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Extraterrestrial Races: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

By on January 13, 2015 in Extraterrestrials with 0 Comments

Extraterrestrial Races: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

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by Michelle Walling, CHLC
Staff writer,

We exist in a dualistic, holographic Universe where polarity can be felt in extreme measures. According to the Wes Penre Papers, as far as extraterrestrial races involved with planet Earth there are “good guys” and there are “bad guys”.


Although there may be good and bad beings in each extraterrestrial race, Wes has summarized the players of the game and has described where they are from. For the purpose of explanation the “nanosecond” he refers to is the time period of accelerated learning between 1987 and 2012.

The Bad Guys According to Wes Penre:

The Alpha Draconians

After Sirius star system itself, Thuban (Alpha Draconis) seems to be the Sirians’ most important base. It appears that this star was one of the first planetary systems the Dark Lords conquered. The inhabitants are different kinds of Draco/Reptilian life forms, often giant in shape. These races are commonly mentioned in Ufology and Exopolitics as a cruel conquer race and deeply involved in Earth’s history. This is very true to my knowledge as well, and the main group that is working closely with the Sirians here on Earth; especially with ENLIL. In the Sumerian scriptures, they go under a common name, KIN-GU, or Kingú.

The Draconian Albinos

Although their home planets are now orbiting Thuban, their royal clan, who are an albino Draco race, some with wings and horns, others without any of it, migrated to the Lyran star system, possibly when the Sirians came, or perhaps before. They are larger than all other Kingú, and are in Sumerian text known as the Kingú-Babbar. They are creator gods in their own right and are the creators of other Reptilian races now spread out over Sector 9.  The Babbar are loners and opponents to the Sirians, although not directly human friendly either. They are known to be aggressive and don’t hesitate to kill, but don’t have any direct plans to take over the Universe, like the Sirian Alliance does. They are present in our solar system on occasion, and the Sirians leave them alone, probably out of respect and fear.

The Red Dracos

These are the ones in charge of the Draconian still residing in Draco. Most of the Dracos are these days willingly working with the Sirians, although there are rebel groups here too, as normally seems to be the case in occupied worlds. They have reddish skin, wings, horns, and tails. It’s probably from seeing manifestations of this group we got the image of the Devil. They are known to be ferocious soldiers, and often seen together with Sirians on occupied planets. They have their own governors in Thuban, but the whole Draco system falls under Sirian regime, and their governors answer to the Sirian Government.

The Green Dracos

These are the worker class, obedient to both the Red Dracos and the Sirians. They are considered a ‘lower caste’ and simply do as they are told. They are not trained warriors like the Red, but they are still territorial, which is a common Reptilian trait, and would get hostile if provoked, and definitely if they were ordered to.

The Vegans

Most Vegans are not in alliance with the Sirians, but there is a rebel group here as well, who were manipulated into joining the Sirian group. The Vegans are otherwise very skilled Creator Gods, and have seeded many planets in this sector of the Universe. It’s an old race; probably one of the first in the Milky Way Galaxy. On their home planet, they look similar to the Vulcans in Star Trek, and is probably where the idea to the Vulcans come from. Most Vegans are still residing in the Vega system and have nothing to do with this rebel group.


The Andromedans

This is a little bit shadier, but it looks like there is a rebel group here too, who followed the Sirians on their mission and who now embrace the Patriarchal Movement. This rebel group would possibly be the group Alex Collier was in contact with. Normally, the group called the ‘Andromedans’ are part of the Orion Empire and know that the Universe is Feminine. The reason I believe Collier’s group is a rebel group belonging to the Sirian Alliance is because they tell us that God is masculine. If they are Andromedans, they know better than that, but are playing the Patriarch game together with the Sirians. There is also a chance that the ‘Andromedans’ Alex was meeting could have been Sirians in disguise, showing themselves off as Andromedans. Therefore, I was a little reluctant to mention them here, but decided to do so with the above disclaimer.

The Grays

Here is another shady group. The ‘Grays’ as a species is apparently pretty common in the Universe. LPG-C call them ‘saurians’, and author George LoBuono mentions them in his book, ‘Alien Mind’, as a very common template in the Universe. LoBuono himself, however, was basically in contact with a hostile group he calls the ‘Verdants’, originating from a star system in a galaxy 14 million light-years away, but since then have spread out quite remarkably over this part of the Universe, being on a mission of conquest and expansion. Many other researchers and contactees are describing the Grays as well. We know of a Gray group, which I discussed quite extensively in ‘Level I’, originating from Lyra, on a planet called Apex. This group was basically a friendly, benevolent race who minded their own business until the Verdants came and invaded them. The Apexian Grays were then, just like we humans on Earth, heavily genetically reengineered and manipulated, until they became more of an android race.

