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How To Identify And Clear Spiritual Hitchhikers

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How To Identify And Clear Spiritual Hitchhikers

by Michelle Walling, CHLC
Contributing Writer,

How do you know when you unintentionally pick up spiritual hitchhikers and what can you do about it?

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At this phase in the game of life and what has been termed ascension, when we ask whether we are being targeted by negative or dark entities we are opening the door for the possibility. Your level of consciousness at this time is the only barometer of what can be allowed to influence you. Thoughts are beginning to manifest quicker now than ever, and being cognizant of your thoughts has a greater impact on the ability to shield yourself against tricksters, attached negative entities, and disinformation.

You are the creator of your reality

We all agreed to send a portion of ourselves into a lower vibrational state in order to have a physical experience. It seems that most of us have chosen the victim role at one point or another which gives us the illusion that we are powerless over what unfolds in our lives. It all comes back to having the awareness of what we have chosen and changing the reality that we are creating with each moment and thought.

Repetitive thoughts or worries about negative entities will be more likely to manifest a lower vibrational attachment or trickster type energies due to the Law of Attraction. Conversely, we have figured out by experience that when we tackle one set of limiting beliefs we can move on to a next level of vibration. This is similar to the analogy of Jacob’s ladder or the “Stairway to Heaven”.

Some people may have a shadow self that is playing a role in their lives that may be misconstrued as a dark entity or archon force in their life. Also, depending on your path, you may be experiencing the dark night of the soul which may be misconstrued as an entity attachment influencing your reality. Some people may draw tricksters into their lives that like to hide their keys or interfere with their computers or daily tasks.  Everything revolves around being aware of what you are drawing to yourself.

Some people are negatively influenced by the programming from television in the form of mainstream media news, low vibrational reality shows, and movies. Some people, including young children, are being negatively influenced by music that has hidden discordant energies.

Use common sense when informing yourself of what is happening to the world. Too much news can lead to sadness and frustration. Too much focus on fear of not doing as well as you should be doing on your spiritual path or feeling that you are not good enough can also be a cause of spiritual anxiety. Now is the time to let go of the fears of “not ascending”, for that is absurd if you have made the conscious choice to do so. You are the one who is standing in your way of moving forward.

Your higher self is assisting with your vibration

The programming of our society through television and education has been an ingenious way to keep us out of holding high vibrational frequency. We are connected to our higher self, deemed as the “mind” of our oversoul or monad which is always there to help us keep stepping forward up the ladder toward our goals. Our higher self holds the knowledge that can be used to overcome these programs when it is time to move on to the next level of vibration; when we have completed all of the things that we needed to do within that particular frequency. Your ego may get on a spiritual bliss high and think it is time to move on the next level, but you may have a past life experience that has not played out yet or you may have contracted with someone to give them an experience that still has to be addressed. Only our higher self knows when this time is right.

How to clear negative energies, entities, thought forms, and programs

There are several ways to consciously clear negative energies and hitchhikers from your energy field. Raising your vibration above the level of these beings is becoming easier and easier as we raise humanity’s collective vibration. For those pesky energies that you just can’t seem to transmute through vibration, here are some techniques that when used with heartfelt intention should take care of the problem:

Smudging yourself and your environment with sage and incense can move them out of your field.

Prayer or intentions that request assistance from inter-dimensional high vibrational beings of the light (spirit guides and/or angels) is another way to rid yourself of these energies.

Invoke the violet flame  to envelope your entire being which will “burn” away any negative energies.

Repeat affirmations and mantras that you are clear and clean of all negative energies, entities, thought forms, and programs. This is best when coupled with the next step.

Use water as a cleanser. In the shower, imagine the water is raining down white light. You can also take a bath with ½ cup Sea salt and ½ cup baking soda and intend that minerals cleanse your body and your energy field.

Use crystals that cleanse such as selenite or a chart of crystals can be found here.

