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Dr. Ed Group – Genetic Blueprint – A Seed Plus Saliva Equals Miracle Health

By on March 3, 2015 in Health with 0 Comments

Seed Plus Saliva Equals Miracle Health

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What if you could place a seed under your tongue and the seed could recognize what your body is nutritionally missing? What if this same seed could provide those missing nutrients?

by Yolanda Arenas,
Contributing Writer,


Many people today carry around a lot of weight.  Not only do they carry the weight of their bodies, but the weight of their troubles as well.  And so much so is the fact that their ability to outweigh the extra baggage becomes a major issue when it comes to their health. 

Many begin to experience physical discomforts like those accompanied by such illnesses as; Anxiety, Depression and Fibromyalgia.  An individual can experience feeling “rugged all the time” or “drained of energy” which can become somewhat troublesome and prevent them from participating in simple tasks like walking a dog or attending an event. 

In listening to our bodies and the messages it may convey, we might be able to prevent physical illness or a major health crisis.  The phrase, “Are you listening to your Gut?” can carry a strong and valid message when you actually think about it as your “Gut feelings” maybe the key to pointing out your digestive problems.

Dr. Edward Group III, Chiropractor, Founder and CEO of the Global Healing Center in Houston, Texas, a Natural & Health Resource Center on the Internet dedicated to the Research of Degenerative Disease Products & Information have developed a way to Heal the Body and repair damage that might have occurred during a major health crisis or heal a depleted body from poor eating habits acquired through day to day living. 

Balancing gut flora is critical to fighting disease and restoring health to the body is what Dr. Edward Group and the Global Healing Center aims to achieve.  Dr. Group is the Author of “The Green Body Cleanseir?t=bcp11wh33 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B004CLYMIY”, a compiled research study of twenty years with helpful information on eliminating toxins from the environment, restoring the body’s natural healing powers and detoxifying the air and water.

In his February 2013 interview with Regina Meredith from the Conscious Media Network, Dr. Group engages in conversation with Regina about his family history and the importance of cleansing the body of toxins.   Dr. Group confesses to his intuitive abilities and describes himself as growing up as an Indigo child with a strange upbringing.  He refers to his father as a worker for the Exxon Corporation who labored as a chemist and who helped create certain drugs for a known Pharmaceutical company which he preferred not to share at the time and who participated in many of the overseas projects connected to drugs.


His father worked closely with PVC plastics and, as Dr. Group recollects, was a developer of Saran Wrap who subsequently died of cancer.  Dr. Group explains that when his father passed, he learned of his family’s deep involvement with the Illuminati.  He claims that during his search into his family’s genealogy, eight generations past his great-great- grandfather’s name turned up that of Noah Webster, the writer of the Webster’s dictionary. 

During his search into his past, he claims to have found a Masonic code dating back to Pelatiah Webster, who is the original writer for the U.S. Constitution. This code contained information that he feels was suppressed.  In his dialogue, Dr. Group recalls a long family history that includes a shady past involved in the control of humanity. As a pre-med student Dr. Group learned many of the practices that the medical industry instructs.  One of them he states “is to alleviate the symptoms of illness, but not heal the root cause”. 

In his early studies he states that he met an old friend heavily involved in Alternative Medicine during which led him to move in that direction to aid in the process of a natural solution to health and once knowledgeable about the system, he made a conscious choice to help humanity.

Dr. Group states that they performed deep detoxifying cleanses at his Clinic in Houston and helped a lot of people with amazing results, but added that he was threatened and closed down.  He comments that the power elite could not benefit from a 30 year old Chiropractor who cured cancer.  So, he continues his work through his website and writing self-help books instead.

One of the things Dr. Group explains is how our bodies are exposed to all the different toxins in our environment and the effects experienced from eating these poorly nourished foods.  He also explains how important it is to cleanse the body of all of these toxins by detoxifying.  And most importantly how detoxifying the gallbladder and liver can help shed the pounds.  He suggests simple steps to follow that can help prevent stomach discomforts, which he strongly recommends to those starting his regimen. 

He goes on to define how our bodies function similarly to a computer and briefly details how our appendix is considered to be the “Intel” of the body’s mechanism which generally is not discussed amongst the health industry nor shared by the medical practitioners with the general public.  

He adds that the appendix’s function is to “inform” the body of what and where the different foods are heading when ingested. Dr. Group comments that the Intestines, “our gut”, are one of the most important organs in the body.  It is where everything lies!  Once the intestines are cleansed the body becomes light, as in “that not heavy feeling”, and the body emanates health.

One of the most fascinating details that Dr. Group shares during his interview is when he talks about the process of planting a seed which was placed underneath a person’s tongue and how he defines what happens when it grows.  He explains that if a seed is placed underneath a person’s tongue for nine minutes, the seed will mix with the mucus and when planted, it will grow to provide what that particular body is missing.  It will grow to provide the nutrients the body lacks and needs.  In other words, it will feed you!  It is awe inspiring and amazing to know that a seed can “CREATE” a blueprint!  That is… the Almighty at its best!