The story of the Apexian Grays can be read in detail in my ‘Genesis Paper #1: Human Origins and the Living Library but to make a long story short, due to a nuclear war, the planet Apex was not only thrown out of orbit, but also disappeared into a black hole and reappeared in a totally different star system, which we call Zeta Reticuli, many light-years away from Vega. I got this pretty much confirmed by LPG-C as well.

Somewhere along the line, these Grays were being invaded again, this time by the Sirians, and once again genetically manipulated. Eventually, they became foot soldiers and servants to the Sirians. These Grays are not necessarily into conquering the Universe, but are more like slaves to the Wolfen/Reptilian race.

To make things even more complicated, it seems like human genetic engineers have picked up on how resilient the bodies of the original Grays are, and have used their genetics to create a human/Gray hybrid, whom people have seen here on Earth, particularly around military bases. It’s quite evident that the Sirians have a hand in helping humans create this hybrid race, because they are often seen together with Sirians. Anonymous whistle-blowers have said that the Grays who are created here on Earth are meant to be used mainly as astronauts for the Shadow Government, due to that their body template is the only one so far that they have found resilient or resistant enough to endure radiation and other obstacles in space that human bodies have been had a hard time with while space traveling, making it impossible for human bodies to stay in space for more than a short time.

So, the Gray situation is quite complex, and it’s not obvious who is who. For us humans it is not of that much importance, however, because the ones seen in our solar system are not benevolent, and work either for our government, with the Sirian Overlords, or both. We know that not all Grays are recently engineered human/Gray hybrids, because the Grays were mentioned already in the Sumerian scriptures as the Mìmínu, and have been seen on Earth by different cultures over the centuries. They are said to have lived underground, and the American Indians call them the ‘Ant People’.

The Pleiadians

Again, we have a rebel group of Pleiadians who started working with the Sirians, or more specifically, Prince EA (Enki).They are giants, often referred to as the “Bird People” and the “Bulls” (Taurus). We know from the Pleiadians first hand (Marciniak’s group), that they are giants. They hint at heights from 7 feet up to 300 feet. The Pleiadians also admit to being the ‘Fallen Angels’ in the Bible, who came here to copulate with human females, but also helped EA and NIN with enhancing the human genome, using Pleiadian DNA. This resulted in the biblical giants, who roamed the Earth around the time of Noah and before (the Nephilim). Some of them survived the Deluge, as well, and became the Rephaim. Although these giants may be extinct today, their creators, the Pleiadian rebel group, are still working with the Sirians.

According to themselves, they did not evolve in the Pleiades, but came there much later. The Pleiadian group which has been involved in Earth history originated in Lyra, only to later migrate to Ursa Major, and finally ended up in the Pleiades, on the planet Dukù in the Maïa star system in particular, but also on a planet around the blue star, Electra.

The Ashtar Command

There are websites on the Internet where they say they are channeling the ‘Ashtar Command’. This group of ETs are simply the Pleiadians in present time, who are manipulating the channeler into thinking they are Ascended Masters coming down to help us in our struggle. We see a lot of this kind of channeling today, and I ask the reader to be very selective with whom you associate with when comes to alien species. There are certainly good ETs out there who wish us well, but if they contact us, they all have one thing in common: they tell us that we are our own saviors and should not expect any alien race coming down to Earth and do the job for us. We need to break the ‘godspell’ and claim our sovereignty as biological and spiritual beings, and this is exactly the message a good-intended alien species would have. They can’t wake us up for us. And if they would come down today and tell us they were here to guide us and tell us what to do, it’s going to be another human/God relationship, or they would most likely be attacked by the PTB, who would successfully manipulate many of the citizens into thinking these ETs are here to invade.

The Gargoyles

We see them everywhere on the top of old churches and cathedrals and it is a typical Catholic symbol. Statues of them can also be seen elsewhere, often guarding entrances to sacred or mysterious sites. People often think that they are made up in someone’s imagination, but we know that is rarely the case; almost without exceptions, statues and artifacts of strange and mysterious creatures have bases in reality.

In the Sumerian scriptures, these Gargoyles were sometimes called Mušgir, which means ‘furious reptile’ (‘Pazuzu’ in Assyrian) and were winged dragons with horns and tails, looking quite threatening in their appearance. Like so many others of the star races of the Sirian Alliance, the Gargoyles, too, originate in Lyra, and a second race was genetically engineered on Dukù in the Pleiades at a later time.

