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Healing Fear Contracts From 3D Reality During Ascension

By on January 9, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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Healing Fear Contracts From 3D Reality During Ascension

by Jelelle Awen,
Contributing Writer,

“How do we dissolve and transcend fear contracts that we have created while in 3D reality so we can be clean for 4D and 5D experience?” This question was asked of me by a client for me to respond to from my perspective. The first place I feel to go in response to this question is the ideas that parts of us can have about fear. Our Divine or Higher self doesn’t have fear as it is a resistance to love and our Divine self is remembering that we ARE Infinite Love. Yet, in the process of remembering this and, because we are so influenced by the cultural and societal conditioning and programming around us, then parts of us are formed (our 3D self) and created that hold fear or a very visceral resistance to love.

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The way to heal anything is with love; it is the only frequency that can and does heal and transform energies. Resistance to love is healed with more love. Rather than resisting our fears, we connect with, get to know, and love the parts of us that hold the fears. These are parts of us that have been conditioned to a 3D reality where fear is expressed in politics, in religion, in society, in education, in many ways and forms love is resisted and not embraced. Our fear is actually trying to show us where our resistance is. When I feel fear I celebrate it (at this point, for me, after many years of this awakening process through parts work I don’t feel much conscious fear anymore) because it is showing me another place inside of me that needs more love. When I feel fear, I become very curious about where it is coming from, how it lives inside of me, and I go in deeply to be with it.

When I feel into the idea of ‘fear contracts’, it doesn’t have an alive frequency for me. It feels like a binding idea, an idea of old paradigm binds with legalistic roots. It’s not a word that I have used over the years even as I have felt deeply the fear that exists inside of bonds with others, which is what I call the ‘binds’ that exist. There can be many layers to these binds between souls, many cords of codependency, karma, many chapters living out even in other dimensions and other lifetimes. Those that are most intimate to us are usually the ones for which we have the most grounds of transaction of both binds and bonds. These souls are also the most powerful mirror for us to see ourselves and both our trailing and leading edges.

If both people are engaged in a consciousness awakening and heart and soul healing path, they can be with the fear that comes up to intimacy (again, a fear of love), feel the aspects of themselves that are in fear of love, and come back to the mutual ground to process it. Going in as an individual, going in ‘vertically’ rather than focusing on the horizontal ground is so important here as it is the only place that we actually have the power to heal or transform fear to love.

I also don’t use the word ‘transcend’ as it can imply not feeling or not being in the body, not embodying our emotions and fears. Again, it is the embracement of the fears and shadow that heals them. Embracing without going into suffering loops is a delicate balance and one that I have needed space holders at times to guide me in, to be a mirror outside of myself so I can see myself. I believe that this support from a heart-open other person is critical to this process of healing fears and awakening to our Divine self. Also, to be in a community of others who are on the same path is hugely nourishing and transformative as well. I do not feel that we were meant to do this alone. It can be the fear of love and the fusion to the 3d sense of separation that keeps us in a solitary place around our healing, suffering, and not asking for support.

It can be very tempting to parts of us to just escape our ‘pain body’ (where our subconscious woundings live in heart and soul frequencies) rather than ‘go in’ to them. Parts of us are literally afraid that we will die or go crazy if we go there. These parts of us will use spiritual frequencies pulled from the 4D and 5D consciousness levels to bypass feeling these things. However, I feel that we cannot really avoid our own healing. It comes back around in a parallel lifetime to be faced and held. It is why we are here after all.

With this ‘inner embracement’ of fears it is not that they dissolve so much as the parts of us that hold them eventually integrate into our Divine self until we experience more and more Wholeness of Being and more sense that we ARE Infinite Love. We experience more and more the frequencies of fifth dimensional consciousness (and beyond) as we let go into what we really ARE beyond the fear.

Jelelle AwenAbout the author: Jelelle Awen is an ascending teacher into 5D consciousness, Divine guide-scribe-author, group facilitator, and co-creator/teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about sessions, online group calls and circles, community, videos, and more.

Image: Pixabay

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