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Connecting With Your Spirit Guides

By on September 1, 2015 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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Connecting With Your Spirit Guides in5d in 5d

by Yolanda Arenas,
Contributing Writer,

There is a lot of information out there on Spirit Guides. Everyone is always looking to connect with some form of a higher power. No doubt, with all the chaos that surrounds our world and planet, people find themselves with the urge to seek some form of understanding to the ills that we all seem to be face in our lives today.

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Spirit guides are light beings who actually form part of the spirit world and our spiritual growth. They exist in some way to help with our spiritual life path. Whether we acknowledge them or not, they do exist. We are connected to the Universe and the all that is force which creates and forms the world in which we live in.

This article is not a “How to guide” on spiritual guides, if not, my personal relationship with these guides. At a young age, I learned about the spiritual realm and respected the forces or energies which at that time may have caused quite a stir to some, but nevertheless I knew that these forces were indeed real. My spiritual upbringing was somewhat confusing. I was taught to acknowledge the spiritual energies through two distinct ways. I was indoctrinated through the Catholic Church and learned about religion and God, but my family practiced Mediumship at home which was something considered to be taboo by the Church, and totally against. So, it took some time before I felt comfortable with my individual spirituality. Distinguishing the two at an early age became my life-long lesson. Through hardships, life choices and education I was able to embrace the intuitive part of myself, something we are all born with and can actually activate at any given time. Sadly, it takes adversity for some of us to be catapulted into seeking that inner wisdom.

Through my connection with spirit guides at an early age, I perceived things differently than others and I felt people’s intentions, which is a form of clairsentience known to be that of an empathetic person or state. Whether or not I listened all the time, was a different story, but all and all I can say I was different. I remember as a child, I had very apocalyptic dreams and when I shared them with my mother she understood. There was no criticism and she’d comfort me when I’d awakened from these dreams by hugging me and stating that the world would never end while children existed. I won’t mention the different types of dreams that haunted me back then, but I will say that some came to past and others well I’ve long accepted my role as a “Way-shower” and do not fear the future for I understand now that we are the creators of our universe. We all have a role to play in this unique life that we all share. Long ago I learned that it is our responsibility to connect with these energies that cannot be seen, but perceived.

Today, many are experiencing emotional upheaval and many are losing their grip on reality. Many gurus and authors from the past warned us. They said this would happen. They gave us tools and yet a lot of us have either erased these messages from consciousness or mistakenly been absorbed by the level of chaos that each confronts within their daily lives that no effort is made making it impossible to overcome and difficult to remember. The message back then is the same one as now. It is our duty to find a way to reconnect and reach within and pull ourselves from the veil that we have become so accustomed to.

Our spirit guides are present in the now and have been and are here to help, but it is an individual thing. No one can help bring you back to a state of consciousness, happiness, content and/or health if you do not do the work. It is your responsibility first to seek within for that strength that each one possesses in order to bring order within the mind/body and after seek to work with the outer layers of the environment.

Throughout my lifetime I’ve faced many adversities, some of my doing and others in ignorance without thinking of the ramifications that would result and by this I mean the Karma that we all have to experience and learn from. I’m in no way more special as any one of you.   I am like you because I am human. We have that which is called intuition, intention and spirit guides. The energies are there for you to reactivate and listen from within so that life can become that which you desire. Meditation is good, but what good comes from it if we ignore the messages that filter? Meditation can recharge your body, but ultimately it is you who will be responsible for the actions that are needed to make the changes for them to manifest in your life.

We are entering into a new phase of life and the forces of these energies are positive, but for these energies to readjust positively we need to readjust our Inner-self. The spirit guides will guide you through and once you have reconnected with your, (I am force), it is done, the door will open and no one, but you will realize that you are on the right path.


I hope these words can bring some comfort to you and to those who are willing to listen, seek to be happy at no ones’ expense.

Know you are part of a higher force and that you are being guided.


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About the Author:
Yolanda Arenas was raised in New Jersey and is a native to the small island of Puerto Rico. She is a Member in Good Standing of the American Tarot Association and actively works with members doing Tarot readings for the ATA. She joined the Spiritual and Metaphysical community several years ago through her knowledge of the Tarot and Clairsentience.

Image: Pixabay

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