The Good Guys According to Wes Penre:

The ‘Blue Beings’

Barbara Marciniak, for example, was contacted by the ‘Blue Beings’ in the late 1970s, saying they were from the Pleiades. They later on became ‘The Pleiadians’; the same group Marciniak is still channeling today. This group consists of a number of beings from different star races who have come together as ontoenergetics to spread their message in an effort to help themselves and mankind. One of these Pleiadian groups is the ‘Blue Beings’. They came here as non-physicals and let their avatars manifest themselves to Barbara as the Blue Beings they apparently are on their home planet in the Pleiades.

I consider the Pleiadians, whom Marciniak is channeling, being ‘good ETs’, although I know they wouldn’t even be here, or bother with us, if it wasn’t because they first of all are attempting to help themselves, and us second. However, it has shown that their mission (agenda) has been quite beneficial for us too, and over time I notice that they have really come to like us humans. Yes, I can tell from have listened to them quite a lot, and some of my own material is inspired from what they have taught me. So, in spite of that they have their own motives, I consider them being allies of mankind. They are the descendants of the Fallen Angels in the Bible, and the Pleiades today and in the future (where they come from) are quite tumultuous places, with civil wars and inner conflicts. The Marciniak group, however, is a rebel group who meet somewhere in secret and in the non-physical to do this specific and unique channeling. They want an end to the tyranny that runs the Pleiades in the future.

The Aryans

The Orion Empire is huge from what I have found out, and is in general a pretty peaceful place today, although it had its tumultuous times as well in the ancient past. We humans, in our original form, I consider originate from Orion, due to that most of the Mother Goddess’ ‘Helpers’ when came to seeding Earth were from the Orion Empire, although some of the Founders were from other places as well. What they all had in common, however, was that they acknowledged the feminine force in the Universe as being the original creative force (in Sumerian called the ‘Niama’), and they were working with the Goddess’ moral and ethical values in mind.

Today, the Aryans are very much aware of what is happening here on Earth. As recent as perhaps eight months ago, I was asking myself that if the Aryans, who originally owned this planet, feel the Earth has been hi-jacked, why don’t they come here and liberate us from the Sirian Alliance? It seems like they could quite easily do so if they really put their energy to it. The answer, once it occurred to me, was quite obvious. If the Aryans would interfere, we humans, in our ignorance, would see them as an invader force, just like we would the Sirians. And if the Aryans came, the Sirians would definitely play the victims and plea for help from mankind, just to get us on their side. So it wouldn’t be a good solution. Secondly, they know better than start another galactic war; they’ve been there, done that. Instead, they are monitoring us closely, ready to assist when they can. In fact, all we need to do is to get together as a human race and ask for help, and help would come. But first we would have to know for a fact who is the enemy and who the friend is. If we are confused about that, we would be confused when the Sirians manipulate us into believing they are the good guys.

Keep in mind, however, that the Orion Empire is extensive, and there are of course beings who consider themselves being Aryans, who are not here in our best interest. These are few in numbers, but are creating some problem in the astral, from what I have heard. I bring this up, because it proves the point that things are not black and white, and there are good and bad beings within all star races.

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The Ama’argi

These are female Founders, originating from the star Dubhe in Ursa Major (the Big Dipper). They are a subgroup to the Amašutum, and have been residing in our solar system since ancient times. They used to have their base on Old Terra’s moon, and when Terra was split into two during the Titan War, there are researchers who claim that Terra’s moon at that time was slung out of its orbit around Terra and became the planet Venus. The Ama’argi may still dwell on Venus, but most certainly as ontoenergetics. They have always had affection for mankind and the whole Living Library, and were allegedly more involved in the old history of Terra/Earth than I have had time to acknowledge here in these papers.

The Amašutum

This is another name which seems to appear in the Sumerian texts quite a lot. According to Anton Parks, the Amašutum are female life designers (Founders), living in higher dimensions (of the KHAA), but can visit ours with no problem. They have been said to originate both from Orion, Ursa Major, and Ursa Minor. It is my own understanding that all the three star systems are correct. The Amašutum is simply a generic term for female life designers in a highly evolved state of being. Many of these female Founders are overseeing the progress we’re making here on Earth.

