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Full Moon Partial Solar Eclipse In Capricorn: Activating Your Maximum Abundance

By on July 16, 2019 in Astrology with 0 Comments

Full Moon Partial Solar Eclipse In Capricorn: Activating Your Maximum Abundance

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by Matthew John,
Contributing writer,

Full Moon Partial Solar Eclipse In Capricorn: Activating Your Maximum Abundance

Happy Full Moon and Partial Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn! The Full Moon becomes exact on Tuesday, July 16 at 5:38 PM EDT (21:38 GMT), which is just eight minutes after the eclipse reaches its apex.


Two weeks ago, we had a North Node New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer. This time, we head directly across the Zodiac Wheel for a South Node Full Moon/Partial Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn.

The North Node Eclipse was initiating an influx of new energy into our fields that will carry us forward into our ‘new selves’ over the next six months and beyond. This South Node Eclipse creates an opening for us to purge energy from our fields that would otherwise end up holding us back from becoming those ‘new selves’ we are destined to become.

You may have already begun to feel the purging happening. One indication of that is finding yourself falling into periods of depression or lethargy (being a bit moody). Those feelings of depression, sadness, or lethargy can be the physical and emotional effects of the old energies burning out of you. It is even possible for chronic physical symptoms to flare up while this is occurring.

Eclipse Season is all about purging the Shadow Aspects so that you can move forward fresh, renewed, and relieved. This is exactly what is happening on an energetic level both individually and collectively. We can see what is going on collectively with the recent news bombshells that are indicating that perhaps the House of Cards is beginning to fall.

It is setting us up for our individual destinies as Ascending humans and our collective destiny as a free and Ascended planet. In order to facilitate the changes that are occurring energetically, it is crucial that we get clear on what we want for our own personal lives.

Here are some great questions to ask yourself to help yourself become clearer on your future. You might want to take some time to journal on these questions:


– What kind of life do I really yearn for?

– What kind of things could I not do without in my future?

– What kind of things could I leave behind if it meant a better future for me?

– If I was really honest with myself, what kind of work do I feel is truly meant for me?

– If I was really honest with myself, what kind of environment does my Soul feel most at home in?

– If I was really honest with myself, are there any relationships or friendships I am in right now that are no longer serving me?

– Have I been afraid to become who I really am because I was afraid of being judged by others?


If you are reading this, then you are likely in your Ascension Lifetime. It is likely that your Soul has designed a Life Plan for you to move through and balance all of the required remaining karma in a single lifetime, in order for you to become a spiritual leader of the New Earth that we are co-creating together. Time is accelerating and we need for everyone to ‘catch up’ with the intensifying vibrations as quickly as possible so that we can free this planet from the darkness it has been encapsulated in since nearly the beginning of human life on this planet.

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One of the most crucial aspects of your Ascension Lifetime is your Service Work. Each of us has a specific type of Service Work that is programmed into our chakras, lying dormant until we become Activated and move through (usually) several Dark Nights of the Soul.

I remember one of my first Activation Points. It was a day like any other. All of a sudden, I found myself looking at a clock, and it read 12:12. I found myself entranced, and it felt like I went somewhere else for awhile, even though just a few seconds passed. I intuitively knew in that moment that my life would never be the same.

I had already been through my first Dark Night a few years earlier, but soon I found myself in my second. My Dark Night led me to Mexico, looking for answers and healing for a neurological issue that came out of nowhere. Up until then, my work had always been in the fields of sports and entertainment. However, as soon as my second Dark Night hit, I started digging into every metaphysical thing that interested me. I started learning the tarot and diving into spiritual texts.

I never, ever had thought I would end up being a healer and a psychic. Before my first Dark Night, when I was an atheist and asleep in the Matrix, I thought that those people were crazy or charlatans. During my second Dark Night, all of a sudden I started being a healer and a psychic—just like that. I was giving readings to people for fun in Mexico and I was uncannily accurate. My Service Work had been activated.

