep eating…”

Fortunately, for this eagle, after hearing what his friend said, he began to think. He felt desire. Longing. A connection to that soaring eagle he could not describe. He thought to himself, even if I am a chicken, I can still fly a little bit. Who is that other chicken to tell me how well or how far I can fly, let alone tell me what I am meant to do?! This encouraged and motivated the little eagle to practice flying as much as he could, with even more heart and courage! He didn’t listen to the opinions, comments, and snickers of the other chickens, he just kept trying to fly, higher, further… Until one day he found himself soaring above the clouds and it was then he realized he was an Eagle the whole time. He didn’t have to be told, he simply decided to believe in himself and his ability to fly!

Now, not that there’s anything wrong with chickens, what is wrong is relying on other chickens to answer your life questions for you. What is wrong is letting other chickens define you or your capabilities as the Eagle spirit you are! It is all part of the process of self-discovery, and anything that acts as a barrier preventing a person from realizing their own potential, is not healing or helpful. Another aspect to take into consideration is the fact psychic predictions are mostly made based on the current energies and if they stay the same. The future is quite fluid in the sense it is constantly altered by every “now moment.” Any type of psychic reliance without understanding the true nature of such predictions, in a possibly indirect way can encourage people and situations to stay as they are in order for said predictions be completely accurate. This puts a person in a place of taking a more passive approach to life by looking to psychics to tell them what moves to make and what’s going to happen. When you rely too much on other people, you lose your power and further distance yourself from the connections and answers you already have within via your own gifts and intuition! People should be encouraged to develop their spiritual gifts rather than paying someone else to do it for them! For many “clients” this whole exchange becomes a literal way of life which can seriously limit their ability to spot potential opportunities on their own. It definitely isn’t something to get involved with if the “client” does not already possess a very strong understanding and sense of self.

A more extreme example of this would be if a psychic told Mary that, yes, Bob is “the one” for her… this yes is based on current energies being picked up on up to this point, and in that “now moment,” yes, they are a match. Now Mary wholeheartedly believes this and starts planning everything regarding her future about herself and her life around Bob. Later on, problems arise and she keeps trying to “work on the relationship” sacrificing all she has and is because she believes he is “the one” – because a psychic told her! Problem is, things and people change, what may have been a good match then, is not always going to be true in the long-run, even more so when other people are involved. Another example would be being told there is sickness in your future so you go on thinking about getting sick over and over until you become a self-fulfilling prophecy; or you can take this “warning” seriously and immediately begin making healthier choices thereby preventing the prediction from ever even becoming a reality. Either way, when we let people influence our lives like this, we could very easily start going down unpleasant paths we would have avoided had we just learned to listen to our own intuition! This can seriously mess with people’s minds. We must be in control of ourselves and the choices we make. An opinion is fine, but NEVER blindly take on someone else’s truth as your own (even this article)!

The future is constantly in motion because technically the future doesn’t even exist, its possibilities are endless. Everything is unfolding in one eternal now moment, and because a certain level uncertainty exists from the human perspective, it can easily be used to profit from especially from those heavily influenced by the programming of believing they need answers and validation from outside sources. It can be similar with some energy healing, when a person has not been made aware of how to heal and balance themselves at their own core, they are going to keep coming back serving as a paycheck. Yes, such outside “healing” can allow energy to flow and allow space for healing to be created and it can be very wonderful and emotional, but unless that person is taught how they can do this for themselves, at the end of the day, all this outside energy healing is doing is temporarily masking “symptoms” that are bound to pop up again later.

This creates the need for potentially endless treatments by keeping “client” reliant on someone else doing their personal/spiritual/healing work for them. This work being done is always going to be temporary! Knowing this, why continue to make someone else money for “artificially” peeling away layers you are meant to consciously peel yourself? Why continue paying someone to give you answers you already know? Because it’s quicker? Speed does not equate to quality. It is worth the time to invest in your own abilities and answers which will foster your long-lasting healing and on-going growth!

Now before I have every psychic and healer come after me, let me further explain. It would be more valuable in the long run for them to share their stories instead of their “gifts” with others. Share their personal tips, tricks, and journey! Stop offering an easy way out because it just delays the process of another’s own self-realization, stop offering band aid answers and temporary healing, and encourage people to truly read and heal themselves. Instead of offering Reiki, TEACH it. Instead of reading “the cards” for someone else, teach them how to read them! Or better yet teach ways to increase intuition and self-awareness which will in turn make such cards totally unnecessary! We are above and beyond temporary solutions from outside sources and the opinions and “truths” of others. When it comes to the power of our soul and the abilities of our consciousness, there is no psychic or healer on this planet that has something that you don’t have! Don’t just believe it, KNOW it!