The Ontoenergetics

This is quite a general term that includes all non-physicals, although I am here concentrating on those who are present in the ‘astral realms’ around Earth and are studying what is happening, especially now, during the nano-second. Most of them are benevolent, evolved beings, who are happy to help if we ask them. If they are benevolent, they will not do the job for us, but rather help us steer ourselves onto the right track. This goes for all the benevolent races and beings out there; Pleiadians, Aryans, Amašutum, Ama’argi, and other physical and non-physical beings. None of them will help or interfere, unless we ask them. Most of them are more than willing to help.

Spirit Guides (angels)

This is another shady term, because it can have so many meanings. I am not very keen on many of the ‘spirit guides’ who come and get you after you have departed from your body at body death; most of them are Sirian Helpers, such as non-physical Vegans and Grays. Be particularly on your guard if they tell you to follow them ‘into the light’ or ‘to the tunnel’, or go see relatives. If you choose to go with them, you will end up in the Sirian recycling system again with full amnesia, and then being shot down into a new body here on Earth. If you read this and have enjoyed my papers so far, you are probably not a person who wants to go ‘into the light’. In one of the last papers (if not the last paper) in ‘Level II’, I will talk more about what the alternatives may be. The deceptive spirit guides may manifest themselves in the astral as angels, relatives, friends, a pleasant being, or perhaps even as Jesus or one of his disciples if the person is Christian.

The benevolent Spirit Guides are usually either higher version of yourself, or soul fragments of yourself that have already made it back to the Oversoul and are now meeting themselves in form of ‘you’, ready to take you home when you die and are in a higher state of consciousness and awareness. They may manifest very similar to the ‘false’ spirit guides, but if you use the abilities you have developed here on Earth during this, and a few previous lifetimes, you will be able to tell who is who. And if you’re uncertain, ask them who they are. Another obvious distinction is of course, where will they lead you? Above the Grid and out in the Universe, or into the ‘light/tunnel’? A good thing to do when you’re on your death-bed is to imagine yourself being where you want to be and ask for help only by those who have your absolute best interests in mind! But don’t hesitate to ask for guidance when you die. If your death is sudden and unexpected, and you suddenly find yourself disconnected from your body, go ahead and imagine it right there and then, and again, don’t hesitate to ask for assistance, but only from those who have your best interests in mind! This, of course, is very important.

The benevolent Spirit Guides, however, are not there to help you only when you’re on your death-bed, but anytime in your daily life, as well. ‘Ask and you shall receive!’ Again, your Guides will most probably not do the work for you, but guide you in the right direction by letting you experience what you need to experience (after all, we call them ‘guides’, don’t we?).

The Oversoul

The Oversoul is the ‘Real You’, from whom you in your current incarnation is only a soul fragment. The problem is that due to that the Sirians have kept us in custody here on Earth, we’ve been disconnected from our Oversoul by their Recycling System (reincarnation). Instead of returning to the Oversoul after a lifetime is over and report back to her, we are manipulated into going through the Tunnel and into the Light. So we hardly ever connect with our real selves, but instead reincarnate over and over. Each soul fragment learns a lot (althoughwe are forced to forget when the Sirians erase our memories between lives), perhaps not in one lifetime, but by incarnating over and over. If one particular soul fragment (you in your current incarnation in this example) would remember all her lifetimes, she would be rich of experiences. However, now when we are going through their ‘Amnesia Implant Station’, we have to start relearning what we’ve already learned in previous lifetimes every time we reincarnate. It’s a waste of time from our perspective. From the Sirian perspective it is not, of course.

However, if a single one of all the soul fragments that are you, simultaneously incarnated on Earth, would report back to the Oversoul, having full memory recall, that would be a lot of knowledge! Then think of yourself as being one of perhaps thousands of soul fragments, all incarnated here on Earth at the same time, but in different time periods, and you can start imagining how much you really know and can bring with you out in cosmos to meet other friendly star beings. Although they have been able to experience most dimensions for a long, long time, these star beings may have a lot to learn from you. That’s why so many star beings who don’t have a physical body would do anything to have one now in the nano-second, when the learning curve is incredibly high. Still, even if these ontoenergetics would take a body now in the nano-second, for the first time, it wouldn’t be the same, because we humans have past experiences down here which the non-physicals lack. But they know that even by incarnating once here on Earth (if it is now in the nano-second), it’s way better than nothing. Hence, from one perspective, we are ‘lucky’ to be here at this time. But only if we take advantage of the nano-second and act like sponges, willing to take in and learn as much as we can. After 2012, time will slow down incrementally, and the time window of great learning closes. That’s when it’s time to reflect over what we’ve learned in a great haste. If we didn’t learn much and spent most time in front of the television, there is not much to reflect over, either, of course. However, if you read this, you probably already have a lot to reflect over, whether it’s this material or other things you’ve learned before you read this.