“Shields up”

After a good cleansing some people who are empathetic may need to shield themselves when being in the presence of other people that have not done the work of keeping a clear energy field. It is best to get into the routine of doing this every morning when you wake up as well as after you have done an energy clearing.  You can get as creative as you would like with your energy shield, but here are two examples:

Imagine that you have an energetic egg-shaped translucent bubble of light around you that is impenetrable.

Imagine that you have a wall of mirrors surrounding you that makes you invisible. Be careful when you are at the grocery store, though, as someone may run into you or your cart simply from not being able to see you!

You can also imagine a shield around your car or home. With the acceleration of your frequency, you may notice the need to shield yourself less in the future.

We need to trust our own power

It is entirely possible to raise your frequency enough and sustain it at a level to where you simply cannot be interfered with. When this point is reached, it takes even more determination and thought processes to keep yourself in the frequency band. Remember that this will not occur until you have experienced all that is necessary to transmute what you needed to transmute at the prior level under the direction of your higher self. In essence, by determining that you will get to a higher frequency and stay there, you are actually asking for acceleration of your experiences in order to shoot up the ladder, and they will begin to come one after another until you at least catch up with Earth’s resonance.

The process of getting through these challenges can be as simple as getting into a routine where you make sure to have time for yourself to do the things that you love in order to maintain that high level of vibration. Whenever a challenge or emotion comes up to be cleared, do not bottle it up inside.  Instead acknowledge what is happening, let it flow through you and get right back into your routine of joy.

We have been bathed in enough high vibrational energy at this point in order to keep the ball rolling in what seems to be the worst of times on the planet. This routine of doing what you love is a part of the “going within” process. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience and our natural state of “be-ing” is the highest vibration of Source consciousness, which is love. In reality, if all you do is realize who you truly are, you have made the most important step toward being impervious to anything but love.

When to seek professional help

The inspiration for this article came from the beautiful people who message the In5d Face book page with questions about being possessed or having dark entities influence them, their family and/or their homes. There was recently a case where a woman had done some paranormal “ghost hunting” work in the past and is currently on a spiritual path in a lightworker role. Her son was exhibiting dark tendencies and seemed to go in and out of trance like states where he clearly was not himself. Then she mentioned that her son had actually burned their house down, and this to me was a clear sign that she needed to seek the professional help of a paranormal investigator that can help to clear any entities that had attached themselves to her son. Although she could have probably done this herself with her power as a knowledgeable lightworker and by having faith in her abilities, clearly when children are affected is it best to let someone with specific skills intercede.

Sometimes the density of being here at this time has caused such angst that it has manifested into dis-ease within the emotional body which manifests into the physical body. A soul will have either chosen to experience disease in order to move through some sort of lesson or it will have chosen it in order to create an exit point. When a person gets debilitated by this in a form of sickness, it is extremely hard for that person to be able to think positively or cognizant enough to even know what is happening. On top of this, medication can be the biggest obstacle to overcome when it is needed for pain or to reduce certain debilitating symptoms. In this circumstance, a professional holistic practitioner should be consulted in order to treat the emotional or spiritual cause of the physical manifestation.

The higher vibrations that are bathing the planet are helping to instantly heal some of the emotional issues simply by dissolving them from our reality and are also helping to de-calcify the pineal gland.  The third eye activation is assisting in the ability for people to come out of the fog and begin to question why things are happening in their lives. Eventually more and more information will be able to be accessed from one’s higher self and from access to the Akashic Records via the third eye gateway.

Even though some people may not completely get into studying spiritual awakening and may even stay under a religious influence for a while, they still will end up gravitating toward making changes in their lives without really ever knowing why. Dark energies will naturally have a harder attaching to their energy fields as they grow in experience.

The future of healthcare lies in the ability of self healing and of alternative, holistic treatment. This includes various healing modalities such as energy therapy, spiritual therapy, herbal and natural remedies, and new technologies now available such as sound and wave therapies. If there are energies that you are having a hard time in transmuting yourself, there is a growing field of therapists and practitioners that can help you.

Listen to your body

It is becoming more and more important to be able to discern trickster energies and false messages. By paying attention to your body, you use nature’s best BS detector with a little practice.