Do you just give your child the answers to the test at the end of the lesson because it’s easier for them and saves the illusion time or do you have them study the material at hand, have them take their own test and THEN help in the areas they struggled? (Think life coach!) The answer is obvious! Empower other people! Encourage them to do the work themselves! Don’t just give them the answer, it defeats the process of the learning experience! Yes, we all have bills to pay and need to make a living somehow, but you can help MORE people on deeper levels by sharing your story and tips, by offering them “the how,” instead of simply profiting off your “already know how!”

In general, it is time to stop worrying and focusing on the future and put that energy into the Now so that the future outcomes we seek become the NATURAL byproduct of this very Now!

Of course I am not saying to NEVER seek the help and assistance from those who are experienced in their fields, but to rather shift the awareness of what your own abilities are and what is actually going to help you. The bottom line here is to not ever rely on these “services” as a means to heal yourself or as a means to base your life decisions on. This is your job, and it’s an inside one! It is time we realize these “gifts” we perceive other people having are ones we ALREADY possess. While our process of discovery may be slower, it is a lesson of patience and practice, but with intent and passion, the results will genuinely be yours. Your truth will always mean more than someone else’s instant gratification of which origins you cannot personally be certain.

When we have struggles and issues we cannot seem to face on our own, the best forms of “outside” help are always going to be the methods that encourage you to basically do all the work yourself! If you want to understand yourself, it’s your job. Making mistakes along the way is part of it too. It’s not anyone else’s job to “attempt” to prevent us from our mistakes! The lessons we are meant to learn in this life will come back around anyway, and probably a bit more fierce, so it is best we learn our lessons ourselves as they appear! At the same time know that what happens tomorrow is not nearly as important as what you are doing right now to manifest the future that only YOU know you want and are able to create!

What comes from your own mouth, intuition, and energy will have the longest lasting, most profound effect on you. In this regard if one still finds themselves in need of “outside guidance,” I would personally recommend those who are using Dolores Cannon’s QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique), Candace Craw-Goldman’s BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing), or other similar methods that allow a person to connect with the different aspects of themselves, especially at the subconscious level. These types of healing modalities create the type of space where you can heal yourself from within via connecting and communicating with and remembering all that is you, your Highest Self. All that is you spans across every form of life you’ve ever experienced, originating as a fragment of Source, extending within and far beyond all dimensions, time, and space, constantly unfolding as one eternal ever-expanding Now. When you dig even deeper, you’ll discover you truly do contain all that you seek.

As the saying goes: We are more powerful than we know, and they fear the day we discover it. For once it is discovered in larger numbers, an absurd amount of people will lose their money and their ability to continue influence our decisions! If most of the population woke-up this inner sleeping giant to just how powerful they are, every system of control on this planet would crumble into a free society. The future we seek is the result of each one of us working toward increased awareness and higher consciousness, not toward increased self-distraction and higher paychecks. Be the psychic that knows the future is good because you are doing your best with what you got in whatever now moment you find yourself in. Refuse to stop learning and growing! Asking a psychic whether or not a job is going to work out is not nearly as important as continuously striving to always do what you love to do!

It is time more of us take our power back and lead the lives of the gifted creators we are. We are each here to write our own stories, we don’t need to borrow or use anyone else’s answers or suggestions. We are here to discover the answers to our own questions, we are here to awaken our own abilities, we are here to heal ourselves and shine our light! It is through self-realization that we see beyond and rise above all doubt and difference that comes across our path. We know everything is going to be okay. Through self-realization we can see begin to see everyone as the souls of pure potential they are because we can finally see ourselves as the souls we are. When the majority have been empowered with this beautiful connection to Source and all the vast knowledge and abilities within that connection, all that is left is open sharing, understanding, compassion, unity, and the one thing most of us want: peace. Start by believing more in what you can do for yourself! Start there, because by continuing to believe that other beings have the answers for you, you’ll only just continue settling for less.

Thank you for reading!

Stephanie MacDonald

About the author: A free-spirit and free-thinker, but really just another you.  Here riding and experiencing the spiral of life from this corner of the fractal, sharing what’s discovered along the way. Come follow me on Facebook at  – Much love!

Image: Pixabay

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