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How Can You Help Create A New Earth?

By on June 6, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening

How Can You Help Create A New Earth?

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by Gunjan,
Contributing Writer,

We are evolving; humanity is evolving, feeling the chaos all around? Losing Jobs, Relationships Ending, Relocating? All this has a purpose. You are transforming. Your life is turning upside down for a reason. Your whole world is changing. Universe is working its magic. Universe is breaking the old to bring the new. Old needs to go first to create space for new. There is no creation without destruction.


We are entering a new dimension, a new way of being. We are creating a New EARTH .The new earth is not a destination to reach but a way of being. How can you help create one? Here’s how:

Focus on the positive

Where attention goes energy flows. Instead of fighting the old build the new. Don’t focus on what you think is not right focus on what you think is right.


Yes knowledge is power. Read about the topics you are passionate about, Read what excites you; awareness is the path to freedom. The more information you get the more you understand the better you are able to share.


A lot of people don’t understand what is ascension , new earth , 5D EARTH, create awareness , share with your friends , write a blog , spread as much as knowledge as possible

Raise your vibration

This is the best thing you can do, raise your vibration, rise above the 3D fears and illusions, create a new positive reality, and spread the positive vibes.


The more you socialize, the more you spread the knowledge, the more people know, the more information spreads, the more it helps the planet ascend.


Follow your Heart

Follow your heart, spread your joy, the people you come in contact with will feel it and follow you. Joy is contagious.


New earth is all about individuality following your unique soul path, creating what feels right to you , creating your own heaven on earth . Is there something you always wanted to do? But resisted as you thought what will others think? If it makes you happy do it . You may inspire others do the same?

The best way you can help is be you , the real you , keep doing the inner work , raise your vibration , release , let go , develop your gifts , they are there for a reason , share them , shine your light , express yourself , spread happiness and joy.. We each are creating our own heaven on earth, it’s not a single persons job but we as a collective, it will take time but it’s already happening, we are in this together.

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About the author: I am Founder/Editor at sharing my knowledge & views on Metaphysics & Women Spirituality . As a child I always felt different & tried fitting in but every time I did ,someone inside me resisted ? Who was she ? It was my soul crying for help ‘ You are here on a purpose fulfill that , live that , be that ‘ This Indigo starseed always had this inner knowing there is more to life , this search for meaning lead me to self help communities which in turn triggered my spiritual awakening in 2015 & finally in Feb 2017 Universe Helped me break free from the societal conditioning . You can also find me on instagram here :

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