Do you have a similar story of being activated into your Service Work? Are you doing what you were always meant to do, now—whether that is something that sustains you financially or something you do on the side?

Service Work doesn’t always mean career, but often it does. For me, my Service Work is my passion, my career, and my financial sustenance. I wish for everyone reading this to find that work for themselves, if it is meant to be.

Sometimes, your Service Work isn’t necessarily what you do to earn your living, but it is something that you do on the side, either for money or for free. For example, I have had several clients whose Service Work involves helping to save animals, and they do this completely as volunteer work.

You will know when you have found your Service Work, because it will feel like it isn’t really work at all. You really, really enjoy doing the work that is involved. My Service Work practically has zero stress. It is in fact the easiest thing going in my life right now. It flows with complete grace and ease, which is a sure indication that it is in fact my Service Work.

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Here’s some questions to ask yourself to help you find your Service Work. Again, I would encourage you to take some time to do some journaling on these questions:

– Who or what do I feel I am most meant to Serve in this lifetime (e.g. addicts, dogs, beaches)?

– What skills do I have that are helpful to others?

– Which acts of Service feel most natural to me?

– Which acts of Service bring me the most Joy?

– What kinds of things do people naturally ask me to help them with?

– Is it possible that these things could also sustain me financially?

Please note that you may not have one specific thing that completes your Service Work; however, there could be an underlying theme that ties together your work. For example, if your Service Work has to do with helping addicts, you may end up becoming a Reiki Master or a therapist who happens to have a lot of clients who are addicts, and perhaps you may also have a cousin who is steeped in addiction and you end up being able to help him or her to get on the healing path.

Your Service Work generally has a karmic connection to it. For example, in the case of your Service Work having to do with helping addicts, perhaps you yourself came from a history of addiction; or perhaps you have a father who was an alcoholic, and subconsciously your deep desire to heal your family’s karma drives you to end up helping others to heal their addictions.

To continue with this specific example, if you end up having a big chunk of your Service Work having to do with helping addicts, perhaps in a past life addiction had derailed you from fulfilling a higher potential that your Soul had hoped you’d fulfill when it crafted your Life Plan. So, in this lifetime, you get another shot at it; and this time, you make it through addiction and into a place of being of Service to other addicts, in order to balance that karma you accumulated from the self-harm you perpetuated due to addiction in a previous life.

Your Service Work is also your contribution to the planetary collective consciousness. Eventually, the evolutionary destiny of an Ascending planet is for the individuals of the planet to merge into one planetary collective consciousness. As Ascending Beings, our Service Work is an important part of our contribution to this end. It is as if we are each writing our thesis through our Service Work, and each of our theses amalgamates into a giant thesis that is hundreds of billions of pages long.


Capricorn is very much associated with finances and the financial world. Money can be a taboo topic in the spiritual community, but it doesn’t need to be. Some people still are hanging on to the idea that in order to be enlightened one must let go of all material possessions—or at the very least be poor. This is an outdated idea left over from the Age of Pisces, where the extremely dualistic economic system thrived.

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In the Age of Aquarius, it is all about equality, including economic equality. It is inevitable, due to the astrological and astronomical influences on this planet, that the current economic system will vastly shift, and the canyon of wealth between the rich minority and the poor majority will be transmuted into a system that supports everyone having more than enough.

Money is not the root of all evil. Money is simply numbers in a computer, pieces of paper, and pieces of metal. The evil part of the current economic system is the power structure behind it. The money itself is simply a tool to enforce and perpetuate that power structure, but is not the root of the problem.

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Money is neutral. It is a tool for consciousnesses to interact with one another and has neither a positive nor negative charge. Money is unlimited, which is clearly proven by the fact that the Federal Reserve in the United States prints exorbitant amount of paper bills at will, which are backed by nothing.

