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How To Recognize An Energy Vampire And What To Do

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How to Recognize an Energy Vampire

by Jocelyn Daher,

I will start off by saying that everyone that is reading this article has most likely had an experience with an energy vampire living in the type of society we do today.

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All of us experiencing this at different levels, whether it be a relationship where you were so manipulated you started questioning your own sanity. Having to scribe and keep track of each moment because this person was convicting you the sky was actually purple or simply a friend or coworker not being happy for fortunate moments within your life. It is the feeling of being drained of your energy, your natural joy and life force by someone around you. You can feel them deliberately or unintentionally sapping and mutating their surroundings into negativity.

Our main mission here on this planet is to love one another. To join hands and head and build the higher vibration to shake away all that is lacking. This energy sapping feeling has to start somewhere in my opinion, originating from a general expectation for the other person (the energy vampire) to share this feeling, this mission of mutual elation.

The current societal construct has been built on the opposite ideology telling us unconsciously on a daily basis since birth, that when we do not get the emotional energy we need (that should be from sharing) we must then go into dominating or competing with others. An unconscious competition for energy underlies all energy vampire conflicts. By dominating or manipulating others, they get the extra energy they think they need. It feels good to them but both parties are damaged in the conflict. The truth is always inherently looming though, that we never have to control, overpower or manipulate anyone or any situation because each person has a direct line to source energy, the most abundant and powerful source of energy there is.

So what are the different types of psychic vampires and how do you spot them?

Poor me’s make us feel guilty and responsible for them.

This is the person that if you have the flu they have had it way worse than you or even the one who constantly has the bad relationship, financial state, and some looming affliction to top it off. Isn’t it coincidental that the ones who have not been awakened to their line to source are also sick, broke and out of luck-love? Or is that a coincidence at all? These people I see the most frequently but are also the least harmful as most are doing it from a non-malicious and most of the time unconscious standpoint. Although I have experienced some who this is the tip of the iceberg to reel you in to the layers of manipulation tactics to have you as their constant victim and host. When you don’t show up for their pity party this will come full swing with their arsenal of guilt trips to try to sap energy and attention. Always try to keep in mind this poor me attitude simply stems from not receiving enough love from within.

The Aloof sap energy by showing indifference.

This person is the one who is the too cool for school guy or gal that will indirectly without saying anything make you question whether what you are doing should be celebrated at all. They wallow in their indifference just long enough to psychologically affect your processes to where the tables and attention is turned towards them instead of your original source of joy. This is the guy who is completely but quietly disgusted by the raise you just got or the amazing lesson you have learned in life and want to share. There is also a siphoning feeling from what you are doing to them because their main tactic is to stop the flow of energy as a control mechanism.

Interrogators drain energy by judging and questioning.

These people are the ones who are incessantly and persistently intent to be right at all cost. Therefore it could be something that is generally known and they counteract what you are saying by simply wording different or more precise. These are the ones who are constantly stepping on your heels to try to get one imaginary (non-existent) step ahead of you by cutting you down and proving you “wrong”. Their objective is control and ego boosting since this is coming from insecurity. Their tactic is to form a mental separation from the universal truth and to have you question your inner compass and knowing so that they can be in control over you, themselves and the surrounding situation.

Intimidators steal energy from others by threat or fear.

In my opinion this is the deepest embedding vampire and the most sophisticated. This person needs to get close enough to know your personal fears to use them against you. This is a very primal, reptilian brain tactic that if you are in fear then they hold the steering wheel to your decisions and life force energy. This tactic is not to be taken lightly and often follows with a bribing system. For example: If you don’t do this you will compromise your or other’s safety. You wouldn’t want that would you? Very malicious. Very deliberate. Perhaps showing the mirror of what the true comfort to any situation would be instead of the fear. In my opinion, separation or ignoring is the best counter for this one.

Naturally the next question to ask would be:

How do I protect myself from energy vampires?

I always use this easy three step system:

1. Try to uplift the vampire to a higher vibration.

All things either come from love or are a cry for love. If the person trying to sap energy from you is looking for love which is the feeling of connection to their own line to source then remind them of this. Whether it be through an act of kindness or simply offering words of empowerment to their situation. This technique works the best for the poor me type.