Many people have experienced the feeling of “goose bumps” or energies running throughout the body when they hear something that is the truth or when they hear confirmation of the truth. On the other hand, if you hear something or read something that gives you a “shock” of fear like energies or panic in your body, then that may be a BS signal. If you get a sense of dread or just feel uncomfortable, then this is also a way to detect that something is not right. In extreme cases, if you feel a sickness in your gut then you can rely on this to alert you to the fact that something is out of alignment with the truth frequency.

If your body is fatigued or if you are feeling drained, you may be going through a shift of frequencies and clearing in preparation for a download of higher frequencies. This would be the case if you begin to feel better within a few days. If you so not begin to feel better and this feeling persists, begin to look at your environment.

Is a cluttered environment or job draining you? Is someone around you draining your energy? People who are constantly drained and negative may indeed have a negative energetic attachment or even an artificial intelligence implant that needs to be cleared by the methods in this article or with professional help. They may also have friends and family that have these energies attached to them that may be feeding off of you. If your quest to help that person falls on deaf ears, the only choice for your own sake may be to separate yourself from them and cut the energetic cord.

If you are feeling antsy, fidgety, or have a lack of sleep due to the amount of energy you are carrying around you may be raising your vibration so high that you are not in alignment with the planet.  It is wise to ground yourself by expending some of that energy out in nature.  You could also try eating something healthy or any other method of grounding that works for you. The goal at this time isn’t to ascend right out of your body up into the clouds; ascension is an internal ideology. There is always work to be done in your physical body, as long as you exist in a physical body, so bring yourself back down to planet Earth and try to ride the waves with her.

If you are feeling grounded, healthy and happy with enough energy to do the things you love, then congratulations, you are doing a great job in transmuting whatever comes up and allowing yourself to simply ride the wave while being aware of what is happening in and around you! This is the evidence that you have been either been working on your “stuff” long enough to get to a place of balance, or perhaps you didn’t bring as much baggage into this lifetime as some other people may have. Your energy field is probably free and clear of negative energies or entities and/or you simply did not come into this lifetime to transmute past life karma or collective energies for the planet.

The light will outshine the darkness

Source is made up of the highest particles of vibration which is the love frequency. Those who recognize that they are always connected to their creator Source will begin to be able to carry more and more particles of this light within themselves. As the Earth raises her vibration, the negative entities and energies will not be able to co-exist in the higher vibrational frequencies. The best way to “be” is to simply focus on yourself, your thoughts, and your actions. Take responsibility for yourself and the rest will fall into place.

As each human raises his or her vibration, it allows for others to have the opportunity to work through what is needed to move on to the next level. This brings us into an action and creation phase rather than a reactionary response. In order to free yourself of the possibility of a negative entity attachment, do not consider it in the possibility of it in the creation of your reality. Instead know that you are a powerful being of light with limitless possibilities.

The love train will pull as many people out of the denseness as possible. Even a few sparks of light are powerful enough to illuminate a room of darkness. It is your choice- “To be or not to be, that is the question”~ (William Shakespeare)

Author’s note: When this article was originally published, I was into more terms of what I wanted to express that may seem “New Age”. Ascension, violet flame, and raising your vibration are examples of how my mind was processing the information. The underlying message I wanted to convey is still true, so if you have moved on past these terms too, do not let the rest of the info pass you by. I find that we all have phases that we go through step by step in order to reach a certain knowledge of the bigger picture. There are many different ways of describing energies that can attach to you and I will be expanding on this in the near future. Look for “Starseed and Royalty Survival: How To Recognize Implants And Tags” and “What Is A Demonic Possession” in May of 2015.

~With love and always with humanity’s best interests in mind, Michelle Walling

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About the author:
Michelle Walling, CHLC is a Holistic Life Coach, international public speaker, writer, webmaster, and radio show host. In 2013, Michelle started her public career as a spiritual, metaphysical, and esoteric guest writer for Michelle is the webmaster for five websites including,,, and Michelle is the host of In5d’s Cosmic Awakening Show and In5d Network.
Her personal Facebook page can be found here.

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