What is your relationship with money? Do you have enough to support yourself and your family in spite of the fact that everything keeps getting more expensive as time goes on? Do you have enough to afford organic foods, nutritional supplements, and bodywork? Do you have enough to travel once in awhile?

There is a whole spectrum on which people can fall into different categories based on the nature of their dysfunctional relationship with money. Some people are stuck in poverty consciousness and believe that money is evil and because of the system they will never have enough to thrive. On the other end of the spectrum, there are people who are in reality very wealthy and yet they are everlastingly on an obsessive, harried chase to acquire more money based on a subconscious fear that they still don’t have enough yet to feel safe.

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In the middle of those two extremes, we find a middle road of a healthy relationship with money. On this middle road, money is not a source of stress nor greed.

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Your Service Work is very much tied into your financial health. As you step more fully and committedly into your Service Work—whether that is tied in with your career or not—you will energetically align yourself with the vibration of Abundance.

The essence of Service Work is giving back. You are giving back to yourself, to your family, to others, and to the world. Giving back puts you into the vibration of Abundance, because when you are giving back, you are affirming that you have enough to allow yourself to give back (whether it be your time, money, effort, or all three). So as you activate your Service Work, you will naturally activate your Maximum Abundance (and again, you get to choose what your Maximum Abundance looks like).

It’s a good time right now to harness the energies of this Eclipse and come up with a clear picture of what you’d like your Maximum Abundance to look like. Here are some questions you can ask yourself:

– How much money would I ultimately like to earn per year?

– What kind of home would I ultimately like to live in?

– What kind of environment would I ultimately like to live in?

– What kind of family would I ultimately like to have?

– What kind of circle of friends would I ultimately like to have?

– What kind of schedule would I ultimately like to have?

– Which other possessions or luxuries would I ultimately like to have?

– What kind of health and vitality would I ultimately like to have?

There are no right or wrong answers here. One person may desire to earn $5 million per year, own several mansions around the world, have a large group of wealthy and active friends, and work 6 days a week for 12 hours a day with a few months off per year. Another may prefer to earn $15,000 a year, live in a tiny home off-grid, grow his own food, and have few friends and few possessions.

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The truth is that neither lifestyle is more or less spiritual than the other. There are no absolutes in this game. You can Ascend as a solitary monk with few possessions or as a wealthy businessman. It is a matter of personal choice and which type of lifestyle would be more aligned with your Life Plan.

The Soul situates your life circumstances based on what it knows would be the ideal set of conditions that will be most likely to give you the greatest opportunity to negotiate the Lessons you need to move through in this lifetime, in order to balance your toroidal field and move into the next stage of your evolution.

So, if growing up in poverty is going to give you the best opportunity to move through your specific Lessons, that’s exactly what will happen; if growing up wealthy will give you the best opportunity to move through your specific Lessons, then that will be what happens. Neither situation is more or less spiritual than the other.

However, I want to emphasize that you do have Free Will. Once you’re here and in a body, you get to choose the life you want to live. Perhaps you intuitively feel that a life of excessive riches would be a distraction from the Lessons you came here to work on; or likewise, perhaps you feel deep down that building a life of financial wealth will help you to accomplish what you came here to accomplish. Every person is different, and there are absolutely no rights or wrongs here. Anyone who tells you that a rich life is less spiritual than a poor life or vice versa is missing the point of life.

Perhaps reading these words feels freeing to you. Perhaps you have been desiring to be financially comfortable for your entire life, but there has been that ever-present feeling of guilt somewhere inside you. Perhaps that feeling of guilt has been protecting you, because in a particular past life you did inherit material riches, and you used your material wealth to hurt or take advantage of others.

If you feel like this applies to you, then know that you are allowed to do things differently in this lifetime, and by doing so, you will balance the karma of the past. Guilt—even subconscious guilt—blocks your Maximum Abundance.