This is what the Mayans called the End Times, because it’s the end of a cycle of 26,000 years (one circle around the zodiac) and the beginning of a new. The timelines are merging, and we are saying ‘hello’ to our other incarnations. Time as we know it is collapsing, and we are remembering our multidimensionality. Our previous lifetimes are being revealed for us, often both in the awake state and in dream state, but especially in dream state (4 cycles per second or less). Many of us have learned a lot only over the last ten years or so, and we are not going to fall into the recycling trap again.

If none of your other soul fragments have managed to return to your Oversoul, you will be the first, which is perfectly okay. If this is the case, you will be your own Spirit Guide for your other incarnations to follow, no matter in what time frame they live. Some may live in the 1800s, others 2,500 BC, and others may even live in the future. It doesn’t matter, because time is per default not linear; we made it linear together with the Sirians — it’s an agreement; set in a state of manipulation, but still an agreement. When you die next time, you would probably want to return to your Oversoul and then again come back, this time in the non-physical, as a Spirit Guide, and pick up your other selves when they die, one by one. Then, when you’ve picked up the last one, you are ‘whole’. There is no soul of yours left on Earth, and you are one big Oversoul, ready for new adventures. You can choose to go elsewhere in the Universe and explore the dimensions, or you may come back to Earth and rebuild a new planet, which eventually will be free from the oppression of the Sirians. This is what will become the New Earth, where those who took advantage of the nano-second and still want to come back, will build; a world of a much higher vibration where there eventually is no place for the lower Sirian energies. Like I’ve said before, the Multiverse is fluid, and you build your own reality with your own thoughts. Others with similar thoughts will share your version of the Multiverse, others will live in their own versions. There is no end to it! In some versions, the Sirians will still exist, creating a machine world where they have total control over the masses, who will be more and more like androids, robots, and machines. There is probably a majority of today’s population who will choose this version, either out of ignorance or out of fear, and it is their choice. We can only inform; it’s for each and every one to make their choice; it’s none of our business, and not for us to force any reality on anybody.

If you die and can’t find your Oversoul for any given reason, don’t worry about it. There are still forces who can help (see above how to ask for help), and/or you just imagine a place where you want to go, and you’ll be there. So you see how important it is to have an exit plan! If no Oversoul is present, start building one right there and then. Do exactly the same thing as you would do if you would have found one; be your own Spirit Guide and start collecting and merging with your other-selves who are still down here, living their lives. When all those soul fragments are collected, you will be whole, and your own Oversoul, able to do exactly the same thing as the person who ”found’ their Oversoul. So both ways work, which is important to understand.

Will You Choose Reincarnation?

As the veil (evil) begins to lift we are able to see beings for who they really are. Knowing the background of these beings and what their agenda is will help us decide if we want to have anything to do with them or not.

When we “die”, we carry the knowledge and consciousness we gained in this lifetime when our soul fragment leaves the body. After reading Wes’ statement about the tunnel and white light, we can be more informed in making a decision as to where we want to go next. If we choose reincarnation, it would be because we truly enjoyed the experience here on Earth or perhaps our true guides agree that we will feel like we need some more experience before we move on to another experience.

For those who are ready to make this their last experience in the reincarnation hamster wheel, we can take this knowledge of the possible deception between lives and choose to further our horizons out into the deep Universe toward our Star Oversoul. If we encounter any beings along the way, we now have a little more information about who they are and what their purpose is.

Ultimately in order to regain our free will sovereignty and to become whole again, we can begin bringing in our soul aspects into our bodies in the “now” by connecting with them and helping to heal traumas. We may already be doing this without knowing as we suffer through “ascension symptoms”.

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Taking Wes’ ideas a bit further, it seems that by doing our homework now we may be able to create an Oversoul in order to have a “New Earth” experience without ever leaving the planet. Everyone has a different path and will be able to make choices easier as the veils life and the light shines into the darkness.

Be sure you know who is in charge of your new experience and where your guides are taking you. Ultimately, you are a very powerful Creator and do not need anyone to be in control of you. Information is power and the use of your intuition will help you discern who has your best interest at heart.

About the author: Michelle Walling is a Certified Holistic Life Coach and Radio Host on The Cosmic Awakening Show. She has devoted her life to being a bearer and grounder of the light in service to others. As a truth seeker, she is committed to share her experiences with the world. She is also a hands-on healer, a distance healer, an empath, and an intuitive. Michelle Walling’s cosmic writing website is Holistic Counseling sessions can be booked on the website

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