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True Freedom – Letting It All Go

By on September 20, 2016 in Spiritual Awakening
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True Freedom - Letting It All Go

by Kara Schallock,

Life is as simple or as complicated as we want it to be. If we choose simple, we let go of all we are attached to; all we think we know and become an empty vessel. In this Emptiness, we get to the core of us and that is Love. There is so much that can distract us…whether it’s the outer world or the inner. We can be distracted by our loved ones, by friends, by day-to-day living and yet, when we let it all go and focus only on our Hearts; only on our Selves; we access the simple Truth and we are guided. There is nothing of consequence except the merging with our Souls. The only way we can do this is to let go of all the thoughts and all the words and meditate. Meditation is how we strengthen our Souls. And as our Souls strengthen, we feel…yes, there are old beliefs that surface and the continual urge to be doing something. This “doing something” is probably the biggest attachment we have. We can hear our parents say, “You’re lazy; go do something.”

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Can you be still or must you be constantly moving? What is beneath your doing? Is it guided; is it an outer expectation or is it an old belief or pattern? What is the belief underneath your doing? If you resent having to do a chore, what does that tell you? Are you forcing something or do you shut out your true nature “in order to get things done?” What happens when you stop? Can you stop? Do you meditate only when you have time? Is it the last thing on your list when it should be your first?

Where are you attached? You might explore religion, terrorists, politics, death and more. Certainly by exploring these big and old constructs, you will be led to deeper beliefs. Are you willing to let it all go? Are you willing to be vulnerable and realize you don’t know anything? Do you believe everything you read or are told? Do you realize you give your Power away every time you do? Do you think life happens to you and not for you? Release victim energy. Do you believe attending the latest workshop or conference will actually upgrade or save you? Unless you put into action all you learn, nothing changes.

Long ago I offered workshops and classes. Years later I would run into someone who was in a class and noticed nothing had changed in their life; realizing that many (not all) chose not to integrate what I was guided to share. I let it all go, including the workshops and classes. I do realize that many choose not to let go and I realize everyone evolves in their own time and way. However, I choose not to be part of any illusion. I am only interested in Truth, Simplicity and Being Love. Period. I do not have answers and often don’t have anything to share and share only when I’m guided to do so.

Because we are constantly receiving high dimensional Light downloads, I pay little attention to labels or portals, like the Lion’s Gate. Any time we assign a time to energy, it is illusion, for in Truth, there isno time. Much of what we experience has nothing to do with a particular time. I let go of the label “ascension symptoms” as well, for that seems as though Ascension is an illness and we know it is definitely not. Here is what you may or may not be experiencing. (Realize that all is for your highest evolution/Ascension and is custom-made for you; whatever is needed)…

You may experience what feels like flu; this is a release of toxins including old beliefs, patterns and preconceived ideas that limit and these toxins end up in the physical body. Headaches: when your Crown, Pineal and/or 3rd Eye Chakras are releasing, upgrading and/or receiving high dimensional energetic downloads; you may experience also a runny nose, dizziness and/or feeling off-balance as well. You may experience a shift in your digestive system; sometimes nauseous, sometimes constipated or the opposite: this may be an adjustment of your lower chakras and often indicates a release of old emotions like anger, fear and control. It can also indicate a release of generational attitudes. When there is blockage, you may feel joint pain, especially in the knees and hips if you are not moving forward. You may feel depressed with nothing that seems to be causing it.

Depression is often anger turned inward, so release the anger and pay attention to your self-talk. It can also be created by a shift in vibration. You could be more sensitive than usual; even crying; this is most likely a clearing. Be sure you do not take things personally, for this is separate ego as well as victim energy…release victim energy (it’s so important to do so). Heart butterflies or pounding: your Heart Chakra is upgrading. The Solar Plexus and Heart are also merging as well, which brings the mental body into the feeling body of the Heart. If you feel anxiety, this could explain why. Remember too that some are sponges for others’ energies. If this is you, protect yourself and have boundaries (in Truth, Love needs no protection, yet all are in different stages of their Ascension). You may feel tired, even if you slept well (be aware also that sleep patterns keep shifting). You do a lot of work while you sleep. Feeling amped up (this could also feel like anxiety): meditate. This is a build-up of energy. If you gain weight, this is actually because you are carrying higher energy and you may also be protecting your energy from lower vibrations. Go within to make sure it isn’t because you are taking on another’s energy. Eventually, any extra pounds will be evenly distributed. You may feel spacey or “not here” or you can’t seem to find the words you want…your brain is changing. Diet changes: you may not be drawn to what you used to enjoy. Let it be and let your body tell you what it wants. This is often the same with activities and friends. This, of course, is only a partial list. What you experience is for your highest evolution.

To help yourself, meditate, drink lots of purified water, eat light, use essential oils and use flower essences. Stand on the Earth barefoot, Sun Gaze, be in Nature, soak in water (the Ocean is perfect, for it is made up of what is inside you…the same salty manna). Do not attach to any of what you feel; be the observer and accept and move through with Grace. It is what it is. If you are guided to see a doctor, do so. Do know, however, that many go to their docs only to be told nothing is wrong…everything is right!

We continue to move through many phases…phases to let go of the old and phases to integrate the New. It is important to know and trust that you have everything within you to heal//whole yourself. Your guides are within, the Holy Spirit is within and your Christ Consciousness is within. It’s a matter of trusting this and acting on it. Of course, if you don’t follow your guidance with shifting things in life and let go of old beliefs and patterns, you may not recognize or believe this at all. It takes clearing oneself of the old and then opening up to the miracle of you. Complaining about life, your own, others’ and globally, keeps you in the old, so keep your vibration high as you realize that everything is in Divine Order. In this way, you not only evolve, but so does Gaia. You are then a part of the solution; not part of the perceived problem.

If it is your current path to be alone, realize that alone=All One. There truly is no separation and you truly are not alone. Many are experiencing a new state of Freedom and Bliss. They have released the lower emotions and beliefs and are living their higher consciousness. Their separate egos are now their ascending egos…serving Soul and Source. In August, the potential for many more to experience this will be manifest. The New is completely different, so as you let go of the old, you experience life in a completely new way. Resistance or projecting the old into the New only serves to confuse and make you depressed, because you see that you simply cannot bring the old life into the New. So follow your guidance and feel where and with whom you resonate. Let everything else go. When you trust what you receive and follow it, you empower your Christ Consciousness and life is surprisingly fluid.

Potentially, we are open to new insights, both into ourselves, others and the world. “Business as usual” doesn’t work now, so do something new and more creative. Your Intuition is strong, so be sure to follow it, for when you don’t, it diminishes. Look for new solutions to old problems; do not attempt to resolve things using old logic and old ways of doing things. Pay greater attention to messages that come from within you and through others (they may not realize they are giving you a message). Make sure you are aligned and congruent between your thoughts, feelings and actions; this greatly helps you flow. Be sure not to react or take things personally. If you do, go within and see what deeper pattern wants release. Keep your vibration high by not taking one side or another. Observe yourself and others without judgment or deciding who’s right and who’s wrong. August brings an upgrade of Oneness/Unity. It will be easier to be in your Heart.

Love and accept yourself and do what empowers that; release what diminishes it. Let go of your old stories and labels. When you stand in your Power, you expand as Love. Standing in your Power is never about powering through or empowering others or overpowering another. It is true Freedom and Love. This is simply who we are.

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