You have the Free Will to choose what your Maximum Abundance looks and feels like. Below I have listed some beliefs that will support you having a healthy relationship with money. Feel free to use some or all of these as daily affirmations:

– Money is not evil; it’s just a mechanism we use to interact with each other.

– Money is unlimited. – I deserve to have enough money in order to thrive.

– I don’t need to apologize or feel guilty for having enough to thrive, because money is unlimited. I can choose to give as much or as little away to others who are in need of more money.

– I get to decide how much money is enough for me.

– Money will never make me feel truly safe. I get to decide whether I am truly safe or not.

– I hereby activate my 100% Maximum Abundance for this lifetime. I deserve this!

– I AM financially free!


With Pluto in Capricorn until 2028, we are seeing the breakdown of the patriarchal structures of the past that has held humanity hostage. Pluto is currently Retrograde in Capricorn and conjuncting the Lunar Eclipse, so it is likely we will see more shakeups in the political realms, more revelations of abuse by those in power, and perhaps more signs that the House of Cards may be crumbling over the next two weeks and beyond.

On an individual scale, relationships are still to the forefront and we are likely to see many romantic relationships encountering rockiness and perhaps breaking apart. The energies are such that if you are in a relationship and things are really getting difficult during this Eclipse Season and you are intuitively feeling that the relationship is reaching its natural conclusion, then please honor that feeling and do what is necessary to move on.

The energies now are likely to encourage people to show their ‘true colors’, especially when it comes to the Shadow Masculine energies like narcissism and abuse. Trust your intuition and remember that you get to decide whether how someone is treating you is OK or not. And if someone is repeatedly not showing you the respect you know that you deserve, then the truth is is that there most certainly is someone else out there—perhaps someone you haven’t met yet—who will respect and honor you, because they will be someone who truly respects and honors themselves.

Wishing you a Blessed Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse.

With Love,

Matthew John

P.S. EXCITING NEWS!!! I am hosting a Mastery Empowerment Course called “Creating the 5D You” this Saturday, July 20 at 3 PM New York/2 PM Chicago/noon Los Angeles/8 PM London/5 AM on 7/21 in Sydney.

DESCRIPTION: Eclipse season is an especially auspicious gateway in which the Universe tends to do whatever is necessary to reshape your life to get you back on your Soul’s Highest Path. We can take advantage of this powerful time of shifting and evolution in order to consciously remake ourselves on all levels and bring the quantum possibility of our 5th Dimensional Self into the NOW moment to create real, physical changes in our health, relationships, and finances.

In this 90-minute Mastery Empowerment Course, Spiritual Teacher, Starseed Guide, and Intuitive Healer Matthew John will lead you through a step-by-step process to create the 5D you in the quantum field and to anchor that into physical reality. The steps include:

– Honestly taking stock of your life and identifying your blockages – Clearing your blockages – Rewriting your subconscious mind to include beliefs that will carry you forward, not keep you held back – Experiencing your Future Self on your Highest Possible Timeline – Bringing your Future Self’s subconscious patterns and prevalent emotions into the NOW – Identifying empowered action-steps to move onto your Highest Possible Timeline – Developing strategies to make the changes permanent – Activating your 100% Maximum Abundance ​ We will take take advantage of the amplified field that we will be creating as a group energetic container to make dramatic steps forward in each of our individual lives! ​ Please have a pen or pencil and a few pieces of paper handy.


About the author: Matthew John is an internationally-known Spiritual Teacher, Spiritual Mentor, Speaker, Intuitive Healer, and Quantum Energy Healing working directly with the Ascended Masters. He offers inspirational and educational articles and videos on his website and Facebook page. He also offers powerful private sessions worldwide via phone and Skype, including Intuitive Healing & Coaching Sessions, Soul Plan Readings, Spiritual Mentoring (Awakening Coaching) Sessions, Starseed Coaching Sessions, Intuitive Nutrition Readings, Chakra Scans. Past Life Regressions and Future Life Progressions. You can check out his work and book readings and sessions at

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