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What Now??? The Current Paradigm Shift; A Channeled Message From The Spirit World

By on November 30, 2015 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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What Now??? The Current Paradigm Shift; A Channeled Message From The Spirit World

by Sam Pritchard,
Contributing Writer,

For some time now, I have been having insights into cosmic energy, and through my automatic writing I have come up with the following article of which I felt should be shared.


Message from my Spirit Guides

If the cosmic energy is changing as our universe inflates and expands, what does this mean for humanity? As we know we can’t alter the laws of physics ourselves but what if the world around us is transforming, and mother Earth, aware of this forthcoming change, is bracing herself for this process regardless if we know it to be so or not?

The world around us is changing, but to what extent are we humans experiencing these changes and transformations as a whole? Are we experiencing a new world, or is the transformation bringing to the surface our true world, lost in time?

Why is it now that we have begun to notice these subtle changes in our own lives, that which has been there all along, that which we have been holding ourselves individually and collectively from experiencing. We have for so long en mass been lost in our own lives, too busy to notice the bigger picture of the wonder, mystery and intrigue that surrounds humanity every day.

Or is it that this world has been there all along, disguised by the universe to fit into our awareness, our current life’s journey, but now as we are seeing with the recent September 2015 consciousness shift phenomena a multitude of explanations for the way that people are feeling, and experiencing these deep inner emotions and desires to access that knowing that there must be something more.

Eons ago, as is detailed by many thinkers, philosophers, chanellers and researchers including but not exclusive to Jordon Maxwell, David IckeCarlos Castaneda, and James Redfield, we had the choice collectively to bury the secrets of the universe around us, and now due to this transformation, they are coming to the surface. I also feel that we are only reaching the tip of the iceberg as to what has been buried.

So if the information is out there, we are collectively experiencing these symptoms, what now? Why now?

More and more discoveries since the beginning of the 20th century have left scientists and rational thinkers scratching their heads, from the inflation and expansion of the universe, to the measurement problem of quantum mechanics. Some think they know the answers but to most it is obvious that we don’t. Though we have our theories no matter from which background you approach it.

The question we need to ask ourselves, is what has changed, or is changing within us, within our nature, our being, our souls, does it all count as one? Is the examination of the physical, mental and the spiritual/esoteric all connected? Increasingly, we are finding that the answer to this question is yes.

There is a need now more than ever to accept this connection and brace ourselves as a race for the dramatic change that is to come, instead of chasing our tails, holding onto these old ways that no longer hold any value, and embrace the new opportunities appearing on our horizon, and as many have also commented understand that a new day is dawning, whether a good one or a bad one is down to us.

Life as we know it has been changing for some time now, and these changes are showing no signs of slowing down, they are actually accelerating to a point where we have to deal with the ills of the past and embrace ourselves.

It is time for a fresh start, a new beginning. This is why the old ways are not working anymore as human consciousness is changing along with the very Earth herself.

How to deal with the changes

The answer to this questions are right in front of us, to find our truth in what the corporate owned and alternative media are showing us each day, in the multi-faceted ways that we have to come together, to raise our consciousness and stop depending on others to tell us everything is going to be ok and stand close with each other as if on a battlefield, brothers and sisters of earth, united in consciousness, instead of warring amongst ourselves.

Stand together and say, with substantial meaning, let there be no more hunger in the world, no more suffering, enough is enough. Just because we say that we cannot make a change in the world, does not mean we cannot, we each have a power to be realized. Enough submitting to authorities that suppress us, what makes them so important, the hidden hands in our history, are they less than human or is it they just don’t care. So challenge them with the beliefs that are close to our own hearts. As some stand, more will follow.

If we see a neighbor suffering, do we offer help? Most of us will but there are still many that will not, and if you ask them they will say “I did not know them” but if it was a family member abroad then they would go to the ends of the earth for them. So what makes the person you don’t know any different? Is their suffering less than that of the person you do?

So then we make up excuses, it’s the color of their skin, their religious ideology, their culture, etc etc etc, but deep down we all know the truth.

The time is now coming, of which the shift has shown with many, to choose a side, do we act to the best of our ability in the name of Love and Compassion or do we continue into darkness, filled with hate, leading us to eventual worthlessness of which we have created from within.

One reasons this recent consciousness shift has had such an impact is that we are starting to see on a subconscious level the way the world was intended to be seen. Part of that shift, is the ability to see the damage that we have caused to one another and our home over the centuries, realizing that there is no escaping our history and our responsibility to it.

If we could go back and change our past would we? Of course we would if we could, think of all the unnecessary pain, death and suffering that has been caused. Is it any wonder we are in the state we have found ourselves in, on the brink of suppression, our own destruction?
Rather than standing together in common cause, despite our differences, we point the fingers of blame, looking without and not within. Realizing the flaws as not a weakness but strengths, with each other, united as one there would be no need for a higher source as it would already be here among us.

We just have to say no, together, as one voice, no more violence, no more war, no more hunger, enough is enough, and if you don’t believe me just think of one thought, with all the death, hurt and suffering that has blackened our planet over the centuries, how many oceans could you fill with the blood that has been spilled, men, women and children.

You may not like what I have to say and I am no different to you, but many around us are starting to see, to wake up and see the world for what it is, a vibrant rich and beautiful place that is alive.

Now more than ever we have the chance to break the cycle, this is why the transformation is taking place, to give us that ability to make the fresh start, to move to the higher paradigm within ourselves, we can act and now is the time to do so.

The main message here, is that we need to learn to trust ourselves and one another again, stand tall and be proud of all the good we have achieved in the world, we are not there yet by a long shot but within time we will be, but this is done by communities coming together, so get to know your neighbors, throw street parties, get to know the people on the street, and not wonder why they don’t approach you, even though you don’t approach them first.

As we do this, we invite new ideas and ways of thinking into our lives, as we are bringing together communities, locally, and online, our earth needs us to grow, and not continue the way that we are. She is fighting back, we can see this with the amount of natural disasters that have been accelerating in the last 20 years.

In many parts of the world, water is being poisoned by chemicals such as fluoride and actions such as hydraulic fracturing (fracking), food is no longer fresh, filled with harmful ingredients during processing, what would our ancestors who took great care in tending to the land say to us now?

We can make that choice, support local produce, rather than supporting multi-national corporations, such as Monsanto and Nestle, be mindful of where your food comes from.


Humanity has a tremendous opportunity now more than ever before, it is down to us to take it. We can make the change ourselves, and encourage others to join in and create something better.

About the author: Sam Pritchard is an intuitive empath, Reiki healer, who along with her partner Jared runs Spiritual Worlds, offering a wide range of services from spiritual readings & Reiki healing, to paranormal investigations. Sam is passionate about animals and our spiritual connection to the animal kingdom. For more information please visit

Image: Pixabay

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