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Energy Update – Portal Preparing To Open

By on September 20, 2016 in Energy Updates
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Energy Update - Portal Preparing To Open

by Lisa Brown,

We have a portal preparing to open… it started a bit ago and stopped. It may be later or in the morning (it’s evening here now).

We (me & the Light Team) have been in work-slam-mode for days. A whole week of sessions & events, it’s not letting up! I am in total gratitude for their “gitting’r’done” with me… Lee Bonde totally rocks. I need 20 of him! and Elizabeth Crooks, she’s sooo bringing it too! As we complete all of these projects and events to provide more for everyone, we will post them. Keep checking the website for continual updates! The Upcoming Events page is current for now, with more being added to the weeks not full, they are full!!!!!

This morning was stargate activity, timeline collapses from overnight through integrating/clearing, time speeding up for adjustments to occur.

Ya’ll may not hear much from me this week, yet I will get the upcoming Special Equinox Live Group Session information up, as well as some other awesome things!

The physical body continues deep cellular work on a daily basis now. The depth at which it works, the intensity at which all works is so very interesting to observe. Physical realities are always preparing to come forth… arriving as we achieve the overall vibration with our entire being and all that we do/are.

Are you LOVEing observing how awesome everything is orchestrated/constructed, how it all comes together so easily and quickly now… instantly… Can you see it all just floating around in your energy field, re-configuring new codes and sequences constantly? And we have NEW CODES PREPARING to come through!!!!!

Are you holding the vibration of your NEW Realities in place yourself? In every moment? Ya gotta if you really desire them to materialize for you!!!!

I love you…. Get ready…. we are preparing for a huge portal opening and Equinox phase! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

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