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Energy Update – Blasted With Light Upgrades Again

By on November 19, 2016 in Energy Updates
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Energy Update - Blasted With Light Upgrades Again

by Lisa Brown,

We’ve been blasted with Light Upgrades again, but these where “photonic sleep” ones for me. The message was to sleep to clear timelines and work in the other realms, and ya’ll know me, I LISTEN!

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Exquisite day of sunshine out today and I had to choose to go to bed. Not really, cuz I got shut -down… lol…

WE can’t JUMP in the physical,with all the old timelines still in place. So sleeping allows for integration of all that has come through lately, in addition to clearing any timelines between the old vibration and the new, for embodiment here.

Still groggy, back to sleep, as the DREAM further comes forth IN THE GROGGY STATES and anchors in once we awake. There will be a visible mist “out there” as this occurs, kind like in our heads!

Okay loves, here’s to even more awesome and magical realities… as I lay my head back down again. WE KNOW our priorities. I’ll reply to emails when I wake up in a few hours… no thinking allowed when the mind needs to relax for this….

p.s. These photonic energies will delete timelines, attachments and the energy that something held, instantly when enough builds. You can hear/feel/see it zoom through your brain. This “wipes” chunks for you and also activates new transmissions that have waited to come forth.

The more active the mind, the more it’s got to shut down. BIG upgrades require lots of sleep. Naps are most important too, for lots can be done in a few moments as well. Drift, drift, drift…. every moment something is occurring. Honor the moments as they come forth FOR you. Especially when it’s time to sleep!

You’ll know when it’s time to wake up. And when you do, you’ll be in a new timeline, new dimension, new reality, new illusion, new hologram to anchor in… a new dream!

Very powerful day of upgrades… update when I return later. I love you!

Lisa Transcendence Brown

Image: Pixabay

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