2. If they are resistant to the vibration raising, you can always protect yourself.

If you try to offer them love, they resist this process you can always go into protection mode. Most people see this as building a wall, shutting down or visualizing a bubble of white light surrounding you. While I think the visualization is handy because it brings you back to your own line of connection and remembrance that you are a powerful extension of source, this is just a band-aid over the splinter from my perspective. Since it is only a temporary fix to the situation, if you want to keep this person around. The situation get sticky because we have expectations and they are understandable and universal expectations. This expectation is to share in the building and acceleration of the collective consciousness. We have made an agreement and it feels good to share good vibrations with other people to help raise humanity to ascension. Therefore when an energy vampire starts sapping your open energy instead of joining in to build the frequency, you give them open access becoming the victim. This is only because we lower our vibration in disappointment because of their reaction or action. We can stop this access by not being a victim of expectation, we simply expect the opposite for this person (to continue with the same energy draining behavior patterns). Recognizing that this is independent of our personal experience. You then can see that you have to be on the same frequency of an energy vampire to even become the host.

Another “tactic” would be a healing exercise I like to do when I am offended or feel let down by someone which is to ask myself what false belief I am holding to allow myself to feel let down to begin with. I go into this in great detail in my article How to Protect Yourself as an Empath if you would like to know more about this healing pathway.

3. Cut ties of communication or simply ignore them.

Lastly and I say this because I truly believe we are here as mirrors for one another to help heal one another through sharing but if this person is persistent enough to be causing you mental and even physical anguish then it is time to separate yourself whether you do that physically or mentally. Start focusing on the type of relationships you would like to surround yourself with and build your environment up with the frequencies you would like to be vibrating at, this is indirectly energy vampire repellent for two reasons.

One is that energy vampires need a reaction or your negative attention to continue being vampiric and two they need to have you be in the frequency of being the victim. So in my opinion it is useless to try to justify yourself by teaming up with others “against” this person like a good guy-bad guy scenario because let’s be honest this is multidimensional. Everyone is neither all good or all bad, we are just in different levels of healing and perception. If you start to focus on what you want and less of what they are doing, you will be surprised at what ease these people disappear. When you listen to your inner heart compass, your connection to source, you will be surprised at what “power” you have “over” them because the truth is there is no higher power than another. There is no control, only oneness. Just keep following your joy.

To sum all of this up, the dynamics to any vampiric situation are quite simple as you can see, they start trying to draw energy from you, you start to feel the drama from their control tactic which temporarily leads you away from that sweet connection point to source. The more you partake in their lower vibration the more ”power” you give them.

No one wants to admit it but the truth is we have ALL been energy vampires at one point or another because we have been programmed to gain energy through childhood traumas and societal programming rather than the abundant all oneness. The scale and frequency to which we perform energy vampirism is unique to each person but the first step to healing humanity it to remind ourselves and others that we are not only loved but a channel for the universal all knowing, all powerful interconnected source. We should dive deep and become aware of the subtle energies around us and try to understand where the false belief is within your subconscious to cause this to situation to arise, then once recognized replacing it with the truth. When we do this there is just not any time or space for anything other than soaking up those warm, yummy, joyful frequencies. Radiating and sharing these accelerating frequencies with everyone surrounding within this universal now moment.

This article was inspired by the book The Celestine Prophecy. ir?t=bcp11wh33 20&l=as2&o=1&a=0446671002 To learn more about this book and the entire 9 insights, check out Spirit Science episode 14 below:


About the author:
Hi everyone, my name is Jocelyn Daher and I am a team member and writer for Spirit Science. I have been a herbal healing alchemist ever since I was old enough to pretend I was the Dr. Quinn Medicine woman equivalent. I am into studying astrological charts as well as how astrology relates to current events. I was a chiropractic assistant for two years, within that time I received my yoga teacher certification, which now I use as a bookmark but I acquired some neat information on how to direct and play with energy in my body. I see every person as an extension of my family. My passion is reminding humanity how to love, in hopes to ignite the memory that you are in fact a walking embodiment of universal perfection!

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