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How To Know If You Are A Starseed

By on January 24, 2015 in Indigos
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How To Know If You Are A Starseed

Are you a starseed? Starseeds (or ‘lightbeings’) is a term used to describe human beings who believe they originated as extraterrestrial life from other worlds or planets, and arrived to Earth through birth or as a walk-in to an existing human body.

Persons calling themselves star seeds find that they share in common feelings of isolation or aloneness, as though they don’t quite fit in to Earth institutions and current events. It is estimated that 65 percent of starseeds are women and that about about one-fourth of these have unusual blood types. In surveys with people thought to be Star People (starseeds), the Science Channel reports that nearly half reported near-death experience and seventy-five percent had out-of-body experience. Nearly all of them say they feel tremendous urgency to fulfill a mission.

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Starseeds are defined as evolved beings from another planet, star system or galaxy who have come to Earth with the specific mission of assisting its people to achieve a higher level of civilization.

How To Know If You Are A Starseed

In reports based on surveys, starseeds (also “beings of light”) incarnate into human lifeforms and suffer the same conditions of helplessness and total amnesia concerning their identity, origins and life-purpose as Earth humans do. Starseeds differ in a theory that their genes contain alien DNA, and are encoded to awaken them and their awareness at a planned time.

The awakening process experienced by starseeds is described as either a gradual series of realizations over time, or an abrupt and dramatic awakening of consciousness. Through the awakening process, starseeds regain their memories about their past, their origins and their missions. An increase in intuition, psychic ability, and the sense of a more universal “self” that transcends mortal identity are also commonly reported experiences.

Some star people speak of communication via telepathy with beings not of this world, either physical or non-physical. Elevated awareness claims that communication or memories recall extraterrestrial or multidimensional life, such as “beings of light” (lightbeings).

Persons who identify themselves and others as starseeds share a belief that life exists on other planets. Most believe they have lived on other planets, and many account having experiences that they claim are memories of life on other worlds. The concepts of star ships, spaceships, intergalactic travel, psychic phenomena and sentient life forms in other galaxies come naturally and seem logical to them.

Characteristics and Traits of a Starseed

* Descriptions and comparisons of traits shared by starseeds:
* Feeling like a “stranger in a strange land”
* Compelling eyes; unique and striking physical appearance
* Lower than normal body temperature and low blood pressure
* Sharp hearing
* Little sleep requirements
* A strong sense that Earth is not their home
* Visitations by benevolent and luminescent beings with human-appearance
* Was an unexpected child
* Unusual abilities considered paranormal by peers
* Have “flying” dreams
* Extreme sensitivy to electricity and electromagnetic fields
* Feelings that their biological mother and father are not their real parents
* Ongoing longing for some other home
* Had unseen companions as a child
* A deep knowing their home is someone among the stars
* Often starry-eyed romantics
* Often notice they glance at a clock when it’s 11:11


Image: Pixabay

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