Dr. Group shares a lot more information like the amount of time that food stays in our gut which is a total of 72 hours and how soon the body should eliminate that food, which is a total of three times a day and not three times a week as the medical industry claims to advice.  

He does not recommend the use of over the counter laxatives to eliminate, but does state that people can take control of how they eat and they can prevent constipation and many of the symptoms associated with stomach aches, like acid reflux.

Dr. Group indicates that people can put an end to their tummy troubles simply by making healthy choices that begin with what is ingested and a positive approach like those thoughts associated with “Positive Thinking”.  Dr. Group says that becoming a Vegan can be a good choice for many, but that it also has its setbacks. Dr. Group warned that the choice does not free the person from stomach upsets. He advises on that of a healthy mind and promotes “Happy thoughts” to a healthy body. 

He says, “A healthy gut begins with a healthy mind”.

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Dr. Group explains that in order to prevent an acidic body, a person needs to ingest foods that are not artificial in nature and a person should create a Parasympathetic state of mind versus the Sympathetic state when sitting for a meal.  In other words, people should think “Happy thoughts”.  

He says that the body should be relaxed when ingesting foods and people should avoid eating in front of the television and/or at work, which creates negative effect and prevents a healthy digestion.  He also says that when your body is in a reversed state, which is a Sympathetic state of mind, your organs can become tensed and your food will simply not digest correctly.

He reiterates that a happy state of mind will have a reverse effect. Another positive effect is breathing, as it relaxes the body’s organs and prepares the body for a pleasant meal which in turn helps the body digest the food suitably.  A total of nine breaths are recommended at a seating.

excerpt from the Ringing Cedars Series by Anastasia “Every seed you plant contains within itself an enormous amount of information about the Universe. Nothing made by human hands can compare with this information either in size or accuracy. Through the help of these data the seed knows the exact time, down to the millisecond, when it is to come alive, grow — what juices it is to take from the Earth, how to make use of the rays of the celestial bodies — the Sun, Moon and stars, what it is to grow into, what fruit to bring forth. “These fruits are designed to sustain Man’s life. More powerfully and effectively than any manufactured drugs of the present or future, these fruits are capable of counteracting and withstanding any disease of the human body. “But to this end the seed must know about the human condition. So that during the maturation process it can satiate its fruit with the right correlation of substances to heal a specific individual of his disease, if indeed he has it or is prone to it.

“In order for the seed of a cucumber, tomato or any other plant grown in one’s plot to have such information, the following steps are necessary: “Before planting, put into your mouth one or more little seeds, hold them in your mouth, under the tongue, for at least nine minutes. “Then place the seed between the palms of your hands and hold it there for about thirty seconds. During this time it is important that you be standing barefoot on the spot of earth where you will later be planting it. “Open your hands, and carefully raise the seed which you are holding to your mouth. Then blow on it lightly, warming it with your breath, and the wee little seed will know everything that is within you.

“Then you need to hold it with your hands open another thirty seconds, presenting the seed to the celestial bodies. And the seed will determine the moment of its awakening. The planets will all help it! And will give the sprouts the light they need to produce fruit especially for you. “After that you may plant the seed in the ground. In no case should you water it right off, so as not to wash away the saliva which is now covering it, along with other information about you that the seed will take in. It can be watered three days after planting.

“The planting must be done on days appropriate to each vegetable (people already know this, from the lunar calendar). In the absence of watering, a premature planting is not as harmful as an overdue planting. “It is not a good idea to pull up all the weeds growing in the vicinity of the sprouts. At least one of each kind should be left in place. The weeds can be cut back…” According to Anastasia, the seed is thus able to take in information about the person who plants it, and then during the cultivation of its fruit it will pick up from the Universe and the Earth the optimum blend of energies needed for a given Man1. The weeds should not be disposed of completely, as they have their own appointed function. Some weeds serve to protect the plant from disease while others give supplemental information. Anastasia maintains that the fruit cultivated from the seed in this manner, and consumed by the individual who cultivated it, is capable not only of curing him of any diseases of the flesh whatsoever but also of significantly retarding the aging process, rescuing him from harmful habits, tremendously increasing his mental abilities and giving him a sense of inner peace.

The following are 4 simple steps recommended by Dr. Group at mealtime:

  1. Chew until the food is liquid (something your mom always said)
  2. Put yourself in a Para-sympathetic state of mind.  Think “Happy thoughts”.
  3. Relax, take a deep breath and appreciate what is placed on your table. (a total of 9 breaths should be taken)
  4. Take Enzymes to help break down the foods.  Include probiotics in your diet.

Dr. Group also recommends the use of “oxy-powder” to get rid of the toxins.  These are available on his website. We can all benefit from this important information. 

To learn more, visit Dr. Group’s website at

Image: Pixabay

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